Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From the stony land

 We're surrounded by stony hills here in this part of Texas; cell phone reception is dicey at best.  So when I became very ill while visiting the family, I had to decide if I might be well enough to fly out in a couple of days, or should I take some sick time?  I did go ahead and change my flight plans -- it's no fun trying to fly when your head's stuffed and you're coughing productively.  It's enough to make yer head asplode, plus previous experiences have shown me that I do not profit from flying congested.  One such trip resulted in an awful sinus infection, and another in an equally bad ear infection.  So, I've been here 3 extra days, and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. 
 Now, to the all-important question:  Did I get the niece's sweater, aka Princess Bunny Hop, finished?
Almost!  I bound off the button band this afternoon, and wove in ends, and it's in the wash right now.  I've debated as to how to close this little hoody, since I really didn't want to make buttonholes and the Princess seems to be allergic to zippers.  I bought some ribbon and snaps, thinking that might be a good way to go.  Then I thought about making loops instead of buttonholes, but I don't actually have buttons picked out...  I guess the committee is still working on this aspect.  Otherwise, I could stick a fork in it and call it done. 

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