Thursday, February 5, 2015

Huzzah! More furniture!

Tuesday's delivery was the tall chest that goes with our bedroom, and today we got the floor lamp and (drumroll please) our queen-sized mattress -- and we got the frame set up, and the Plaidman wrestled the mattress into it's protective cover.  It's fabulous.  All of our bedroom furniture (except the étagère) matches....  I'm a little freaked, as we've been living with cast-offs & second hand bits & bobs almost our entire married life.  It was like living in a gypsy caravan, or a perpetual college dorm.  And I was so beyond tired of it.  The new furniture, new house, shorter drive to work & to everything else we could want (there are 3 Chinese buffets within 5 miles) have all contributed to my much improved mood.  Some folks go shoe shopping, I went house shopping.....
In Knitting Knews, I've finished 9 of the 4-row repeats on my restarted Honey Color Affection.  It will be a slow process, but not a difficult one.  I'm not actively working on anything else, but I gave away my wooly hat to a homeless dude, and now I need a hat.  I like Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick 'N Quick for hats, because it's washable.  Pretty sure I've got skeins in at least 4 colors, in my craft room.  So, I should get into my collection of hat patterns & get busy!
Time for a Year of Handmade prompt!
    5. Favourite thing you have ever made 
This is a tough one.  As crafters, we're usually pretty smitten with whatever project we're currently working on, or looking forward to starting that next project.  I've made a lot of things.  Those made for folks I love are treasured memories.  My niece is one of my most knit-worthy of kin.  I flew to Texas to visit with Sis & her family some years back, and the timing was just not the best--Niece A was pretty booked up with activities most of the weekend. so I wasn't going to spend much time with her.  She had an overnight (friend's birthday party, 5 girls & the birthday girl's Mom spent the day sightseeing & stayed over) that had her running out the door at 9 a.m.  But she wanted to have "me" with her, so she put on a sweater and picked up a teddy bear I'd crocheted, and wore her brand new knitted & felted hat I'd given her.  All her little friends were very keen on all these items.  I guess anything I've made for her is a favorite thing.  The best part of crafting for someone else is getting that positive feedback.  I knit cowls for my entire department for Christmas one year, something like 20 cowls knit in 6 weeks, and one recipient told me thank you.  She actually told me thank you several times, and said she wore hers almost every day that winter.  This past holiday, I made the silly ruffle scarves -- just knit 6 & turn, repeat ad nauseum.  Those were very well received!  I had several coworkers thanking me for them.  I still have a few skeins of the ruffle yarn, but would rather burn it than knit it.  What can I say, I pretty much DID the ruffle scarf thing to death. 

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