Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slip sliding away

We had a serious ice storm over the weekend before last, which was of course followed by lots of snow.  I can drive okay in snow, but I don't think anybody drives well on ice.  We've discovered another big drawback to our new digs: the management doesn't scrape or salt the roadways inside the development.  Fortunately for me, I'd already scheduled a day off for the Monday that fell after the storm.  I was cozy & knitting in my lovely new home all that day.  The next day I got up earlier than usual, and the Plaidman escorted me to the car (icy sidewalk to icy parking spot).  There was still enough snow on top of the ice for me to creep along through the development, but the street just outside of it was a sheet of ice.  I had to back up & move a bit left or right before going forward, twice before I got to the main drag (two blocks away!).  I think it took me an hour and 15 minutes to get all the way to work.  I made it in the next day too.  But that Thursday, the snow & refrozen slush had all gone from our neighborhood, and the hill I needed to climb was an impassable sheet of ice.  I tried it three times, slipping towards either the railroad tie wall on the right or the island on the left each time, and I had to back up to try again each time.  I finally decided it was a non-starter; then I had to back up even further (over ice!) to get to a place where I could turn the car back towards home.  I think I was out of the house for 30 or 40 minutes, and went absolutely nowhere!  The next day was just ok; there were semi-cleared lanes through the ice in the neighborhood and the side street, and the main drag was clear.  We had some rain over the recent weekend, and that helped melt some more ice, but we still had ice on our walkway & lot.  Plaidman left the shovel at the old house, so he went out with a hammer and tried to break up that ice.  It took several tries, but the walkway was clear this morning (2/25).  Now if I could just stand next to my car without darn near falling....
ETA:  I did somthing silly this morning, that I haven't done in at least 20 years (don't go there) -- I locked myself out of my car!  It snowed again last night, so once I got in the car and turned on the defrosters, I grabbed my trusty long-handled scraper/brush, jumped out of the car & started swiping away the snow.  The car was running, so that the defrosters would work.  I got the windows cleared, and tried to "jump" (with my bone & joint issues, no actual jumping is allowed...) back in the car.  OOPS!  The door's locked.  The keys are inside, with my phone.  So I slipped & slid back up to the front door, and stood there a good 5 minutes beating on the door & ringing the bell before Disco came to my rescue.  And hey!  I made it to work on time.
In Knittin Knews, I'm still working on my Honey Color Affection, made four rows last night & only have one more four-row repeat of the middle portion.  Then I can add the final color!  Woot!  The end is near, I tell ya.  I'll try to get some pictures this weekend; gotta find the flippin''s around somewhere.  Moving is the gift that keeps on giving.  We'll have an adventure looking for that camera.  I just home it's not in the "craft room", which is pretty much a "crap room" still.  I did get the smallest of our bookcases moved out to the pantry room, and even moved some of our cookbooks & home magazines out there -- that made enough space to turn around in the "craft" room doorway.

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