Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My attention has been grabbed & held by a very silly little thing, the Fuzzhog pattern.  Sorry, can't be bothered to link it, but it is on Ravelry.  I have four knitted up, but don't have the googly eyes -- and I think I'll not use those.  DiscoDame has some tiny buttons in both black and white, and has given me a pair of each to try out.  They look a little bit big to me, but she's convinced they'll be okay.  So, I'm thinking of sewing on the white buttons, and then making "pupils" with black thread.  Alternately, I could just sew on the black buttons and leave it at that.  Decisions, decisions.  I'll try both, get some pics on here, and y'all can weigh in with your opinions.

Gah, as Dog is my witness I turned these before saving them -- so I don't know how they got pulled in sideways.  Well, tilt your head to the right ... a bit more.  I think the button eyes are adorable.  These are still not suitable for very young children, or for pet toys.  As long as the recipient doesn't check out all new things by putting them in the mouth first, they'll be ok.  Oh, I don't want you to think you're going blind, only three of the six hogs pictured actually have the eyes in place.  I actually went to Michaels and JoAnn to find more colors of the fun fur -- the next batch of hogs will be wilder!


Julie Crawford said...

those are SO adorable!! what a cute idea!!

Julie Crawford said...

those are so cute, I can see how they would be addictive to knit!