Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's have a trumpet blast, please

The Honey Color Affection is off the needles!!  Please excuse the quality of these cell phone pictures; I just wanted to give y'all something to look at.  Let's see it again:
As you can see, it still has ends to be woven in.  I haven't washed & blocked yet.  But the knitting is D-O-N-E done like dinner.
Ok, this one might be a bit weird -- just tilt your head to the right & look at it.

I am so freakin' glad; now to find another project.  I want to make some Fuzzhogs and yes you can find that pattern on Ravelry.  About an hour a go I went into my craft room looking for my Trendz interchangeable needle set -- didn't find it, not surprising since only about 4 sq feet of the room has been cleared & everything is jumbled -- but I did come across some eyelash yarn!  and I have fingering yarn left over from the Color Affection!  I believe I'll make some pets.  
In home news, we are under attack by carpenter bees.  They are chewing the heck outa our deck, but just today Plaidman found a product to take care of them.  Of course, getting the gear is not the same as getting the job done, so I'm not holding my breath.  My other roomie, the peerless DiscoDame, got read the riot act after I got home from work,  Seems she's forgotten that the terms of her having that nice big room downstairs, with her own TV with cable and her own bath & her own entrance etc etc, was that she was to devote 20 hours a week to housework.  She pitched a fit when I told (not asked!) her to do the dishes (load the dishwasher -- what a hard life she has).  So I pitched one right back at her!  She loaded the dishwasher, and she'll do it again later since the crockpot liner took up so much room that half the dirty dishes are still on the counter.  

That's the bay window in our master bedroom.  Look out the right side & you can see a bit of the second story deck.  Disco's patio is directly beneath the deck.  

Here's the living room before the furniture arrived.  The door goes out to the deck.  We have a fireplace!  But Plaidman wouldn't open it because the chimney hasn't been cleaned yet.
Aww, what a good kitty is our Miss Hinky Boo.  Here she's helping me tension the yarn for the Color Affection.  She's so comfy on our new couch.

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