Saturday, July 25, 2015

Challenge Week 5

At last, it's Friday.  Are we ready to see this past week's outfits?  Let's do this.
ETA: Actually, it's Saturday.  I want you to know that due to craziness from Picasa and just being too d**mned tired to fool with it, I'm posting late again.  And I've been working on this stuff for about 3 hours now.  'Nuff said.
You are getting the skinny straight from the spreadsheet (see why it's taken so long?), with added pictures to illustrate.  On Monday --
Trousers:  Westbound Petites black stretch poly
Top:  Jones New York Signature Woman poly multi print
Shoes:  Black Alfani wedge sandals
Purse:  Caramel tan leather bag (not pictured -- I'd had another outfit in mind when I changed purses, and it being Monday, a wardrobe malfunction caused a change of plans.)
Bling:  Corded necklace with goldtone and amber color beads, with a huge honkin' pendant -- in fact, too huge to wear all day!  So it is also not pictured.

Tuseday's trousers are Ruby Rd Woman tan cotton with a half-elastic waist
The blouse is daniel rainn (oh he's too cute to capitalize his name...) sheer poly spotted cat print with a black tee beneath.
Shoes:  Trendsetter dark tan studded cork wedge sandals -- which are adorable, but drive me batty because my right pinkie toe keeps slipping thru the side of the sandal.
Purse:  a black handbag I got at WalMart a couple of weeks ago, with 3 large zip compartments plus 2 small side pockets and a back pocket.  Can you believe I didn't have a black purse?!?!?
Bling is a necklace of multiple sized pieces of chain, in black/silver/gold mix -- it had a label calling it "Modern Metals"; maybe I'm on the way to becoming a maister.....

Wednesday is a bit more colorful.  Trousers are Investments II black poly pullons, with cuffs I added.
The blouse is Jones New York Sport Woman, with a tuck pleated bib, in linen.
Shoes: Style & Co tan thong-style wedge sandals (I have put some moleskin between my right big toe & second toe); and I carried the black purse again.
Bling: Anthropologie-inspired multi-strands of black chain, with "ivory" beads.

Thursday got a little brighter still:  Trousers are (ancient!) Leslie Fay Haberdashery Woman in bright royal blue.
Top is a broken stripe print in shades of blue, grey and ivory by Notations Woman.  Like the pink linen, it has roll tab sleeves, which Sis says I should always roll up.  Not happening!  They get very "relaxed" long before the end of the day, and just look dreadful.
Shoes are the blue Alfani wedge sandals, purse is a dark navy single compartment handbag.
Bling is the long silvery multi-chain, knotted & with rhinestone rondels strung between the knots.

A-a-a-nd that brings us to TGIF!  Trousers are the White Stag denim jeggings, which I've worn three times since I started this silliness.  The top is a Basic Editions knit, with a tuck pleated bib and sequin-embellished lace, and it's PINK (again).
I carried my aqua "croc" bag, wore the Style & Co thong wedge sandals,  The only bling I wore is a pair of small dangly fish-hook earrings in (actual) malachite and (fake) gold, handmade by DiscoDame Designs.  I've emailed her a request for a matching pendant; I know she's got a lot of these malachite nuggets.
 TomTom makes the best accessory, of course.  But he doesn't alway cooperate; here, he's doing a great passive resistance and going absolutely limp as I tried to pick him up off the chair.

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