Monday, July 6, 2015

How I figured it, aka Week 3 of Challenge

How did Sis & I come up with 250 for the number of workdays with no repeats of my outfits?  We looked at the "average" work year, which is 50 weeks for most folks here.  At 5 workdays per week, that came out to 250 days.  Of course, that doesn't take into account holidays, or the fact that I get a lot more vacation time than 80 hours.  But to make it easier to reference all these outfits, I'm going to group them in fives.  So...last week had a holiday.  This week I'm taking some more vacation time, in fact I won't go back to work until next Monday.  This week's Challenge combines last week's 4-day week with this week's 1-day.  Magic!
Last Monday I wore this:
No, not the bougainvillea!  But it is pretty.

This blouse has no labels anywhere, and seems to be rather plastic!  I was hoping the bright color would help me wake up.  

Sis gave me a slough of jeans, which we (at work) were allowed to wear all week.  Those are brand new Style & Co thong wedge sandals; you can't see but there are golden buckles on the outside of the instep strap.  Makes them dressy enough to wear to work!  These jeans are Lee Riders.  
Tuesday I got a little dressier, still keeping with jeans:
These white jeans are labelled U-51.  They are a tiny bit snug.  Need to lose 10 lbs....

The blouse is Caribbean Joe Woman, love that aqua & green tie dye!  And here's that green leather purse again.  You know, I had the hardest time talking myself into buying it, because the color didn't really "go" with much.  But darned if it doesn't just go with lots of clothes! Those are my new Alfani low wedges, which I'd ordered from Macy's.

And this delicate & pretty!  I'm pretty sure this was from Clothes Mentor.
Wednesday was darker, in brown Faded Glory jeggings:
The top is knit, with a nice (deep!) scoop neck.  Check out that envelope bag, from Loop -- appliqued in leather, cute as a button but not at all "roomy"!  The only way to get to stay closed is to just about empty it.  I found an old necklace (I don't throw away jewelry) made of a fabric tube with marbles inside, each separated from the next by a wide spacer on the outside of the tube.  Those sandals are a purchase from last year, cork wedges with studded leather straps.

And what in hell was I looking at?? Oh yeah, the Plaidman was putting up our flag on the porch.  
Thursday was rather dark too.  These are Amanda jeans, by Gloria Vanderbilt, in a deep plum color.  
I know! I look so "put together"; but looks are deceiving.  Half way thru the day one of my earring backs jumped ship.  I put this one earring in and faced right, then moved it to the other ear & faced left!  This blouse is from Croft & Barrow, a fun purple & blue paisley.  That purse was a gift from Sis at a previous visit; she took the Peerless T shopping for Auntie Anna's birthday gifts.  Sis picked out a dark green alligator print bag, and asked Peerless what else should we get?  Peerless says Auntie loves purses, and loves green & purple, so we'd better look for a purple purse!  And I love my purple purse.  Seriously, who doesn't need a purple purse?!?

The necklace is from Savers, big bright pink beads, and brown beads, with that "wooden" pendant.
The sandals are very old & much loved SAS sandals.
And to complete the set of five, here's what I wore to work today:
The capris are White Stag, light weight cotton in navy.  The blouse is Charter Club Woman, made in India, very thin cotton in a red & blue paisley.  So thin, I put on a tank top under it so my fuchsia bra wouldn't show through.  Those are the blue Alfani wedges again.

And that purse is another gift from Sis, darling blue suede with lots of pockets & a very colorful lining.  The only name I found is on the zipper pull, Maxx.  No bling except earrings.  Now, you may see short slacks -- but I swear these are capris.  It's just ME that's so short; the trousers would be capris on someone 3" taller!

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