Sunday, February 21, 2016

Follow thru

Our Costco order arrived Wednesday night, probably while we ate supper.  We don't know when the two boxes were placed on the porch, because the delivery folk did not even ring the doorbell.  Plaidman discovered them when he went out to the market.  I'd ordered two heated mattress pads: one queen size fancy-schmancy one, and one twin size plainer one.  But we got two of the fancy queen size ones!  So I guess we'll carry one back to the store & see about getting the right size for the twin bed.
ETA: We went to Costco yesterday, with a printout of my order & the extra queen size pad.  I'd ordered online, without a membership ID.  Well, the gal at the returns counter couldn't pull up my order #, and without a member ID she had no other way to look for it.  Le Sigh!  We brought it home again, and I called their 800 number, and explained the sitch.  Veronica in Customer Service was happy to make it right; we'll get shipping labels sent, a pick up arranged, and the twin pad shipped within 2-3 business days.  Now the Plaid Patrol captains are discussing whether we need a membership; would we use it?  I'm in favor, because I want some small furnishings for the house such as a console or accent table for the hallway.  Note the cardboard box full of junk which is currently in use as the place I park my purse:

Captain Plaidman seems to think we could buy something cheap from WalMart to put there.  I don't mind saving money, but this is something that everyone coming in the front door will see so I do want it to be "nice".   I also want to hang a picture over it.  I'm sure I have enough artwork around to hang up something, just need to figure out the furniture part first.  Costco online has a few cute tables, I could see getting one there.  Walmart has cube storage, like for a dorm room -- probably not going to meet my standards for "nice".  I would start putting the purse in the hall closet, but will still need an elevated surface to hold it as I don't want to bend over every time I want my purse. (Note the cane in the photo bottom left, and the cat in the top left!)

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