Monday, December 5, 2016

Update to the appliance issue

The freezer died, then the fridge died.  This was the day before Thanksgiving.  We threw away everything from the freezer, then got out our coolers so we could keep milk, butter, breakfast sandwiches, etc.  The Plaidman couldn't get thru to the proper manufacturer over the phone that day or the next (natch! everyone was at home eating turkey!).  When he did get thru on Friday, he was told that the warranty was expired -- on a purchase we made just 3 months ago.  They said the warranty was counted from the date it came off the assembly line, rather than the date of purchase!  Truly ignorant, and made us pretty ticked off.  So on Saturday we went to the store where we bought it, and a manager there got just as ticked off at Frigidaire as we were.  He gave us a different phone # to call, they wanted proof of purchase, we sent it off...and had no response from them until a service tech showed up at the house mid-morning on Monday.  Guess what?  It was fixed, and cost nothing but The Plaidman's autograph.

As to The Plaidman's health issues...well, last week he saw the surgeon again and did get some relief. The doctor was concerned about his blood pressure, asked when he'd last seen his PCP.  My strong, silent dude hasn't been seen by a doctor in years.  I've been trying to get him to go for a check up, for years.  The surgeon says,"We've got a family clinic downstairs.  I'll get you an appointment for today."   And lo, The Plaidman agreed, and it was good.  So now he's got prescriptions for his blood pressure, and a scheduled follow up.  And he can't take decongestants anymore; this is a biggee and I'll likely have to pitch them all in the trash to keep them out of his hands.  Or I could ask Disco to take them all downstairs, and not let her DOD have them/

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