Tuesday, December 13, 2016

With Feeling

The Vikings are seriously interfering with my early bedtime.  Yes, I stayed up to see the new episode last Wednesday.  That Ivar, he's just a barrel of laughs, ain't he?
The Plaidman finally made it over to the library, quite a trip since it's all of a half mile away.....  He paid our fines on all the books that were returned, and brought home some more books.  I've already finished A Green and Ancient Light by Frederic Durbin, which is lovely if you're into Faery tales.

Oh my, John Glenn has passed away.  I was in elementary school when he first went into orbit.  I've always considered him a hero.  Godspeed, John Glenn, and safe journey Home.

So...this has been a heckuva morning.  I was running a little late getting ready to go to work, but squeaked in with one minute to spare.  Went back to my desk, hung up my coat, combed my hair, then realized that I had an 8 am doctor appointment.  Dashed out, tooling down the highway, tried the doctor's office twice on the phone but couldn't get through; glanced down to check my speed and saw the "check engine" light was on!  Well, I called the Plaidman to meet me at the doctor's office & swap cars -- he went to the wrong building, got turned the right way, we finally met up.  I drove the beater from there back to work; thank goodness I hadn't eaten yet.  The old car smells like the world's biggest & nastiest ash tray.  But at least it got me to work, and I hope it'll get me home tonite.  Meanwhile, our mechanic has read the code to no avail; all it said was "dealer specific error" which means it has to go to a dealership to be resolved.  Fantastic.

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