Thursday, October 14, 2010


The black mitts have been given to their new owner, and she's thrilled with them! I did not get a photo of both of them, as I finished the second one last night when it was too dark to take pictures. I'll bring the camera to work later this month & see if I can catch her wearing them. I used Cascade 220 superwash; it's lovely stuff, nice & soft & bouncy. Now I need to ask E if she'd test knit the pattern for me. Should I bring her the yarn, or let her choose her own? I figure she can keep the mitts she makes, along with a copy of the pattern and maybe a blog mention ("Knit by E") on a future post. As far as I know, E doesn't blog.
I am still packing, or thinking about packing. I may have to go to the larger suitcase, in order to take all the knitting & gear I'd like to. I can pack anything I'd need in the checked luggage, but have to figure out what I can put into the carry on bag. I've decided against taking Dolly Blankie #3, since it's only half finished & needs a backing to look decent. Wish I could have gone to the last Thread Fest--I'm not sure I have any appropriate cotton backing.
10-16 In Austin! Spent last two hrs talking with The Amazing Abigail!!

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