Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where to start?

Note to self: just say "NO" to more knitting to order. I have committed myself to a pair of fingeless mitts for another coworker, not in my dept, while I'm in the midst of trying to produce enough pairs for my dept. CW wants black. I had knit a hat from a Classic Elite free pattern, the Montera Cob Toque, and wanted mitts to match it. (See "Commissioned Work", 5/10/10 post) So I wrote up a pattern for them! The cob stitch is pretty basic, and mitts are too, so it wasn't exactly rocket science to write up a little pattern. Do you think I should send it to CE or the designer? I mean, anyone could come with this simple stitch pattern--and call it anything at all. So...I will think about it a bit more. I will put the pattern up here, once I decide whether I can.
Got to charge up the batteries for the camera, so I can get pics of the finished pairs --yes, there are several!--of mitts I've dropped in the gifties bag. DiscoDame will be modelling for me; I'm gonna make these shots "artsy" if I can. This just means I'll make her wear a veil or cover her face with her mitted hands.
Good grief, fall arrived this week in a hurry. It's been cold enough in the mornings that I've been grabbing a hat & a cowl on my out to the car. I've got to get some more wool socks knitted! My feet freeze up here in the office, all day long. I have one pair of socks that I knit; I guess I could wash them in the sink and hang them in bath at night. This is where sock blockers would come in handy.

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