Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm going to Texas this weekend! My sister has a birthday (so does my brother, but I don't think we'll see him), and I've got handknits for her & her "brood". I may be able to watch the Pittsburgh game with my Dad, shades of long-ago childhood. And I won't have to cook or clean for at least 4 days...I hope I can pack enough of my knitting to keep me busy. I have 5 pairs of fingerless mitts finished, and one of a pair done with the mate about half done. This pair is special: they are my own design, and my first test knitting of that design. If it all works out (I plan to knit it again in a different size, so will write that size as an option in the pattern), I'd like to ask another knitter I know if she'd test knit it--just to be sure the instructions are clear enough for a knitter who doesn't live in my head, as it were. And if the instructions are clear, I'll put the pattern here and link to Ravelry! But I really have so much to do before then: Sis' handknit needs to be fulled completely (enough so that I can cut it if it's not the right size--I'm pretty sure it's bigger than needed!), and I have to start filling all my 3 oz bottles, and figuring out what to wear in Austin, and what knitting to pack & what to carry on, and whether I should take the interchangeable needle set only or pack a bunch of sock needles too...all before 6 am Friday. Travel is so enlightening.

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TheBlackSheep said...

Have fun! And don't knit so much that you forget to enjoy your vacation.