Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bad blogger here

Ok, I've really slacked off on the blog. Not that anyone wants to hear excuses, but I've had a lot on the plate lately. It appears that Disco's 2nd student loan has ballooned and is currently the equivalent of a new KIA (that's a car!!!), and hey isn't it convenient that I just paid off the 1st one? (insert alternate sighing & cursing) Someone close to me needs to get a &^$*@#$ JOB!!!
On the Camp Loopy front, I have been working as furiously as possible, but I doubt I'll finish the Every Way Wrap by the 15th. Oh well, if I get it done on or before the 24th, it'll be my birthday gift to me. I haven't even thought about the glitts (gloves + mitts -- what would you call 'em?) for the co-worker whose first question was what would I charge to make them. Never mind that there isn't even a pattern, although there are sorta similar items (two in Knitty) that I may use as guides if I decide to go for it. But, here comes holiday knitting! So I just don't know if I have the time or energy to design & knit these weird things. I have a flight ticket to Austin next month; I do hope Texas stops burning before then.

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