Thursday, September 8, 2011

What was I thinking?!?!?

Ok, I can see that the Every Way Wrap is not likely to be finished by 9/15; I'm probably the slowest ever at cable knitting. But I'm determined to have it done by my birthday, as my present to moi. Still loving the soft angora, though the fuzz kinda obscures the cables (!!!)which keeps it right in line with my usual poor choice of yarns for projects. Still adore the dusky dark plum color.
I've put some pics over on the other page, for My Patterns. Someday the patterns & pattern revisions will be written up, to go along with the pics. I really need Sis to send me a shot of the Tall Latte cozy. You know, since I made that silly thing I think I've found four other similar designs...of which I was blissfully ignorant while I was making mine. The lace beret had to be changed so much from the original designer's pattern, that it is an adaptation at least and a whole new ball of wax at best. The Chunky Monkey Hat was another on-the-fly effort, just from seeing a few like it on Etsy. Patterns, we don' need no stinking patterns. Just lots of knitting magazines and Ravelry & Etsy!

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