Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember "Sorry"?

I'm talking about the board game; if your opponent caught up to your game piece, you got sent back to the starting line. The deep plum colored EWW has been completely frogged, and I'm back to the start of a new & hopefully better EWW. However, it's just occurred to me that I'll be in Texas for Sis' birthday, and haven't got a gift for her! Horrors! Should I a)dig thru the basket of finished objects for something suitable? or b)pick up a UFO & finish it for her? or c)cast on & knit something meant for her from the get-go? Option A would be really easy, I suspect she'd wind up with the light blue beret. Not too sure she'd use it, but it wouldn't be cluttering my basket anymore. Option B is a bit trickier--I have two really nice things I was making for myself, and some silly things that I could part with easily if I'd get 'em done. The obvious implication being that the two nicer knits are my size & too fine to part with. Then there's Option C--my own preference, could I come up with a pattern, the yarn, and the time to work on it! Decisions, decisions.
All hail to the Yarn Harlot's friend Jen & her sweetie, baby Marlowe! I'm glad for Jen, who seemed to be going for a Guinness record for longest human pregnancy, but kinda sad to see the end of the baby knits parade. O_o, and I just got an invite to a baby shower. Let's see, today's the 14th, the shower's the 22nd--another pair of Saartje's booties, perhaps? Love them!

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