Monday, September 7, 2015

Le sigh . . I need two more days

We made a serious dent in the work to be done in the craft room.  I now have two chrome shelving units installed!  We had to empty several boxes of general "stuff" that had found its way in there, which took most of the day Sunday.  Finding permanent places for all that stuff required some rearranging of the medium sized bookcase in the living room, plus sorting through a ton of paper that had to be trashed, shredded or stored.  And then there was the gathering of all my knitting books, knitting magazines, crochet books & other crafty printed materials; and putting them all away on the big bookshelf in the craft room.  The Plaidman built that bookcase himself, with an especially tall lowest shelf that would hold oversize books and magazines.  That shelf is about 80% full, as are the next two above it.  I found books I'd forgotten I had.  I took some videos, but as they're too big to load I'll have to do some editing.  Anyway, I was able to corral some of the clutter in there by putting my big & medium translucent crates on the shelving.  Most of the mess is now just along one wall, where I'd like to put the desk.  But I will need more time than I have left this weekend; in fact, I've got to hit the hay now.  Goodnight, all!

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