Monday, September 28, 2015

The birthday

I've survived another year.  And I am so d**n silly sometimes.  At the Box O'Docs, I'm in the coding department.  This used to be part of a larger department, we had about 22 people all told.  My current supervisor had this whole department, which had several functions.  Then it got broken up, and now she only supervises the coders -- much better for her!  Anyway, the former big department still invites the coders to participate in their fun activities; it's always been one of the best-fed groups in the company!  And they celebrate birthdays big time, putting crepe paper buntings and mylar banners and balloons in the celebrants' cubicles.  Well, I'm a nut and sometimes not as observant as I could be, and I had gotten the impression that all this decorating was occurring the Monday before the actual birthday so it could be enjoyed all week.  The Monday before my birthday I did not find my cubicle decorated.  I fretted a bit, just a bit.  Tuesday, still no decorations.  I began to get upset, to the point that had trouble going to sleep that night.  Wednesday, still no %^$#@& decorations.  I began to get a little steamed.  Then I wondered if maybe only the Big Dept personnel were getting the gala treatment, and finally decided that must be the case.  So I went home and didn't think of it again, and when I showed up for work Thursday my cubicle was covered in birthday stuff.  My supervisor brought over a vase of flowers and a cardboard tiara and a great handful of Mardi Gras beads.  I put on the beads and tiara, and worked happy.  When I got home my photographer took some decent pics.
I took off the Mardi Gras beads, the very snug blouse & cami, changed to a more comfortable knit tee, and opened my presents: The Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Collection pattern book, and Debbie Bliss magazine issue 15.  And then, we went out!  Plaidman had told the ladies at Bliss Yarns that he'd try to bring me by, so we went there first.  I got some more presents!  I now have blocking wires! Woot!  And I got a lot of DK weight yarn, for two projects.  And yes, I was still wearing the tiara.  So next we went over to the Greek Deli (very original name..) and the fellahs behind the counter looked like deer in the headlights when they saw the tiara.  It was so fun.  So this is a birthday to remember.

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cscarber said...

Next year I'll make sure it's up way before your birthday...:-)