Monday, September 21, 2015

Not quite an ordeal

One thing we did Sunday that was both pitiful and funny:  We gave each of the cats a bath!  Miss Hinky Boo went first, and she was very well-behaved.  She got a tiny bit antsy at about the 4 minute mark (suds have to stay on for 5 minutes), but as she was very securely held (thank you, Plaidman!) she couldn't escape.  After the dreaded rinse, she was wrapped in a towel and carried out to the 2nd storey deck to dry -- which probably upset her more than the bath itself!  She's not keen on outside.  Then it was TomTom's turn through the bath, rinse, wrap & out to the deck.  Normally he appears to grow another 4 legs when he's bathed, but he too was surprisingly calm.  Hinky got about 1/2 dry -- just her front half, that is -- and demanded to be let back inside!  And of course she sought comfort in her Mommy's lap; good thing I hadn't changed out of my "cat-handling" clothes.  I was pinned to the couch for a good hour, trying to dry her back end with an old T-shirt.  My, but she's a pretty thing when she's all clean and fluffy. 

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terri said...

We too have a cat that has to be bathed. He came to us as a stray, and has never been a good groomer, sometimes a bath has to happen. He will tolerate it from Oldest Daughter or Youngest Son, no one else.