Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Purty, aint' it?  This is at last year's exhibit of Chihully glass sculptures, at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  Disco & I went for their Day of The Dead celebration; they had mariachis! 
This is my 225th post, WOOOT!  This morning Iron John came by my cubicle & picked up his birthday present -- the dark grey tricorn hat trimmed in blue & white.  I made a great big "cockade" for the thing, from a UNC decal attached to some craft foam, cut to just the right size to fit into a chip(Pringles) can lid.  Then I hot-glued around the edge of the foam to keep it from slipping out, and bent a folded piece of chenille stem, slipped in a big safety pin, and hot-glued that to the back of the foam.  I need to make one for my hat too!  Maybe I'll photo the process and you can all see how it's done.  Anyway, he was supposed to be here last week; I didn't want to leave the hat at my desk so took it home.  Got to thinking that it was a bit big, so carried it to the laundromat (Yes! they let me felt both hats there!) and ran it thru just one more wash cycle.  It seemed a tad small to me, but Iron John hasn't got the masses of hair I've got.  I did stretch it over a form, reattached the pins, and set it before a fan.  Last night it seemed dry so I replaced the plume.  IJ put it on and IT FITS!!!  Now if he can just keep his kid from swiping it.....
I'm 60 years old now, and I knit pirate hats.  But they're very nice pirate hats!

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