Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hat(s) redux -- for photos

Ah, friends, we've a serious case of the sillies here.  It's due to the "before felting" hat below:
We know how much Disco loves a hat.
I like it too!
It can double as a tent...
Or maybe just a burka...
The other hat is well under weigh, and as soon as I get it to the point of this first one, we'll work on felting both of them.  This will be a chore, as we haven't a washing machine.  What we have is a large plastic barrel, which may or may not hold both hats.  We'll load in a hat and some tennis balls or knotted up blue jeans (for friction), then some hot water & detergent.  If there appears to be room enough, we'll put the other hat in as well -- but we've got to leave some room so the contents can tumble about.  Then we'll cap up our barrel, turn it on it's side, and sit across from each other with the barrel between -- and just roll it back & forth to each other.  Should be loads of fun!


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