Thursday, September 12, 2013

Work work work

Steelers Fail at disgusting.  Their hearts weren't in it, I guess.
This is just a quick note of progress (sort of):
    The Captain's Hats are in a holding pattern for now, but I'll have to get 'em felted Friday afternoon.
      The Bunny Hop is back on the burner; got to the top of the #2 sleeve.  It looks soooo much better than the first one; I'm going to knit a 3rd sleeve like the 2nd and just hold onto the 1st one for finishing.  I have a trip planned to visit the Princess, and must MUST have her sweater done in time!  Oh how I love knitting deadlines...not!! 
         The ruffle scarves collection has grown by one more.  I have one in black & gold, one in olive & tan, one in various orange-y reds, and now one in a shade called "malachite" which actually looks more like turquoise.  I have another ball of the black & gold, more of the green & tan, more of the "salsa" red, some pastels, and some more metallics in ruby and royal blue.  That will cover about half the department.  Whew!  Got some work to do!

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