Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wow, it's September -- how'd THAT happen?

Busy, busy...a couple of posts ago I mentioned new digs for our local Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts.  Last weekend (a long one, so very needed!) we finally got to go over there.  I used to complain to the sales clerks & even the manager, about the poor lighting over the yarn in the old store.  Well, I'll complain no more (at least, not about the lighting...)!  The new store is HUGE and very well lit up; I thought Disco was going to need a bread-crumb trail to find her way out of the beading section -- which looks like a good sixth of this very large store.  I'm just so pleased with the look of this redisigned Jo Ann's.  My only issue is the paucity of yarn lines stocked.  This was about the fifth place I'd checked for (of all things..) light blue eyelash yarn in the carrying weight (think Lion Brand's Fun Fur).  I went to Michael's last, and of course that's where I found some.  It's not Lion Brand, but it'll do.  I've got a particular project in mind, and actually well under weigh -- and yes, that's the correct spelling as it's a nautical term, entirely appropriate for the project in work:  Tricorn (aka Pirate Captain) hats!  Oh, I crack me up somethines... The pattern is free on and I've wanted one, like 4-ever so I shall have one.  But I'm making two....who will get the other one?  Can't say, as the scurvy dog just might read this here blog.  The plan is to have both ready before Sept 19.  I think I can, I think I can....

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