Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camp Loopy project #2

I've just been "winging it" with the mittens I'm making for the 2nd Camp Loopy project. The first one is nearly done, just one round of knits and Kitchner stitch the top of hand, then pick up for the thumb. I believe I'll be able to get the second one done a bit faster, which is good as I have a paying customer wanting me to make her some gloves. I feel another learning experience coming on...
She's got an idea to have gloves with removable tips on (all) the fingers, which sounds like way too much work to me. I'm going to show her Cigar from Knitty, and see if she'll accept tips on just those 3 fingers each hand.
Ok, ETA next day: I've finished the first mitten! Plaidman & I went to the eye doctor yesterday & had eye exams, my issues turned out to be severely dry eyes. I have a very expensive drop I have to use, plus I'm supposed to use artifical tears a lot. I'm also getting glasses just for working on the computer. Plaidman needs new glasses too; but the doctors we see aren't providers in our vision insurance, so we'll go elsewhere for the glasses. I think WalMart is a provider.
I got the fall IK in the mail yesterday! There are a couple of things in there that I'd like to have. OOO, and we bought a new printer for the computer; it scans & copies too. Looks like I can stop making copies of patterns at work! That's if we can get the thing installed....the installation is on a CD, and our hard drive's reader is borked :(. But there's a support thingy on the manufacturer's site, for folks without a CD reader--I came to the library to get on their site, and have copied the install program onto a thumbdrive. Sure hope this works!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stitchmarkers galore

Here's some DiscoDame made with the lobster claw clasps, good for crocheters & for use in knitting as row markers:
And here she's modeling them as a chain filet:
Here's she's hard at work on some other markers:
I have such a slew of markers now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If I could turn back time...

Written 7/13/11 I'm down to the last three days to finish my first ever Camp Loopy project, which is driving me batty -- I think I'm just too anxious to "get 'er done", so anxious that I keep leaving off yarnovers! I have three more rows, which are of course the longest three rows in the history of the world, especially since I've knit the last several rows like, oh, four times!!! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot....but I'm determined to finish on time, even if I may "cheat" a little on the blocking: I'll put this on the ironing board & steam block it for the picture to send to Sheri @ The Loopy Ewe. Later, I'll give it a good wash & wet block it. I've got an entire hank of the Serenity Green sock yarn leftover. Guess I overestimated the amount I'd need. But I'm sure I'll find something to make with that one hank. For my second Camp Loopy project, I was thinking of making socks, but after reconsideration of the time (like, forever!) it takes me to knit socks, I'm selecting a mitten pattern (with cables) -- I've never knit mittens, so this should be interesting.
7/19/11 ETA: I did in fact finish my first ever Camp Loopy project #1 ON TIME!! I took some pics & my DH took some, on the 15th, of a lovely albeit small shawl -- which I'd spent most of the morning trying to steam block on the ironing board. It's cute, but if I were to work this pattern again (Wendy Johnson{Wendy Knits}, Seriously Simple Shawl - free on her website or possibly thru Ravelry), I would a)make it symmetrical and b) work another Chart B repeat to make it lots bigger. The yarn from the Loopy Ewe was fine, although I did notice that the blue (Ice) seemed thicker & fluffier than the green (Serenity Green). It was as if the green were more tightly twisted in plying. I should get a ruler & do a WPI for both colors; betcha I'd find a difference. Anyway, I started some mittens, which I'm "winging" without a pattern per se--I did look at some patterns, but just to get an idea of how many to cast on & how long the cuff should be made. I have one mitten all the way from the cuff to just past the first knuckles of my left hand, and it's pretty. BUT! dummy me put the thumb gusset on the wrong side, so I want to frog 'em & start over. Towards that end, I'm writing my own pattern for the #2 project for 2011 Camp Loopy! Di'ya suppose I'll get extra credit if I send the pattern in to the LOOPIES?