Friday, April 25, 2014

Home again, home again

Well, Texas & I have survived each other.  No monster (14” long, 1.25” wide!!) millipedes this time, and our dear Princess T is thriving.  Miss A has had some setbacks, mostly due to being a teen now (and just a bit of a drama Queen? Maybe).  The warm weather has officially moved into middle Tennessee, so we’re sleeping with the window open.  The other human members of the Plaid Patrol did not cook any dinners while I was gone, but still managed to dirty every dish in the house.  That’s ok, they’re the ones that have to clean it up! 

Exciting news: I finished the Princess’ Bunny Hop sweater!  I got some heavy duty fusible binding tape, same width as the ribbon facing for the snap closures, used it to press on the ribbon quite firmly – and totally stabilized the fronts of the sweater.  Then measured & marked (Dog bless washable markers!) placement for 11 snaps, and pounded on those snaps.  Whew!  Such banging and bashing!  But it’s done like dinner (love that expression, thank you Stephanie).  I’m waiting on some ordered presents to arrive, and will ship the sweater to our Princess as soon as I can put them all together. 


(pay no attention to the dates on these pics; every time the battery dies the $&^% camera resets to a random date.)
I’m using one of my birthday presents from Sis, some Kertzer sock yarn in very parrot-y colors, to make a Cat’s Paw Scarf (Elizabeth Lovick, Northern Knitting).  I started another pattern in this and then found my copy was missing one line, so switched to this much simpler pattern.  Right now it looks like someone spilled food colors in a vat of cooked Ramen noodles….but blocking will sort it out.  I did get the Knitters Pride Trendz acrylic interchangeable needle set (Haus of Yarn ordered it for me J) , which I mean to use for swatching the Gramps Cardigan – as Dog is my witness, I will get gauge! – but I’m using the size 10 tips for this scarf.  It’s quite loose; mostly air with a bit of string run through it.  It’s been good travel knitting, since there are only 6 rows and only 3 have increases & decreases.  I've been working on it off & on almost two weeks now, and I'm still only half way thru the skein -- this puppy's gonna be long! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bless this mess

Last night I found out that the bed I've been using here in Texas has a heated mattress pad....I may never go home....  Perfect timing, as I'd been worn to a little nubbin trying to keep up with Sis, aka Super Shopper!!
We had a birthday luncheon at the Princess' school, then Super Shopper carried me around to Randall's, then Savers (all donated items, sales supporting programs for children), then Tuesday Morning (I had a major fall down on the budget there, SHHH!), and finally Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts.  I don't know how she does it.  By the time we left Tuesday Morning, I was ready for a nice long visit to a recliner & maybe some mindless TV (Sis has a great media room!), but we still had to get a few items at Jo Ann. 
I've started a lace scarf on the road.  Hope it goes better than the last time I tried that!
Yes, Disco, our dingbat dog was the one that let you hang onto his ear while you learned to walk.   I'd like to find that pic I took of him, while I had the camera in one hand and his favorite toy in the other!  Lots of BIG TEETH coming right at the camera!