Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not much shakin'

I usually don't "do" much on Sundays, just take it easy.  That is the case today.  This is post # 325, a rather big number for such a puny little blog.  I hope to recharge my knitting mojo today, and maybe get a half-dozen more rows done on the Allotrope Cowl.  I tried working on it yesterday, but I fell asleep with it in my hands.  Hard to maintain any excitement about it, since I've seen about 3 other cowls I want to knit in the last week!  I think it would not be "cheating" on the Allotrope, if I just go stash-diving for an appropriate yarn for the Irish Mesh Cowl.  Not casting on, mind you!  Just picking out a yarn, maybe printing out the swatching yet.
I hate seeing the hallway junk piled up behind me in the Outfits photos I've been taking.  I really want to have a small piece of furniture there, something with storage room and a flat top.  So I've been looking at furniture online, here and there.  Then it hit me: we have a small chest of drawers, very cheaply made, which has basically failed to function.  The drawers were all hung up, and would not open but about 4".  So the Plaidman took it all apart to try to put new runners in, and it's been sitting in the craft room like that ever since.  I suggested that shelves would work just fine, if we got some nice looking bins; in fact, it only needs one shelf.  Everything going into it would have to fit inside a bin, to keep it neat, but I think that could work.  It might be a bit wide and/or deep for that space, but we'll try it there and if anyone keeps bumping into it we'll just move it back to the craft room.
I do love to plan; it would be nice if I could get more done on some plans!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Follow thru

Our Costco order arrived Wednesday night, probably while we ate supper.  We don't know when the two boxes were placed on the porch, because the delivery folk did not even ring the doorbell.  Plaidman discovered them when he went out to the market.  I'd ordered two heated mattress pads: one queen size fancy-schmancy one, and one twin size plainer one.  But we got two of the fancy queen size ones!  So I guess we'll carry one back to the store & see about getting the right size for the twin bed.
ETA: We went to Costco yesterday, with a printout of my order & the extra queen size pad.  I'd ordered online, without a membership ID.  Well, the gal at the returns counter couldn't pull up my order #, and without a member ID she had no other way to look for it.  Le Sigh!  We brought it home again, and I called their 800 number, and explained the sitch.  Veronica in Customer Service was happy to make it right; we'll get shipping labels sent, a pick up arranged, and the twin pad shipped within 2-3 business days.  Now the Plaid Patrol captains are discussing whether we need a membership; would we use it?  I'm in favor, because I want some small furnishings for the house such as a console or accent table for the hallway.  Note the cardboard box full of junk which is currently in use as the place I park my purse:

Captain Plaidman seems to think we could buy something cheap from WalMart to put there.  I don't mind saving money, but this is something that everyone coming in the front door will see so I do want it to be "nice".   I also want to hang a picture over it.  I'm sure I have enough artwork around to hang up something, just need to figure out the furniture part first.  Costco online has a few cute tables, I could see getting one there.  Walmart has cube storage, like for a dorm room -- probably not going to meet my standards for "nice".  I would start putting the purse in the hall closet, but will still need an elevated surface to hold it as I don't want to bend over every time I want my purse. (Note the cane in the photo bottom left, and the cat in the top left!)

WIP Wednesday link up!

Ok, all I can say is that is counted the rows done & the total rows on my Allotrope Cowl last night.  And I've reached the half-way mark!  Yippee!  It's all downhill from here.  I'll get you a picture:
There are a couple of flaws, but I figure I can just duplicate stitch over those & make it lovely.  I am so so glad that I've past the halfway mark on this.  Now it's so warm today, I'm sitting at the computer just 4' from the open door to the deck.  TomTom kitty has been running out there and back inside; he loves it!  He did get a little freaked by a large crow flying close by and cawing; he came running in very low to the floor with his ears laid back.  Not exactly the mighty hunter.  But what I meant to say is, I will not be wearing this item because it is A) too warm for the coming weather and B) going into the Long Range Planning box.  Someone will get this for Christmas this year!  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

He loves me

Just so.  So often, we make plans to do so-and-such around the house, gather supplies & tools, and then nothing happens.  Not this week!  The Plaidman has really been busy.  He hung a full-length mirror in the hall, laid another step off the front porch, and installed another hand rail in the master bath!  I'm so tickled with all three!  I can start taking my pictures for the Outfits Challenge in the morning, before I get all wrinkled and tired-looking, by using the mirror (which is also likely to be cleaner than the one over the bathroom vanity!).  The extra step in front of the porch is half the height of the step up onto the porch, which has become difficult for me.  So this makes it safer and easier for me!  And as gravy on top, the Plaidman likes it very well too (his ankle has been bothering him lately).  And wow does that extra hand rail help in the bath.  I think it takes me half as much time to get in & out of the tub, and I feel safer to boot.  Look, here's me in the mirror & the new rail:
Now I just have to clean up the other side of the hall (behind me in the pic), maybe hang a nice picture?  And would you look: he didn't even crack the tile when he installed the bar.
Well, today we took a trip out to Costco to buy some things that weren't in stock -- no, that's not right, we hoped they were in stock but were disappointed.  However, I can still order them online, so I will do that.  I hope there's not much of a shipping charge!  Let you know when I do.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throw me a line

I have been AWOL from the blog for a bit, still recovering from a sinus infection and just generally not wanting to spend any more time on the computer after working on one all day.  But the past few days have been short due to the weather, so I'm not quite wiped out this evening.  I updated one week of the Challenge, if you're interested or even if you're not -- how the heck would I know?  But I can say I'm already celebrating a more meaningful Valentine's Day this year.  My sweetheart, The Plaidman, has installed an extra step in front on the entrance to the front porch, so I don't have to struggle to get up on the porch every night.  He's also gathered the materials & tools he needs to install another bar in the master bath, to make it easier for me to get in & out of the tub.  I expect that task will be undertaken this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to having that extra support in there.
My doctor's office tried to get me enrolled in a patient advocate program, that would pay part of my treatment, but alas I make too much money.  So, I'm facing some large medical bills.  But I will file with the other policy, which pays me the $, and use that for the bills I have.  If there's any leftover, I'll put it in the special savings acct set up for medical co-pays & deductibles, that I've got from my employer.  Then maybe I won't have this issue next year.  That's the plan, anyway; but you know and I know that plans have a way of unraveling.
I am still slowly working on the Allotrope Cowl, which will certainly not be done before winter ends.  That's ok, I'm fine with putting it into the long range planning box (aka Christmas knitting!).  I'd still like to finish my capelet, but I will be good and stick with the cowl.  The other knitterly stuff I want to do is finishing:  I have two Color Affection shawls that need to be blocked.