Saturday, February 13, 2016

He loves me

Just so.  So often, we make plans to do so-and-such around the house, gather supplies & tools, and then nothing happens.  Not this week!  The Plaidman has really been busy.  He hung a full-length mirror in the hall, laid another step off the front porch, and installed another hand rail in the master bath!  I'm so tickled with all three!  I can start taking my pictures for the Outfits Challenge in the morning, before I get all wrinkled and tired-looking, by using the mirror (which is also likely to be cleaner than the one over the bathroom vanity!).  The extra step in front of the porch is half the height of the step up onto the porch, which has become difficult for me.  So this makes it safer and easier for me!  And as gravy on top, the Plaidman likes it very well too (his ankle has been bothering him lately).  And wow does that extra hand rail help in the bath.  I think it takes me half as much time to get in & out of the tub, and I feel safer to boot.  Look, here's me in the mirror & the new rail:
Now I just have to clean up the other side of the hall (behind me in the pic), maybe hang a nice picture?  And would you look: he didn't even crack the tile when he installed the bar.
Well, today we took a trip out to Costco to buy some things that weren't in stock -- no, that's not right, we hoped they were in stock but were disappointed.  However, I can still order them online, so I will do that.  I hope there's not much of a shipping charge!  Let you know when I do.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Looks good...thanks for stopping by..

Beth Coleman said...

Wow! Everyone needs a Plaidman! Thanks for sharing!