Saturday, November 16, 2013


Ok, I may already BE the butterfly.  I'm thankful there's an ICHC to bring us these cute & funny pictures; aren't you? 
I'm thankful that I have access to to not just one, but two, very nice LYS's that are close enough to be able to run by when I think of it, and not have to make a special trip that will put a kink in any other plans for the day.  XOXOXO to Bliss Yarns in Brentwood and Haus of Yarn in West Nashville!  Bliss replaced my broken Addi, and agreed that there seemed to be a burr on the tip just at the join.  I can continue the Quest for a Perfect Peerless Bunny Hop.  Oh joy.
I'm thankful that my health is pretty good, no more than a bit of ol' Arthur Itis to complain of.  I'm thankful that my family's health is also OK, altho the Plaidman has had a bad bit of bronchitis (and just can't seem to remember to use the inhaler prescribed--grrr!).  I'm thankful for a new friend at work, who's also on Ravelry!  altho she's a crocheter, so I need to bring her over to the Dark Side.
I'm thankful that I can continue to work & bring home the bacon, as well as the occasional sack full of yarn.  Speaking of which, I bought 3 skeins of Cascade Eco+ to work on an AIDEZ, for MEE!!!  Woot!  I have to move some other things from the WIP column to the FO column before I can get started, but I am excited!! 
What are you thankful for this holiday season?  If you leave me a comment (that I wouldn't be embarassed to publish), you could have something else to be thankful for -- just sayin'!

Friday, November 15, 2013

How do you spell relief?

Here's the mariachi band from our Day of the Dead fetival at Cheekwood.  So much fun!!  We need to take the Plaidman if Cheekwood has this again in 2014.
As to the title, do you remember the ad campaign?  Last night I went over to Bliss Yarns to get another Addi, and the gal at the counter said I should just bring in the broken needle, which they'd then send back to Skacel for replacement!  I won't have to fool with it all!  This just makes my day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dashed off

Again, gotta have a photo to start this thing up...sigh ... I have no idea what's in the pic, supposed to be more from Cheekwood but who can say.  Anyway, just wanted to update on the Bunny Hop sweater:  During my visit with the family, I actually bound off the front band, worked in the ends, and washed & blocked it!  Only to find that one front side is about an inch shorter than the other, so back to the WIP basket it went.  I decided the pick up & knit was wonky, possibly uneven between the sides.  Over the weekend I frogged the entire front band, and was picking up & knitting along very carefully with repeated counting of each section, and was halfway thru the left side (started on the right, over the hood, and down the left) when the worst possible event occurred.  Yes, friends, the cable broke off my Addi.  Stitches were dropped (but I scrambled to pick them up again), foul language was burning the air around me, and I was just stumped.  Because, you know, no spare needle!  Tonight I'm going to Bliss Yarns for another, and ask if they might have a copy of the receipt for the broken one, 'coz I've heard good things about Addi's customer service.