Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camp Loopy, 2 down & 1 to go

I finished my cabled mittens, which I'm calling Sunset Columns, for Camp Loopy Project II. Sunday I sent pictures to, so now I'm free to cast on for the last Project! I'll make the Every Way Wrap from IK Fall 2009, which I've wanted ever since fall 2009 but hadn't the nerve to attempt before now. The width I'd like will use over 1,000 yards -- so it will meet the (only) requirement for Camp Loopy Project III. The yarn is from stash, a very cushy & soft wool/angora blend, in a dusky purple. It's darker than the lace beret made for Miss A a while back. And it should be real fun keeping track of two different stitch patterns at the same time! This is the first project I've started from an IK pattern -- which is weird, since I've been reading & buying that magazine for years. Still, it is such a nifty pattern that I may want to work it again in other colors -- WEBS has a truckload of worsted yarns on sale, which is very tempting. I may have to order some as my birthday present to myself...unless I decide to get some Colourmart cashmere instead!
Or not, as $ is kinda scarce lately (too many doctor bills!). Plaidman & I went to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago, he needs both regular and sunglasses replaced. I need "computer" glasses -- the $ for a whole new pair was going to be over $350! So I've sent the doctor my old frames, and they've put my lenses in there, and it should be about $170. I shudder to think what they would've charged for Plaidman's two pairs! He'll take his prescription to someone in our network; maybe WalMart. Oh, this is just the tip of the iceberg: the hospital outpatient clinic where he had his colonoscopy called last week, because BCBS wouldn't pay them--need the COB info first--on a $1700 bill. And we're still paying on the two cataract surgeries he had. He's definitely not an easy keeper. [Plaidman's warranty may have expired;)]
Hey,y'all, this is post #147!! Three more for 150!
What glorious thing can I do for #150?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Oh Canadia..."

All who've read CAP today, sing along! Laurie, the post before today's made me laugh out loud at work. If I could comment on it & tell you so, I surely would. How could someone so funny and cute and real have such self-doubt about dating? She's hiking the hills of Hollywood alone, but is in fear of a date...go figure.
I suppose I can't really say much, as the Plaidman & I have celebrated our 34th anniversary already. I have not the clue how one would go about dating now. Wish I did have, 'coz then maybe I could get DiscoDame a date; and maybe I'll live long enough to see her married, when pigs fly.
Disco called me a while ago, and I told her my thought about putting a label on her stitchmarker sets. I'm thinking of a small tag, maybe round or oblong, attached to the ring holding the set, with her name & a website (probably this blog site). That way, folks who've seen them could get in touch to order some.
I'm getting soo close to being done with Camp Loopy project #2. I've seen the requirement for project #3, and I'm pretty sure I've got enough of one or two yarns to meet the requirements. I just don't know if I want to embark on such a large project, knowing I only have a month to finish it. I'll let you know.