Monday, May 29, 2017

So sad

Greg Allman passed.  I'm so close to tears every time I think it.  I've seen the Allman Brothers in action several times, always loved them.  Every time, it was such a mellow occasion.  RIP, Greg.

I've been having some problems with the sneakiest fatigue  at the office, one minute reading a report and the next snoring!!!  This lead to me taking some FMLA time daily, so I can come in later.  I know that music can keep me awake too, but we're not allowed to play our CDs on the company's PCs.  What to do?  I bought an iPod shuffle, and for a tech-challenged person like me it's been a nightmare.  I worked on it today from about 11 am until frustration just got too high at about 3:50 pm (yes, damn near 4 frikkin hours -- what can I say), when I asked my DD to take over.  It took her about 15 minutes to figure out what went wrong: the power cord wasn't plugged in completely.  After 4+ hours the *%&)* thing still has to be charged.  BUT I did get some music onto it (I think...), and hopefully will be able to use it tomorrow.  We'll see.
Tonight we start the finals!!  I live in Nashville, but my heart is always in Pittsburgh.  HR has said we can wear gold "to support the Predators" all next week -- but I'll be in black & gold!  I need to decorate my cubical too.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cruise control

I'm still working on the Diamond halter top from Knitty.  I hadn't hit it a lick all weekend, and picked it up last night  -- 3 more rows done!  Disco was dragging her feet about cooking dinner, so I ate very late and barely had time to let it settle before I HAD to get into bed.  Wound up skipping the shower last night, so had my wondrous Seven Minute Shower this morning.  Yep, it is only seven minutes.  That allows me two minutes to slap lotion on all over.  Well, I have fixed Disco's little wagon:  I signed her up for the 5 Minute Dinners plan, with the shopping guides etc etc.  She'll get it in her email every week!  Much as I love Chinese buffets (we have two within a mile of the house!), it's just not a terrific value, unless one can eat about 3 lbs of crayfish or prawns in one sitting.