Monday, May 29, 2017

So sad

Greg Allman passed.  I'm so close to tears every time I think it.  I've seen the Allman Brothers in action several times, always loved them.  Every time, it was such a mellow occasion.  RIP, Greg.

I've been having some problems with the sneakiest fatigue  at the office, one minute reading a report and the next snoring!!!  This lead to me taking some FMLA time daily, so I can come in later.  I know that music can keep me awake too, but we're not allowed to play our CDs on the company's PCs.  What to do?  I bought an iPod shuffle, and for a tech-challenged person like me it's been a nightmare.  I worked on it today from about 11 am until frustration just got too high at about 3:50 pm (yes, damn near 4 frikkin hours -- what can I say), when I asked my DD to take over.  It took her about 15 minutes to figure out what went wrong: the power cord wasn't plugged in completely.  After 4+ hours the *%&)* thing still has to be charged.  BUT I did get some music onto it (I think...), and hopefully will be able to use it tomorrow.  We'll see.
Tonight we start the finals!!  I live in Nashville, but my heart is always in Pittsburgh.  HR has said we can wear gold "to support the Predators" all next week -- but I'll be in black & gold!  I need to decorate my cubical too.

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