The 250 Workday Outfits Challenge Collection

12/6/2016 I've been seeing visitors to the Challenge page on the Feedjit on the main page, just thought I'd say HI!  Happy Holidays!  I may pick up on this again, as I've got some sweet new boots and dresses to show off, and even a couple of shawls that I knitted.  It'll likely be after the start of the new year -- knitters worldwide are bearing down on their holiday knitting!

I've decided to put the pics & text for the Challenge onto another page.  The older entries will stay on the main page (for now?) but from Day 31 forward will be here instead.  Newest entries will be on top, so y'all don't have to scroll way down to get to something new. So let's begin!
Well here we are two weeks later...sigh.  The work week before this last one was short, due to the holiday, and we were allowed to wear jeans all week.  We'll start with 5/31 with an aqua & white pullover top with embellished neckline, from Carole Little Woman, over Focus Lifestyle dark denim jeans.  The blue Alfani sandals & green purse completed the outfit.
Wednesday I wore an Investments II silk blouse in a light mustard yellow, the same Focus jeans, the tan Naturalizer sandals, and some new bling: a long silvery chain with purple lozenge and "abalone" stations, my silvery heart dangle earrings, and the green purse.  I only had one "fair to middlin" shot of these two outfits.
Thursday 6/2 started with the Just My Size raspberry knit cami, under a sheer red rayon blouse from Millenium.  Those are Mossimo Supply Co beige denim leggings, City Classified suede wedge sandals, a mix of old bling (the longer necklace, mixed metals) and new (black & goldtone chain), some small golden dangly earrings, and the green purse.  
 Friday sees me in an oldie but goodie, this Blair floral print blouse, over my Jordache skinny jeans in teal, with more new bling -- a goldtone two strand long necklace with pink stations.  There are the black Alfani sandals, and of course the green purse.

So, my pets, this bring us to the week just past, which I've decided is the last week of the the 250 Workday Outfits Challenge.  I was recently gifted with about 50 new necklaces, so I will still put up pics when I wear any of them, or if I ever get around to hemming some of the other trousers Sis gave me.  So enjoy the last few shots of the Challenge:
Monday the 6th I put on the Samantha Grey mauve trousers, a grey stretchy cami under a dark chambray shirt from Pure Energy (snap closures, a braided suede belt!),the Clarks flats, new enameled bead tribal-vibe necklace, enameled earrings, and the green purse.

Tuesday has me in a Lemon Grass Woman white pullon top, dark royal blue White Stag trousers, blue Alfani sandals, new necklace of red translucent "gems" and antiqued metal chain ( and I had earrings to match, but as they're tiny you probably can't see 'em) and the green purse...  I think my hair was still very wet, that is the only time it goes so flat.

6/8 I'm in a Zoe & Rachel blouse with a tiny medallion print of ivory & pink on olive ground, Westbound Woman casual stretch tan trousers, City Classified tan suede wedge sandals, a new necklace of odd-shaped green "glass" beads + wooden rounds + faux shell rounds, these all strung together on jump rings with green cording at the ends; my Mom's gold hoop earrings, and the green purse.  And none of the pics are decent so you're left with only the first one here:
Thursday I wore a Company One Woman plaid shirt (above), with a purple stretch cami, over brown Investments II trousers. I put on my Skechers (no wedges today!), and a black cardigan, no bling but yes, the green purse came along too.
Friday the 10th, the last day of this silliness, and I got someone else to take the pictures.  That's a Jones New York blouse in a gradient orange to pink, with Lee Rider charcoal twill trousers, my ancient twister beads (which always draw compliments), some turquoise bead earrings, and good old SAS sandals.

Say goodnight, Gracie! 
Hey look! A weekly update! I think I have to type fast, try to get this posted before the Innerwebs falls down again.  So..Monday the 23rd I put on an Eddie Bauer cotton print, medium blue and olive green floral on a pale blue ground, with a United States Sweater lace cardigan in dark olive green over White Stag royal blue cotton trousers.  I added the tan Naturalizer sandals, the green purse, DiscoDame light blue crystal earrings, the Labradorite pendant and another silver chain.
Tuesday I have on the black knit Mossimo Supply Co tank with a sheer white on black bamboo print blouse from Fitting Image, over black Koret velvet trousers and black Alfani sandals; with the green purse, faux scrimshaw earrings, and a multi-strand necklace of faux ivory and bronze chain.

Wednesday the 25th starts with a pale grey snakeskin print top from Calvin Klein, with matching cardigan and trousers by Samantha Grey in mauve/pink/silver, over the black Naturalizer flats.  Added the green purse and two new necklaces from a sale at Kohls: a string of tiny dyed wooden beads on jump rings, very colorful; and a strand of multi-metal rings & rounds.  I had issues with my phone's camera again, so I look pretty ticked off in both pictures. 
Thursday's top is a very nice woven plaid by Allison Daley II, with a new-to-me necklace that was part of a gift from a friend -- a charmed ring, some translucent pink beads, bronze/brass charms, one large metal leaf.  The trousers are dark brown Lee twills, with the tan Naturalizer sandals & green purse,  I had help with the pictures.

Friday before the long weekend!  Huzzah!  The shirt is Caribbean Joe & Co Woman, in a "tie-dyed" print of aqua & light green.  Allison Daley II made the jeans, Skechers the shoes, DiscoDame the gold and malachite earrings, and the five strand necklace was a yard sale find.  Oh, and I carried the green purse...


Ahem!  It looks like this is turning into a bi-weekly update.  What can I say, the weekends are just so short.  
Recapping the past two weeks:
May 9 starts with a Faded Glory apple green knit tank worn as a cami under and AVENUE sheer blouse in a dark blue, teal and apple green "plaid".  Leslie Faye Haberdashery royal blue trousers, blue Alfani sandals, and the green purse complete the outfit.  The bling is the large Labradorite pendant, and some dangling silver heart earrings.
Tuesday  has me in the black satin & lace cami, under a Lauren tan & black snakeskin print blouse, over Ruby Rd taupe trousers and tan suede sandals (CityClassified).  I wore the "magical" charm necklace by DiscoDame, and some gold earrings with an unusual patina: it's done with nutmeg!  And of course the green purse too.  
Wednesday I wore the knit black Mossimo Supply Co tank with another snakeskin print blouse, in green/teal/black & from Zoe & Rachel.  Black cuffed trousers (Investments II), black Naturalizer flats (from Savers--bargains), the green purse, a vintage 3-strand green & black bead necklace, and DiscoDame gold & malachite earrings finished the look.

Thursday the 12th: dark blue satin cami under Valerie Bertinelli thin cotton dark blue top with gold braid trim -- the Predators were still in the playoffs & we were allowed to wear jeans today if we wore something blue & gold, so those are Lee Riders, with blue Alfani sandals, dark blue crystal earrings from DiscoDame, and the green purse.  On the right is the only halfway decent pic of Friday's outfit, the Westbound Woman "cow print" blouse on gradient background, worn with purple Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the Clarks flats, the purple Just My Size cardigan, and the green purse..
Monday the 16th I start out with the raspberry knit Just My Size cami, under a Faded Glory purple plaid flannel shirt; worn over the tan stretch Westbound Woman trousers.  I put on the Clarks flats, and the purple Just My Size cardigan, and added the green purse.
I wished I'd remembered the fire drill scheduled for Tuesday; I wore totally wrong footwear for going down the stairs!  But I looked nice in a pink & white floral blouse by Charter Club Woman, the black cuffed Investments II trousers, high wedge heel tan suede CityClassified sandals (the soles are too slick on the bottom; I was sure I'd slip on the stairs!), and a big pink & brown pendant strung on pink cording with other pink & brown beads,  I also had a cardigan of mixed grey, white, black & silvery yarns, and the green purse -- which last item stayed locked in my desk.  The modeled pic was so awful that I later dug this outfit out of the laundry basket to get a better shot.
May 18th -- workwear is a purple Ambience knit cami under a TESS blouse printed in teal, purple, and bronze; worn with the mauve Samantha Grey trousers, Naturalizer light brown sandals, Just My Size purple cardigan, the green purse, and golden rhinestone embellished heart dangle earrings.
Thursday I'm still colorful, in a black satin cami under this Silkland (yes 100% silk) abstract print blouse, over the cuffed tan Westbound Woman trousers and Trendsetter sandals, with the green purse.
Friday couldn't come too soon.  I started with an olive knit Ambience cami, under a very pink cotton shirt from Jones New York Sport Woman -- has a nifty tucked stitch bib!  I added Faded Glory dusty black jeggings, the black Alfani sandals, the turquoise necklace & earrings set, and the green purse.  Once again, the modeled pic was dreadful, so the pic on the right was taken later & in better light.


April 25 I dressed for work in the Ruby Rd charcoal trousers, a pale grey cami, and an apple green linen/rayon blend blouse by Cathy Woman.  Accessories were the black Alfani sandals, the big green croc-embossed purse, some dangling silver heart earrings, and the wonderful silver wire-wrapped Labradorite pendant.
I have got to get another camera; the one on my phone can't decide whether the shutter is the big icon on the screen or the button on the side.  Hence the poor focusing!
This is National Lab Week, in honor of which the Box O'Docs is allowing us to wear Casual Friday outfits all week.  I had forgotten that Monday, but I got with the program Tuesday in some brown Faded Glory jeggings, black Mossimo Supply Co tank top, beige linen/rayon blend collarless shirt by Lane Bryant (do you need to know that I wore a sporty blue pushup underwire bra too?), Skechers, the green purse, and a crocheted & beaded necklace.
That necklace is super long.  It's just some weird shaped translucent beads crocheted into silvery crochet thread.  You could have one like it; my Mum gave me this one.  
Wednesday saw me in more "traditional" jeans, Lee Riders of light blue denim.  I pulled out an oldie but still goodie, a dark blue cami that's embroidered velvet over the bodice and satin below, and covered that with a blue/black/white houndstooth print shirt from Venezia Jeans Co.  Bling is that nice silver & turquoise necklace & earrings set, accessories are the black Alfani sandals and green purse.  I only got one decent picture, the first of the three below.  The other two are of Thursday's outfit, which began with the Just My Size raspberry knit cami, under a Faded Glory dark chambray shirt with tuck stitched bodice.  I put on the Ruby Rd beige trousers, the blue Alfani sandals, and a long multi-stranded necklace of opaque aqua and brown translucent beads.  The green purse is on the furniture behind me.
Friday the 29th I got even more casual, with the red tee shirt that sums up my philosophy ("You can agree with me or you can be WRONG"), some Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans,caramel color Naturalizer sandals, the big navy Laura Scott cardigan, the green purse, and no bling whatsoever.
Hmm, I'm missing my head...drat!
On to the week just finished:
Monday May 2 I went back to the regular dress code.  I put on a slim brown tee shirt, which I covered with a Jones New York Signature Woman snakeskin print blouse in shades of gold, tan, and brown (somehow reminds me of a "mature" banana), over Westbound Woman tan stretch trousers.  I added the caramel Naturalizer sandals and the green purse.  Once again I'm limited to one decent picture, and not just for Monday but for Tuesday as well.  Tuesday's outfit has a navy satin cami under a red/blue paisley cotton top from Charter Club, over White Stag dark blue pedal pushers.  I think this was the morning I tried laying on the bed to get the sock on my left foot (I don't bend very well anymore...), and failed, and woke up the Plaidman so he could put that one on my foot.  So, navy socks with the Skechers, and the green purse made up the rest of the outfit.
Wednesday the 4th, Star Wars Day, I started with an olive green knit cami under a brown-striped white shirt from Ralph Lauren.  There's the other Westbound Woman Essentials tan stretch trousers (the ones with cuffs), the Naturalizer sandals, a fabric necklace containing marbles (I have got to make some of these!), small golden drop earrings, and the green purse.  And all I have to show you is one very fuzzy picture...Sigh.  I got two on Thursday, neither well-focused but you'll forgive me.  The 5th sees me in a black satin cami, under an Xhilaration blouse of mottled blue print.  Those are my East 5th navy trousers, navy Bass loafers, two-tone multi-strand coral beads necklace, and some large tear-drop shaped enameled earrings.  Or I might not have the earrings on; they tend to catch in the seat belt when I'm driving.  The green purse waits to be picked up.

Friday again!  This outfit starts with a green satin cami under a bead-embellished knit top from Ruby Rd, over some aqua pedal pushers by erika.  Yeah, the name has a lower-case "e".  Because the neckline is beaded, it needs no necklace.  I did not skip the bling; I put on the braided chain bracelet (gold, silver & aqua) and some gold-tone & turquoise earrings (again, earrings were long drops so they went on after the drive to work).  I also chose my Clarks collection flats and carried the green purse.
And look who decided to crash the photo session.  

I've got two weeks of update to catch you up on, starting with 4/11:  I found the black satin cami without the scratchy lace (knew I had one, it just got buried!), put that on with the sheer white on black bamboo print blouse by Fitting Image, and the charcoal Ruby Rd trousers.  Bling is the long golden chain with pearl and rhinestone stations, and some "drusy" dangling bead earrings.  Shoes and purse match: the black BORN shooties and the black Chaps purse.  And I needed a sweater, so there's the long black cardigan.
Tuesday the 12th starts with the light orange cotton knit tank top from Westbound Woman, under a spiffy & very red Michael Kors shirt (could not get a good version of the color in pics), over the White Stag navy blue cotton trousers.  I word the big navy cardigan most of the day, too.  Slipped on my Skechers, 2 silvery chains (one with rhinestone rondels, one from my Mum), a pair of puffy heart dangle earrings, and grabbed the Chaps purse.

4/13 Begins with the raspberry cami from Just My size, covered by the wavy stripes of gold/red/tan on this Jordan blouse, worn over Investments II dark brown trousers.  Outfit is completed with the Clarks collection brown flats, Chaps purse, dangling enameled medallion earrings, and my twister beads.  I swear I'm bringing these back; I always get comments on them.

4/14 I ran a bit late in the a.m., so had to wait for pics until I got home.  That's a periwinkle blue suedecloth shirt from Chico's Design, over the tan stretch cuffed trousers from Westbound Woman.  I have on my Skechers, and a necklace from the Burke's in Austin, of turquoise opaque and brown translucent beads, plus the matching earrings, the Chaps purse, and the navy sweater.  

4/15 Friday was a "grab 'n go" day, when I just reached into the closet and snagged the first stuff that came to hand.  Here's a nice chambray tuck-stitched shirt from Faded Glory, over the Faded Glory teal skinny jeans, black BORN shooties & Chaps purse, the puffy heart earrings, and a large silver wire wrapped Labradorite pendant.  I never part with jewelry, so I had the heavy silver chain appropriate to this pendant. 
 On to the week just passed!  I had problems getting pics in focus this week, so the pics are pretty bad -- and these are just the ones I feel I can share!  Monday's full view was so bad, that the close-up is all I have for you.  To make up for that, here's a picture of the household manager.  Anyway, the outfit was this Jones New York Signature Woman blouse of red, white & blue floral print on black ground, over the black cuffed Investments II trousers.  Additions are the black shooties & Chaps purse, and the tri-color metals necklace.
Tuesday the 19th the blur got me, but I really wanted you to see this necklace.  And yes, that's the same blouse in both pics, a light purple-y mauve with ruffled 3/4 sleeves which has sadly lost its tag before Sis gave it to me.  I wore it with the Westbound Woman Essentials tan stretch cuffed trousers, my brand new Citi Classified tan suede wedge sandals, purple Just My Size cardigan, the Chaps purse, and of course that very interesting necklace of ceramic (?) beads on a gold & white cord.

Wednesday's still a bit blurred.  Sis just gave me this Calvin Klein zippered blouse, with her favorite snakeskin print.  This print has a very pale pink wash intermittently over the "albino" snake print, which was played up by the mauve Samantha Grey trousers.  There's an ivory cami under there, and my almost favorite long gold chain with rhinestones appears here.  I wore some Naturlizer caramel flats, very comfy, that I got at Savers in Austin.   
Ok, it looks like I might be getting my camera mojo back by Thursday, per this pic of a sheer southwest theme print blouse from Daniel Rainn (over a navy blue cami), worn with the navy East 5th trousers, the blue Alfani sandals, and Chaps purse.  I just did not bother with bling.

We're all aware (I hope) that Prince passed on Thursday.  The word went through our super-department (that includes coding dept), that we should try to wear purple on Friday.  Of course, I got carried away...There's a Just My Size cotton gauze short-sleeve shirt (purple) worn over my ancient (purple) Allison Daley trousers, with the ruffled Just My Size cardigan in, you guessed it, purple.  I emptied out the purple purse that I'd been using for a knitting bag, and carried it.  Unfortunately (?) I don't have any purple sandals, so I wore the black Alfanis.  I added the long fine gold chain with the big turquoise pendant, and some dangly gold & turquoise earrings, and a hand-painted pin (in case I wanted to close the cardi, which I did).  I certainly look like I'm mourning.  

4/10/16 Another Sunday, another update!  This past week I made some attempt (most evenings) to pick out the next day's outfit before crashing into the bed.  Monday I wore a Notations Woman polyester blouse in a black on white print, makes me think of an adult coloring book!  I covered it with the black Valerie Stevens cardigan, ruffle front -- which I wound up pinning closed because I was freezing at my desk.  The trousers are the mauve Samantha Grey, purse is the new black Chaps purse my Sis picked out for me, Those are the black BORN shooties, I always get compliments on them!  I pulled the Modern Metals tri-color necklace off the "art installation" and added the tri-color bracelet I found at Michael's in Austin.  
Tuesday the garments might be repeats, but I have on new bling: Multi-color glass beads strung on a white & gold cord, with matching earrings,found at Burkes Outlet in Austin.  Very chunky, very statement!  The clothes start with a cotton knit tee shirt in dark brown from Just My Size Essentials, under a Company One Woman plaid shirt in tan, white & black.  Trousers are cuffed tan stretch by Westbound Woman, and I wore the black shooties & carried the Chaps purse again.  

Wednesday I could not get away from tan trousers!  That's the "uncuffed" Westbound Woman tan stretchies, with the Clarks collection brown flats.  Over that I have on the ivory cami, and a NEW to the blog blouse: aqua with white polka dots, cotton, by Croft & Barrow.  I  have on the long golden chain with a big turquoise pendant, and a braided chain bracelet in gold, silver & aqua from Michaels.  I'm still carrying the Chaps purse.

I looked positively dark & stormy for Thursday (I think we watched an Avengers movie the night before) in a dark navy cotton tank from White Stag, under a black cotton Valerie Stevens shirt, with royal blue Leslie Faye Haberdashery trousers.  I put on the black flats from Naturalizer, and carried the Chaps purse.  The bling is a super long (worn doubled here) silvery chain with medium translucent beads in various shades of blue, plus some rhinestones; along with translucent crystal earrings from DiscoDame Designs.  The cardigan is navy,

Friday I have on the blues.  Those are Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans, topped with the black Mossimo Supply Co racer-back tank, and an Xhilaration blouse in mottled blues.  Those huge earrings are el cheapo's from WalMart, enameled in bright blue and aqua.  That is a double set of twister beads around my neck -- how many of you remember when they were so popular?  I got a lot of comments on them, so you know why I never toss out old bling!  I put on my Skechers, the navy sweater again, and carried the Chaps purse.

4/3/16 Sunday update time!  I'm not at all sure these outfits aren't repeats, but I am beyond caring.  My vacation week in Austin involved a bit too much "movin' around", what with the shopping and stair climbing, so my back has been on the fritz all week.  I was just reaching in & grabbing clothing,  Monday the 28th I grabbed the tan stretch Westbound Woman trousers, and paired them with a thin purple cami and a Jones NY Signature Woman shirt striped in red, white, gold & black,  Sis found a bunch of my new fave underwire pushup bras, and I wore a pink one under the blouse & cami!  So that is one new item; I bought some Naturalizer sandals at Savers in a warm brown, and wore them too -- two new items!  I accesorized with the faux carnelian, lapis, and amber bead necklace; plus the green croco purse.  I only got the one photo of this outfit.
Tuesday I picked out this Venezia Jeans woven houndstooth in light blue, black & white; over the black Mossimo Supply Co racer-back cami.  Those are my trusty ancient Investments II trousers, black with cuffs.  I had on new shoes, another pair of Naturalizers found at Savers, more shoe than sandal -- another new item!  and check out the necklace, which is a large piece of glass on cord & ribbon.  That's also from Savers, we need one here in Nashville!  I thought DiscoDame's crystal earrings went with it very well.   
Wednesday's pick was the charcoal trousers from Ruby Rd (I just recently replaced the waistband button), with an olive green polyester tank top under a sheer Multiples blouse in teal/aqua/green print on white ground.  I wore the black Naturalizer shoes again, and a new item bought at Burkes Outlet in Austin: a multi-strand necklace of beads in turquoise, shiny brown, and silver tone with matching earrings.  It was chilly, so I pulled on a Valerie Stevens navy sweater before I left the house.  Hey, my photographer managed to photobomb the third pic!

Thursday the 31st I pulled out another Jones NY Signature Woman shirt, slinky polyester lizard print in brown/tan/creamy yellow, over the ivory cami.  The trousers are taupe Ruby Rd, shoes are patent brown croco embossed flats from Life Stride, and hey! Wednesday's turquoise & brown necklace looks super with this outfit too!  The brown beads are translucent, and almost exactly the same shade as the shoes.  I carried the green purse again.  
TGIF!  I have on new slip-on Skechers -- from Burkes, and I can't remember the last time I bought athletic shoes or sneakers.  But these are comfy, and easy to put on.  The rest of the outfit consists of a yellow & white floral print cotton knit tank top under an embroidered & beaded aqua peasant blouse from Charter Club Woman, with Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans.  No bling to speak of.

3/18/16 I'm making an early update, 'coz I'm going to be busy all weekend.  Monday the 14th I wore the navy East 5TH trousers with a light blue cotton horizontally pleated blouse by Zac & Rachel.  Accessories included the navy BASS loafers, a dark blue fabric headband, the enamelled articulated fish earrings (mostly blue & white), a blue cloisonne pendant on a plain heavy chain, and the gold chain from Avon.  I covered up with the big blue garter stitch cardigan, and carried the green purse.
Tuesday's outlook was bright too: Notations Woman pink checked polyester blouse over a White Stag yellow & white tank top, with the cuffed tan trousers from Westbound Woman, Clarks collection brown flats, a doubled long strand of "pearls", and some new earrings of faux onyx & pink quartz & pearl & rhinestone.  Covered up with the black ruffled cardigan, and carried the green purse.

 Wednesday I went darker, with a White Stag polyester blouse in dark royal blue with a black floral print, over Ruby Rd charcoal twill trousers.  I brought out the black BORN shooties, that lovely turquoise necklace, and some new enamelled earrings (silvertone with aqua & teal enamel).  The black cardi and green purse were present too.  And what's this?  Who is that sneaking into view in the middle pic, in my clothes?!?!?  I'd had enough with the hair, so it went away.....

Thursday we had a holiday + birthday lunch at work, so I brought out something I haven't had on here before: this very light weight cotton blouse from Croft & Barrow, over an ivory cami and the tan stretch Westbound Woman trousers.  I also brought out my nice olive green suede boots!  The big pendant is very faux wood, on green cords; I matched it up with some earrings made from spotted seeds and a bit of braided grass.  Of course the green purse came along too!

And that brings us to today, which is normally jeans day but I AM TRAVELLING this evening so chose something comfier -- White Stag light weight cotton ...well, on someone taller they'd be capris, but since I'm short they are trousers -- in a dark royal blue.  That's paired up with the Reba Woman cowboy shirt, some skimpy blue sandals worn with pedi-socks, the enameled earrings, and the green purse.  I did have on the blue garter stitch sweater off & on too.  And look who showed up this morning -- TomTom kitty had to have attention.  I am the Queen of funny faces.

3/13/16 Time for the update!  Monday's outfit was a blue Stella Luce nylon cami under an Eddie Bauer floral print in blue & taupe, with taupe Ruby Rd trousers.  I wore the Clarks collection flats, a silver headband, the long silver chain with crystal beads, and some DiscoDame Designs crystal earrings.

The 8th I put on a Westbound Woman cotton knit tank under this brilliant rosy orange Investments II collarless blouse, with Ruby Rd charcoal twill trousers.  Got on my black BORN shooties, a long gold chain with a large turquoise pendant, dangling spherical golden earrings, and my black cardigan.  

Wednesday the 9th I went pink(ish): matching mauvey pink Samantha Grey trousers and cardigan, with a white Apt 9 blouse over an ivory cami.  I put on the dark brown suedecloth heels, two silvery chains, and a silver headband.

Thursday I got fancy in a Silkland Woman 100% silk blouse, in a multi colored print. under the black cardigan.  Those are my trusty tan Westbound Woman trousers, the black shooties, and some silver heart dangle earrings.  I got in a hurry and left the house without a headband; had to put in the two-strand twist 'do when I got to the office, but as the photos were taken before I left the house you'll just have to imagine that.

 Friday is kept simple, with a bright blue Michael Kors top over some light denim Lee Riders.  As the top has some bling of its own (zippered chest pockets) I just put on Thursday's earrings and a rhinestone headband.

Sunday, 3/6/16  It's that time again.  I have to confess up front: I failed to photograph Friday's casual outfit of a sage green nylon shell by Notations Woman, under a sheer nylon plaid blouse in green, teal & navy from AVENUE; worn over stretchy black pullon skinny jeans from Faded Glory and accessorized with silvery headband, chain, and bead earrings.
I had on the black BORN shooties, and carried the dark green purse.  Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest!  So let's look at Monday's outfit:
That's a Cathy Woman linen/rayon blouse in what I think of as a creamsicle orange (darn things are hard to find anymore, and they were one of my favorite treats!), worn over a yellow tee shirt the Plaidman found for me, with the words "Women who behave rarely make history" across the chest.  The trousers are Lee Relaxed Fit in brown twill, shoes are the Clarks collection flats.  I have on a necklace of 9 strands of coral and orange-y beads, and some matching coral earrings.  The headband is leather embroidered in bright stripes, I believe it's from Ecuador, and probably came to me from El Mercado in San Antonio.  
Tuesday the 1st I went with a cooler spectrum, still wearing Cathy Woman linen/rayon but in a super apple green blouse, over a blue/green/grey striped tank top.  Trousers are navy East 5th, shoes are navy Bass loafers (2" heel), headband is navy fabric.  I've got dangly silver puffy heart earrings, and an unusual necklace:  it's a 12' strand of silvery crocheted thread, with lots of bright colored beads strung along it.  My mom gave it to me ages ago; I guess she thought (correctly) her little hippie chick would like it.  It's a fun piece.  The headband is silvery, crinkled to look sorta lizard.  
Wednesday's back to warmer tones.  I put on a black Just My Size tee shirt, covered it with a snakeskin print by Jones New York Signature Woman in yellowy tan & brown, over my brown trousers by Investments II.  I wore the black BORN shooties, some lampworked bead earrings in brown & cream, and another hand made necklace.  This is made of glass marbles (x 11) enclosed in a printed fabric tube, separated by large golden pony beads placed outside of the tube.  The tube is closed and ends knotted; it's big enough to go over my head so no untying needed.  
And this brings us to Thursday, the last day I remembered to photograph.  Christina had worn a cat print on Wednesday, and I thought of that as I poked around in the closet.  So I started with the Mossimo Supply Co black racer-back tank top, put this nifty Jaclyn Smith cotton jaguar print blouse over that, and the black ruffle-front cardigan -- and I have to remember how slim I look in this!  Those are my Westbound Woman tan stretch trousers, the Clarks brown flats, golden circles headband, gold loop earrings (Nana's), and the long golden chain with rhinestone stations.  

Sunday 2/28/16 Time for an update:  First the big new -- I carried the same purse all week, but it isn't purple.  It's the other purse gifted to me by my sweet Sis, a dark green "croc" textured shopper bag.  So, that said, I can leave out mention of it in the daily descriptions.
Monday 2/22 I wore the black Investments II cuffed pull on trousers with a black ruffled front Valerie Stevens cardigan.  I found a dark green silky cami (no label) to wear beneath a green and "burn-out" black lace blouse from Charter Club (got a few comments on it -- it's very pretty!).  I finished with a black velvet headband and the black BORN shooties.  And I must have been pretty tired when I wrote down what I was wearing, because there's no mention of any jewelry.  The first pic is before work, but you can see in the after work shot that I'm wearing a pin to close the cardigan.
Pin is handpainted, antique store find
2/23 That's a Dress Barn Woman slinky orange nylon turtleneck shell worn under a Ruby Rd collarless semi-sheer blouse in orange/red/ivory/tan, with the tan stretch Westbound Woman slacks, black shooties again, my Mom's large golden hoop earrings, a golden ribbon-covered headband, and a long golden chain with rhinestone and pearl stations.  

Wednesday I still crave color, so I started with the Just My Size raspberry cami under a Zac and Rachel blouse, tiny medallions of light green & pink on a darker olive green ground.  I wore these over the plum Investments II trousers, with a matching Just My Size ruffle front cardigan.  Finished off with the Clarks collection brown flats, a silvery "croc" texture headband, silver heart dangle earrings, and the silvery multi-chain necklace with rhinestone rondels.
Thursday & Friday I only took one picture each; bite me.  Anyway, Thursday I started with the Ruby Rd taupe trousers, combined with a Just My Size purple tee shirt under a Faded Glory purple plaid shirt, with the Clarks flats, and the same jewelry/headband as on Tuesday.  Friday the 26th was a casual day, the 
jeans came out, specifically Focus Lifestyle's dark denim pull ons.  These went with a Just My Size navy tee shirt under another Zac and Rachel blouse of light blue cotton, with a tucked bib front.  There's a navy fabric headband, and some dangly mosaic earrings that were removed before the picture was taken -- they tend to tangle in my seatbelt.  The Born shooties also appeared.

Sunday 2/21/16 I'm pretty sure there are repeats this week.  
2/15 Monday I put the tan cuffed Westbound Woman stretch trousers together with the embellished "cowboy" shirt from Reba Woman, over the stretchy knit purple cami from Ambiance.  Got on my Clarks's collection flats (note to self: could use these in black & grey & navy), 2 pairs of socks (it's chilly!), a navy fabric headband, and the purple purse which shall henceforth be known as the purple curse.  

I've been looking online for a table to put in the hallway; imagine something with a drawer and a shelf below that....looks a lot better, doesn't it!
2/16 An ancient favorite: the KORET black velvet pullon trousers are matched up with a Faded Glory blue knit tank top, under another "cowboy" style shirt in black, white & light blue plaid flannel from Old Navy.  Slipped into my BORN shooties, some cute snowflake earrings, a black velvet headband and of course the Purple Curse.

Wedsnesday the 17th:  Trousers are new to this blog, just hemmed Tuesday evening!  They are grey herringbone twill Riders by Lee, worn with the Clarks flats, a Just My Size raspberry cami under this Notations Woman pink/black/white striped blouse.  It's still pretty chilly,so I added the Valerie Stevens black ruffled front cardigan.  For bling, I wore some nice sapphire and diamond lever back earrings.  The Curse went along too.  The bookend pics were taken in the a.m., and the one in the middle in the p.m.  I have a problem keeping my eyes up while taking pics; I gotta look at the phone.
Thursday I started with a White Stag navy knit tank top under a Bon Worth sheer printed blouse, purple and green with gold accents on a teal ground.  I love this blouse, and I'm pretty sure I found it at a yard sale.  The trousers are a deep plum, cuffed, from Investments II; the nearly matching purple ruffle front cardi is by Just My Size.  I have on the purple dichroic glass earrings and carried the purple purse (not a curse, since it matched well!).
OOO, what is that pretty in the other picture?  See the main page for info.  
2/19 & Casual Friday!  Allison Daley II dark denim pullon jeans, Just My Size red & white plaid shirt over pale orange knit tank from Westbound Woman; Clarks flats, grey/white/silver thread open front cardigan (new to blog!) from White Stag, silver "croc" headband.  I was playing with the camera, 1st pic has no light on in the hallway but I turned on the flashlight; second pic is lighted and hey! you can see my eyes!

Saturday, Feb 13:  A day early posting the week's Challenge entries!  Monday the 8th I wore East 5th navy trousers, with a navy tank top covered by a white cotton 3/4 sleeve blouse by Grand & Greene, with a navy headband, some cute articulated fish earrings, the long silver chain with various shades of blue crystals, the navy cardigan and navy Bass slip on shoes.  And I'm still carrying the purple purse.

Tuesday sees me in shades of brown: my brown Investments II trousers, with a glittery tee by Kathie Lee Woman of silver & copper on a black ground, worn under a Jones New York Signature Woman lizard-print blouse in tan & brown.  Topped these with a tan suede headband and some small wooden bead dangly earrings; heaven knows what shoes (I didn't write it down!), and the purple purse.  Are we getting tired of the purse yet? 
The 9th gets a little more colorful, starting with a dark purple cami under a teal & purple pullover (Ooo shiny...) by energe XL.  Paired these with the open front purple cardigan by Just My Size, very purple Allison Daley II trousers worn over George brushed footless tights (blue!) and my hand knit socks.  I wore some old black hi-top lace up boots, and the necklace Disco made for my Rowena costume.  And the purple purse fit right in here!
Thursday, and I can smell the weekend...but still dressed for work in an ivory cami under a big-cat print cotton blouse by Jaclyn Smith, worn with the tan Ruby Rd trousers, open front black cardigan, black BORN shooties, black velvet headband, and a short necklace of black & brown wooden beads.
And we come to Friday at last!  Fridays are casual, as in jeans allowed, so I wore the White Stag dark denim skinny jeans, with the black Mossimo Supply racer back tank top under a Faded Glory black & grey striped knit pullover top.  No bling to speak of, just the black velvet headband and my trusty black SAS walkers.
And I got another "gift" from my DH, the Plaidman!  He'd installed the third hand rail for the master bath, which was a blessing.  It really makes it a lot easier for me to get in the tub safely.  Oh, and did you notice that I'm pictured in a full-length mirror?  Another gift from the Plaidman, added to the recently installed extra step off the front porch.  He's really coming through for his old lady!

2/7/16 Are we ready?  On Monday the first, I wore light brown trousers from Ruby Rd with a Notations Woman light green nylon tank top, covered with Intro Casual Elegance's light olive embellished bib pullover top.  I carried the purple purse, slipped into the black BORN shooties, and put on a tan suede headband but no bling.  And I swear I clean that mirror at least 3 times a week!  The weird color on the shirt in the 3rd pic is a phone shadow.  Live and learn, I guess!

Tuesday, starting from the top, a golden ribbon wrapped headband, my mother's large gold loop earrings, a necklace made of marbles (11 of 'em!) encased in a fabric tube and separated by golden pony beads, with a dark purple cami under a greyscale gator print long sleeve blouse from Calvin Klein.  Those are my purple cuffed Investments II trousers, with the Clarks collection flats.  I carried the purple purse, and wore a purple open front cardigan from Just My Size.
Wednesday the 3rd (us coders talked about groundhogs; have you ever seen one try to run?  It looks like a furry pancake...) sees the tan Investments trousers joining up with a Ruby Rd floral knit top -- no need for a necklace, as the top has a beaded neckline!  But I did put on some turquoise earrings.  I added the brown suede headband, black shooties and purple purse.  I wasn't actually looking at the ceiling, just wanted to show off the earrings for my photographer.

Thursday starts with a black racer back tank/cami from Mossimo, under Venezia Jeans Co mini houndstooth check blouse in light blue & black on white ground, with the royal blue trousers from Leslie Faye Haberdashery.  I got out my olive suede boots, and a necklace from DiscoDame Designs; the earrings are also by DiscoDame.  I'm pretty sure I carried the purple purse.  
Friday was the American Heart Association's National Wear Red day, so I went red from top to bottom.  I put on my red capris (or as I like to call them, slacks I don't have to hem!) by Emma James Woman, with a yellow tee shirt covered by an embroidered red linen/rayon Coldwater Creek blouse.  I had a red satin headband, the black shooties, and of course the purple purse.  I think I took these shots at about 10:30 p.m., I look like death warmed over.

Sunday at last, and another short week.  Monday & Tuesday were sick days, so the Outfits begin with Wednesday's (Jan 27) Bobbie Brooks green knit turtleneck beneath a green & teal "lizard" print blouse with pleated bodice from Zac & Rachel.  The trousers are royal blue Leslie Fay Haberdashery, with the black shooties, purple purse, turquoise earrings and silver headband.

Thursday I wore the KORET black velvet slacks, mustard yellow silk blouse (NEW here) by Investments 11, with a black ruffled front cardigan from Valerie Stevens.  I found the pin at a yard sale, the enamel flowers match the blouse!  The malachite nugget earrings are by DiscoDame, and I wore the black shooties and carried the purple purse.  Still feeling pretty rough & moving very slowly, I ran out the door without anything to tame the mane, and no breakfast.

Friday I felt even worse, hadn't slept well for a week, but I got up & out the door regardless, in my Valerie Stevens black shirt over a yellow slogan tee shirt, with brown jeggings from Faded Glory, a brown suede headband, and my black SAS walkers.  

My boss sent me home halfway through the day; the coughing was pretty disruptive.  

It's Sunday again, here's the rundown of what I wore to work the past week.  Right up front, you should know that I did not make it to the office on Friday.  That story is on the main page (or will be soon after I finish here).  Monday was chilly, so I wore a 100% linen Jones New York Sport Woman blouse in a warm orange (I think this is new to the blog!), over the creamsicle color knit tank from Westbound Woman.  Those are my oldie but goodie Investments II brown trousers, the Clark's collection flats, a gold ribbon-covered headband, a brown stone pendant on amber-tone beaded strands, and I carried Jessica's purse.  
Tuesday was even colder, but I was prepared in my pale purple Dress Barn Woman turtleneck, under this "watercolors" plaid cotton pullover blouse from Life Style -- which is making it's first appearance here!  The big pendant is on a hand made wire & agate strand, and has a pseudo-Mayan calendar inscribed on one side, but I like the plain agate better.  My mother picked it up at the Mexican market in San Antonio, thanks Ma!  The trousers are a dark purple color, cuffed, by Investments II, worn over the black BORN shooties; I changed purses!!  I carried the big purple purse my niece picked out for me.  There's a silvery headband, and some grey/purple stone earrings from DiscoDame.

Wednesday was quite cold, I had to have a sweater!  I started with a yellow & white floral print knit tank from White Stag, layered under the black/tan/ecru & silver thread plaid shirt from Company One Woman, then pulled on the grey cable & lace pullover from Old Navy.  You know I love my odd little bits of jewelry:  that pin is handpainted, actually has a safety pin for the closure, and I found it in an "antique" (aka junk) store.  The brown twill work pants are from Lee, worn over brushed (fleecy inside!) footless tights labelled Gold Medal, with trouser socks under the tights and a pair of crew socks over that.  I wore some old high top black boots, thick soled & lace up, that I felt I wouldn't miss if the snow ruined them.  But the snow came much later!  I still had the purple purse, which is probably big enough for two teacup size dogs.

Thursday just wiped me out, I was coming down with something, and it was a long day.  The upshot of that is that Thursday's outfit isn't modeled.  I did take a couple of pics of it laying on the bed after I wrote down what's included.  First off, that grey & black knit long sleeve pullover top from Faded Glory was a tasteful gift from the Plaidman.  Over that I pulled on another Jones New York (Signature Woman) long sleeve blouse in a snazzy red, blue, black & white floral print.  I put on another pair of the fleecy tights (these were by George), with the trouser sock under & crew socks over, then my black Investments II cuffed trousers.  I put on a red satin headband, wore the same high top black boots, and carried the purple purse.  I guess I should change purses again....

As I mentioned, no workday on Friday!  See the main page.

If it's Sunday, it must be time for an update.  And we're off!  Monday the 11th from the floor up: brown suedecloth high heel pumps from Liz & Co, purple cuffed trousers from Investments II, sheer grey long sleeve blouse by Unique Spectrum (NEW here!) over the Ambiance purple cami, worn most of the day with the purple open cardigan from Just My Size.  Accessorized with Jessica's purse, a black velvet headband, the long silver chain from Avon, and fishy earrings (the fishies are lamp work beads!) found at a yard sale in Texas some years ago.

Top down Tuesday:  tan suede headband, wooden bead earrings, 3 necklaces of wooden beads: 2 from my Mom's gift way back when twister beads were so big, and a yard sale find.  Then there's the Essential tee from Just My Size in dark brown, under a big cat print sheer long sleeve blouse from Jaclyn Smith (NEW here!), over tan twill trousers by Investments (also NEW here), with George high heel pumps in black and Jessica's purse.

Wednesday's look starts with a black satin cami from Secret Treasures, under a window pane plaid shirt in black & white (with a narrow blue stripe that barely shows) brushed cotton from Old Navy (NEW here!).  This looks like a cowboy shirt, with the pearlised snaps, but I think cowboys would want actual pockets -- the ones here are decorative only.  These are worn over black velvet elastic waist trousers from Koret (ancient!  the waist is so stretched out I have to pin it in back to get them to stay up!), with the black BORN shooties, Jessica's purse, a black velvet headband, and matching turquoise necklace and earrings.

Thursday I got out the apple green tank from Faded Glory, and covered it with another cowboy style shirt, dip-dyed and embellished with embroidery and rhinestones (!!), from REBA Woman (NEW here!).  Trousers are my old navy East 5th, shoes are the Clark's collection flats, headband is covered in rhinestones (why not?!?), earrings are simple silvery drops, and I carried Jessica's purse. 
And wow, the back is even more blinged than the front.  Cool shirt!
Friday at last!  I had to take my own pics, sorry for how blurry they are.  I have on a Westbound Woman cotton knit tank in a "creamsicle" orange, under this very sheer very pink (!) embroidered pull over top from Krazy Kat (NEW here!).  I like these Lee Riders jeans, they were comfy all day.  Speaking of comfy, I wore my trusty SAS walkers, carried Jessica's purse, had on a dyed cut shell necklace from who knows where, along with more yard sale bling -- those orange & white earrings are mostly crochet, with some shells dangling.


1/10/16 Worked 5 days again this week.  The outfits for the week:  1/4 starts with the Mossimo racer-back black tank, under a Liz Claiborne Woman peasant blouse in black/ecru/brown/tan plaid, with tan trousers from Ruby Rd, the black shooties, Jessica's purse, faux scrimshaw earrings, and the long black multi-strand chain with plastic square beads and faux hematite accents.
 1/5 sees me in a Josephine Chaus sleeveless turtleneck (silk! new to this page) under a sheer blue tucked bodice pull on top from Simply Irresistible (also new here), over royal blue trousers from Leslie Faye Haberdashery.  I put on the navy BASS loafers, Jessica's purse (I think I need an intervention...), and the necklace and earrings I got as Christmas presents.  Disco was pressed into service as my photog, but didn't notice the necklace was facing backwards (3rd pic) so I made another pic myself.

Wednesday I had on a Jones New York striped shirt, under a sweater vest from FRESH, with the Westbound Woman Essentials tan stretch trousers.  I wore my long coral multi-strand necklace doubled, and though I'd had two pair of earrings picked out I didn't actually wear any.  The black BORN shooties and Jessica's purse finished the outfit.
1/7 There's my Faded Glory blue/green/grey striped tank under a Chico's Design (new here!) purple long sleeve shirt, over the black Investments II elastic-waist trousers.  I put on my SAS walkers, carried Jessica's purse, blinged with the Christmas gift necklace and some sapphire and diamond lever back earrings,
I am sorry to say, but no pictures were made of Friday's outfit.  I wore some Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans, with a black nylon Michael Kors top that had zipped chest pockets, and pulled on the grey cable & lace sweater. 

1/3/16 Another "short" week, only 5 working days.  Still wearing jeans all week!  Monday's were by White Stag, with an elastic waist.  I put on the Faded Glory apple green tank top & covered it with a pale blue denim 3/4 sleeve shirt from Sonoma Lifestyles.  Minimal accessories included Jessica's purse, a pale blue skinny headband, and a new pair of earrings that has tiny snowflakes dangling from circles.

Tuesday the 29th starts with the Jordache teal skinny jeans, medium blue Ambiance cami, and a long sleeve sheer white blouse that is making it's first appearance here. Unfortunately I forgot to write down the maker's name and it's buried in the laundry.  I also wore my black SAS walkers, Jessica's purse, brown lamp work bead earrings, and a large brown jasper pendant on multiple beaded strands.  

Wednesday was less dressy, with a company logo long sleeve tee shirt under a ribbed knitted vest with a lot of embroidery.  I had a faux amber necklace in several colors, the SAS walkers & Jessica's purse again.  

New Year's Eve saw me in a purple-red Danskin Now v-neck tee under a Blair floral print on a black ground, over Allison Daley II dark blue denims with an elastic waist.  I wore my BORN shooties, and carried Jessica's purse, but had no other bling.  The photo is sans model, as I forgot to take a pic until late Saturday and just pulled these off the top of the laundry basket.
No work on Friday!  But on Saturday I dressed for work in my tan stretch trousers, a yellow tee shirt, and a grey cables & lace sweater.  I wore my SAS walkers, and again carried Jessica's purse, but no other bling.

12/27/15 This was an even shorter week than the last, as far as outfits.  I did work from home yesterday -- which meant that I wore my pj's & housecoat all day!  Our HR dept gave us this entire week & all next to wear our jeans to work.  Monday's outfit starts with the black racer-back Mossimo tank, under the Fitting Image black & white bamboo print blouse.  I wore black skinny jeans from Faded Glory, some black shoes (I forgot to record the shoes!), a shiny silver "croc" headband, the long silver multi-chain with rhinestone rondels, plus a black chain with a picture jasper & hematite pendant.  Also, some puffy silver heart fishhook earrings, and Jessica's purse.

Tuesday was Team Color day, the coders all wore blue shirts.  I had on a mottled blue print blouse by Xhilaration, over a Faded Glory tank striped in grey/blue/green, with light denim straight leg jeans from Riders by Lee.  I added some fishhook earrings that look like little Christmas tree ornaments, my black SAS walkers, Jessica's purse, and a light blue fabric headband.
Wednesday -- just to be different lets start from the bottom.  The BORN shooties came out of the closet, so did some Focus Lifestyle dark denim elastic waist "jeans", a deep purple cami by Ambiance, as well as a Jennifer & Grace purple cotton blend blouse with French cuffs.  I put on a golden ribbon-wrapped headband, and the long golden chain with rhinestone and pearl stations.  Forgot earrings!
Thursday we got to leave work early, WOOT!!  But I still looked stylish in my Jordan red/orange/tan/brown wavy striped blouse, over a Westbound Woman pale orange tank, with Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans.  I wore my Clarks collection flats, and some jingle bell earrings -- ain't they cute?  And they do jingle.
So that was all the Workday Outfits for the week.  Of course, I wasn't working Friday.  
12/19/15  You'll be thrilled (!!) to know I got some kind of a photo each day this week!  Also, it's a five-day week -- not working today.  AND another treat: I wore "new to the blog" blouses Monday through Thursday.  So let's take a look!
Monday's newbie was this Passport Plus ombre plaid in grey to black and tan to medium brown on a white background, over the purple Ambiance cami and the black cuffed Investments II trousers.  I added the Just My Size purple cardigan, BORN shooties, Jessica Simpson purse, "antiqued" silvertone dangling disc earrings, and a set of twister beads -- not the big set of 12 strands, this is a smaller set of 8 strands.  
Sis likes plaids & paisleys
Tuesday's new blouse is the Faded Glory dark chambray with tuck pleated bodice, worn over a Faded Glory apple green ribbed tank, and brown Lee Relaxed Fit twill trousers.  I had on my Clarks brown flats, turquoise drop earrings, the 12 strand twister beads, and Jessica's purse.
Wednesday I wore a blouse that I hadn't thought I could, this very bright orangey-red sheer pullover by Kenar Woman.  When I took it out of the space bag to iron it, I found much of the back had snags across it.  I spritzed it with a little water, and spread it on the ironing board, and somehow managed to work most of the snags back into place.  Don't know what Sis leaned against but I hope she can steer clear of it!  Under the blouse is an ivory cami, and over it is a New Look forest green embroidered sweater vest.  I wore the tan stretch Westbound Woman trousers, my old Liz & Co suede-cloth brown pumps (so old the sole is starting to peel away at the left toe tip!), a thin red headband, & a set of "antiqued" metal and red rhinestone necklace & earrings.

Thursday I started with the mauve Samantha Grey pull on trousers and matching mauve & silver sweater, with this (new) Westbound Woman black "cow" print on ombre grey & white blouse.  I had on the raspberry Just My Size cami, the Antonio Melani olive suede boots, a black velvet headband, enameled black & shell mosaic earrings (from El Mercado in San Antonio -- don't know when or if I'll ever get back there!), and a very odd necklace of bright pink and chocolate brown baroque beads on a pink cord.
And apparently my phone didn't want to focus on all that mauve....
Friday is casual, so I put on some White Stag dark denim skinny jeans, a grey long-sleeved company logo tee shirt, the forest green vest again, a dark navy headband, and my SAS walkers.  No bling to speak of!  

The next two weeks the powers that be will allow us peons to wear jeans every day.  Fantastic!

12-9-15  I'm going to start on this update, don't know if I'll have time to finish.  ETA Finally,
12/13/15, getting it done!!   And I don't have pictures for every day's outfit.   The last day updated was the day before Thanksgiving.  Let's pick up on the following Monday, Nov. 30, when I dressed in a Company One Woman plaid blouse (tan/ecru/black windowpane), over a Mossimo racer back cami and with Investments II brown pull on trousers.  Accessories were the brown Clark's flats, the Jessica Simpson black & tan purse, black and light tan twister beads, and some large brown beaded trefoil earrings.   As you see, I have my choice of either a blurry selfie or a pic with my eyes closed.  Just the usual....

Tuesday's outfit was an Allison Taylor Woman crinkle cloth short sleeve printed top in teal/green/black/brown, over the royal blue Leslie Fay Haberdashery trousers, with my navy garter-stitch sweater, navy Bass loafers, a vintage green beaded multi-strand necklace, and my blue/green dichroic glass earrings.  I didn't get a picture.  
12/2's  costume started with the Westbound Woman tan stretch trousers.  I often pick out the slacks first, since I've got a blue million tops but only about 18 pairs of slacks.  So on top of the trousers, I wore a red linen/rayon blend blouse from Coldwater Creek, with a raspberry Just My Size cami.  I added the black BORN shooties,  the Jessica Simpson purse, many (I think it's 12!) strands of twister beads with a red cloisonne clasp, some red-brown lamp-work bead earrings, and a tan suede headband.  Unfortunately, there are no pics of this outfit either.  

 Thursday I got out a NEW-to-this-page White Stag blouse in dark royal blue with black floral print, over a pink tee from the 2012 Komen race, black velvet pull-on trousers by KORET, black George pumps ($8 at WalMart!), Jessica's purse again, long golden chain with rhinestone stations, rhinestone & gold-tone dangly earrings, and a golden headband.
This is what happens when you give a phone to a crazy & very tired woman....

Friday saw another NEW top, a Multiples teal/green/ecru paisley sheer blouse over a Mossimo light grey crew neck sweater (jumper, for our friends across the pond).  I had on my Faded Glory teal skinny jeans with the sparkly pockets, and wore the turquoise necklace and earrings.  I added the new suede boots, Jessica's purse, and a sequined aqua headband.  And there's that crazy lady again...

Saturday I went to work - BOOOOOO!  I work a PureEnergy chambray shirt, red Just My Size cami, Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans in a very red maroon, my black SAS walkers, and no bling.  And made no pictures.  

The next workday was this past Monday, the seventh -- did you watch the live broadcast from the Arizona memorial?  I did not.  I was working, in black Investments II cuffed trousers, a light tan long sleeve tee shirt under a sheer ERIN blouse (3/4 sleeve, flocked in shades of blue & tan with black), the black shooties, Jessica's purse, and the brass & faux pearl necklace by DiscoDame.

Tuesday I had on the Westbound Woman tan stretch trousers with a yellow Faded Glory tank top, over which I wore a Style & Co aqua poly blouse.  My feet had been hurting, so I put on the SAS walkers, carried Jessica's purse, the long silver chain with faceted blue bead stations and the blue/green dichroic glass earrings.

Wednesday our corporate side treated all of us to a catered lunch, so I got dressy to show my appreciation.  This is a bright red (top portion lined, "skirt" not) sheer red tunic with a black floral print and it's own sparkly neckline, by Closet Full.  No, I'd never heard of them either, before the first time I wore this top.  You can't see the black Gloria Vanderbilt leggings, but there's my nice black cardigan and some major bling!  Love that pin, wore it the whole day either on the cardi or on the paisley shawl (which was all I'd worn as outerwear, it's been that warm!).  And yes, those earrings are tiny ornaments.  You also can't see the Santa barrette in my braid at the back of my head. 

Thursday I put on the Mossimo black racer back cami, and something new to the Challenge:  this black and white bamboo print blouse from Fitting Image, with the tan cuffed Westbound Woman Essentials trousers.  Accessories included the brown Clarks' flats, the Jessica Simpson purse (I really need to change my purse!), the black multi-strand chain with palest pink(ish) diamond shaped beads, some faux scrimshaw earrings, and a tan suede headband. 
Friday I started with a brown Just My Size tee shirt, added a leopard print sheer tunic from Daniel Rainn, some stretchy brown Faded Glory jeggings, and my black SAS walkers.  Pretties included a slim gold headband, some long goldtone dangly earrings (ancient!), Sis' gifted huge goldtone pendant on multiple beaded strands, and Jessica's purse.

And I did work on Saturday (which is really getting old), but only took one decent picture of my "outfit", which was just one of my Komen Race Survivor tee shirts over some Gloria Vanderbilt dark denim skinny jeans, with my big ol' navy sweater.  
As I said, not much to see here!

11/26/15  My my, almost 2 weeks since the last update!  Happy Thanksgiving!  I'll begin with Monday the 16th:  A deep aqua blouse by Cathy Woman (Cathy Daniels Co) over a light blue tank top from Just My Size, worn with my Investments II elastic waist trousers -- and what is the difference between trousers and pants?  Anyone? -- with my still new-looking Clarks Collection brown flats.  I added a two strand necklace of big turquoise & gold-tone beads, some large aqua hoop earrings, and a fabulous old scarf big enough to be worn as a shawl.  But I had to be my own photographer again; oh well.

 Tuesday I got both a photographer and a new photo locale.  I have on a navy ribbed dickey under a white cotton smocked-bib shirt from Lemon Grass Woman, which I believe is making its first appearance here.  Also shown are my big navy cardigan and the bling made for me by DiscoDame; not so visible are the navy purse and navy Bass slip on shoes.
Wednesday was a vacation day, so of course I had scheduled a medical appointment too.  Thursday I put on the nice pink cotton shirt from Riders by Lee, over an apple green ribbed tank from Faded Glory.  Trousers were the Westbound Woman tan stretch cuffed, over the BORN shooties.  I added the Samantha Grey pink/silver sweater, which went on & came off as needed at my overly cool workstation.  Oh, and I could not resist putting that scarf over all!  The necklace is very long but looks well doubled.  There are some silvery pendant earrings in there somewhere, too -- or I may have taken them off before driving home, as they tend to get caught in the seat belt.

Friday I wore another new top, black rayon with embellished pockets by Joseph A over a raspberry cami (maybe you can see a bit peeking out at the neckline), some Mossimo dark tan jeggings, and another new item: That's a Jessica Simpson purse from TJ Maxx.  I so needed another black purse.  I wore the multi-stranded silver tone & rhinestone necklace doubled, and a silvery headband.  Earrings are CZ studs which are pretty much invisible under that hair.  I worked Saturday too, but did model my outfit.  Here is a pic of the top, another firsty, a bright red zip front shirt in shiny rayon, from Michael (Michael Kors).  This went over some medium denim Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans, and a dark blue tank top.  No bling!
 Now we're into this week, which is a short one as the office is closed both Thursday (today) and Friday.  AND since it is a holiday week, we're all allowed to wear jeans!  Monday I put on one of my favorite tee shirts, then a cozy Croft & Barrow navy pullover, over these Briggs New York black denim elastic waist jeans.  You can just see the black BORN shooties in the first pic, and hows about those twister beads folks!  I get so many comments on them; if you have any left do wear them (or send them to me; I'll wear them!).  Disco took the first & third pics, and says I have my eyes closed in the third one -- I beg to differ!  But look, there's my mosaic earrings in the 3rd pic.

 Tuesday has another first-time blouse, this red(ish) & white &gold striped number from Jones New York Signature Woman, over my company (Box O'Docs) logo tee shirt (light grey) and Charter Club Jeans Shop jeans.  The only bling is the red satin headband.   Wednesday I wore a Box O'Docs logo chambray shirt over a navy tank top, and dark denim jeggings by Simply Vera/Vera Wang.  No pics, not even of the shirt.  To make up for that, here's the late Hinky-Boo trying on one of the pink ribbon hats I've knitted.

Sunday 11/15/15 This was a six-day work week, so let's get right to the pictures.  Which won't be pretty; The Plaidman was my photographer for most of them.  Monday the 9th I wore a cornflower blue linen shirt from Lauren/ Ralph Lauren, over a light green Verve knit rayon tee.  I had on the Larry Levine medium grey tab waist trousers, black BORN shooties, a multicolor bead & brass necklace, and carried the navy purse.  And I'm blurry.  But hey, I've got my eyes open!
Tuesday I pulled out this Daniel Rainn striped poly blouse, over a medium blue tank top from Faded Glory; with something new to the Challenge: my St John's Bay navy corduroy trousers.  I added the navy Bass slip-ons with the navy purse, and a big piece of bling -- that turquoise pendant!  The hoop earrings are from WalMart, 3 pairs on a card, this pair being aqua.  Plaidman caught me with my eyes closed.

I only have one picture of Wednesday's outfit.  I do have my eyes open, Wooot!  Over my grey East 5TH trousers I'm wearing a sequin embellished cotton shell by Style & Co in green, teal, and grey print.  Over that is a Coldwater Creek jacquard knit jacket in a light olive green.  I put on my new Antonio Melani olive drab boots for the first time, and added the turquoise & silver set of necklace & earring.  And I changed purses!  That's a birthday present purse, dark green croc-embossed & a bit heavy -- but I love it.
Thursday I kept the green purse.   Here's another first timer for the Challenge: an Old Navy cotton/rayon print blouse of big pink flowers with grey leaves on an ecru ground, over an olive cami, with my lacy dark olive cardigan, over Westboud Petites black stretch trousers.  Bling is the long multi-strand coral & rosy color bead necklace, doubled; I wore earrings to match but had taken them off 'coz they catch in the seatbelt while I'm driving.  That's an ecru and olive striped scarf in my hair, and the black George pumps on mah feets.  Notice that the 3rd pic is in focus; DiscoDame took that one.  

 Friday casual dress started with skinny Denizen by Levi jeans in dark denim, worn over the BORN shooties.  I had on a teal turtleneck by Bobbie Brooks, with a live and let live peasant blouse over that, in a maroon/blue/green print embellished at the neckline with red cording and sequins (new to the Challenge!) .  Still carrying the green purse; added my green/blue dichroic glass earrings.
Saturday saw another new item, this Cocomo Woman ombre white/aqua/royal blue blouse with pleated front, over a teal Bentley Woman nylon shell.  Those are Faded Glory skinny jeans in light teal, with embroidered back pockets.  Changed the shoes to the SAS walkers, kept the dichroic earrings and green purse, and added the navy sweater for most of the day -- but it didn't make it to the photo shoot.

Sunday, 11/8/15   Well, it's not quite noon and I've managed to get the Plaidman off the computer!  So it must be time for the weekly wardrobe update-- I started the week wearing some light brown trousers from Ruby Rd, with a Charter Club Woman embroidered peasant blouse in light aqua over a darker aqua tank top from Just My Size.  Accessories were the long multi-strand coral bead necklace with the "bronze" and faux pearl necklace by DiscoDame, some crocheted & macramed earrings found at a yard sale in TEXAS, the dark brown suedecloth pumps by Liz & Co, and the aqua croc-embossed purse.  I'm trying to type one-handed; TomTom isin my lap doing his "buzzy" purr so I have to keep one hand on him .. and he's drooling...ewww

As you can see, no selfie-stick was used.  I'll figure it out eventually.  Tuesday was Day 1 of a 3-day "purple phase", which was not planned.  I changed to the  purple purse to coordinate with the TRUTH plaid cotton shirt's green & mauvey pink, over the black racer back cami, plum Investments II cuffed trousers, with the purple Just My Size cardigan.  That light blue object hanging out of the front pocket is my pedometer, which I wear mostly to remind me to get up & move around a bit.  I put on the BORN shooties, the 3 color metal multi-strand necklace, and my nice onyx/quartz/gold earrings.

 Wednesday the 4th was closing the month at work, and I worked very late; came home just wiped out and threw off the clothes before remembering I needed pictures.  Not to fear, I found a light colored cloth to lay on the bedspread and took pics of the main pieces.  The trousers are actually more royal than navy blue, light weight woven cotton by White Stag.  The top by Energe World Wear is a very shiny, slinky nylon in various shades of blue/teal/green/purple, with a purple lace trim at the neck & bodice.  There's a thin purple cami in the neck in the pic below.  Of course I kept the purple purse, added the Clarks collection flats, and jewelry by DiscoDame Designs in royal blue & teal & silver.   Can you see what's stamped on the heart charm?

Thursday's forecast: More purple!  This is a light weight flannel plaid in purple/pink/grey by Faded Glory, over a Jaclyn Smith pink tee, the brown Investments II pull on trousers, patent brown croc-embossed flats with brass trim by Life Stride, brown & ivory lampwork bead earrings, and a three strand necklace of black chain and faux ivory beads.  Oh, and the purple purse.

Friday called for something not yet seen on the Challenge, so I pulled out this pink/white/black striped blouse from Notations Woman.  Those are the Lee Rider jeans, some CZ stud earrings, the bronze/pearl necklace by Disco, and a multi-strand black chain with odd pink beads, over my trusty SAS walkers.  Plaidman took these; I had him take several in hope of getting at least two that have my eyes open and that seems to have worked (I deleted two!).

I worked Saturday, bummer!  But hey, here's another new-to-the-Challenge top:  Sis is very fond of snake print tops, this one's by Jones New York Signature Woman in several shades of brown with a spot of yellow & ivory.  Worn over a cute tee the Plaidman got for me, with a saying,"Women who behave rarely make history".  Love it that he thinks that's mine.  I also wore brown Faded Glory jeggings, the Clarks flats, a tan suede headband, and some earrings made of braided brown grass & some kind of seed.  TomTom actually looked at the camera, what a cooperative little guy. 

11/1/15  Ah, another Sunday.  I tried to inject a little fun into the wardrobe this week, starting with a first-time appearance by this Notations Woman blouse, in a black line print on white -- makes me think of all those mandala coloring books that are so popular now.  I had on the navy tank by White Stag, navy East 5TH trousers, navy BASS slip-ons with 2.5" heels, and two long silvery necklaces, plus some dangling articulated skeleton earrings.
Tuesday I started out in a Jaclyn Smith Sport pink tee, a 212 Collection cotton paisley shirt in mauve/olive/cream/black; a pink. mauve & silvery thread sweater from Samantha Grey, with the matching mauve pull-on trousers; but first I took the sweater off, then got too cool but decided 3 layers was 1 too many so I ducked into the loo to pull off the tee.  I took 2 long strands of "pearls" and looped then twisted them slightly, and closed that with a cloisonne clasp.  The black purse and BORN shooties (so comfy!) went along too.
I had a really hard time with the color in these pics!  It was already getting dark, and the deck light is very yellow -- yuck!
Wednesday I had a little more of the Halloween spirit.  I wore a Spense Woman top with a pleated front yoke, in black/grey/ivory; with an ivory cami, over my Ruby RD tan brushed twill trousers & the Clarks collection flats.  Bling was in the spirit: some dangling spider earrings, and my Christian Dior Poison bottle on its black & gold cord.
You'll have to click on the pic & enlarge it to read the bottle.  I have a small collection of holiday-themed earrings; the spiders are actually chimes, with a tiny bearing inside each!
Thursday I got all dark & "dangerous" in the black shooties & purse, black racer back cami, black Investments II cuffed pull-ons (which needed waist-band repair today before going into the wash), a Faded Glory long sleeve black & grey knit top, and my two long silvery necklaces.  I paired these with the skeleton earrings again -- hope you can make out the one below.
If not, well I think I'll put a bigger picture on the main page.  We got the word that costumes were ok for Friday, so no jeans this week!  Instead, I got kitted out as a version of Rowena Ravenclaw, google her if you need to.
The gown is from Performance Studios; what a fun place!  That's my own silken blouse, and the necklaces are both by DiscoDame Designs.  I'm wearing my own small tiara, my sapphire and pearl earrings.  I had gotten another tiara from Performance, but decided it was too heavy for all-day wear.  And yes, I did wear this the entire day!  And I wish I could wear it everyday, it was warm and mostly comfy--with the exception of the tremendously pendant sleeves, which had to be wrapped around my arms and tucked in, for dining or for visiting the bathroom!  There's a crinoline under the dress, to raise it off the floor so I wouldn't trip on it -- can't be falling!
I did not work Saturday, did not even get dressed until just before dinner time!
10/24 I'ts been another 6-day week for me, but with a twist:  I worked from home today, so did not bother dressing.  In fact, it's almost 4:30 p.m. and I'm still in the housecoat & slippers.  Obviously, no pictures of that!  As this was the week leading up to the Komen Race for the Cure, those of us who made donations to our team got to wear jeans all week.  During the week I introduced four new blouses to the rotation -- I'll let you know which.
Monday starts with me in a new Daniel Rainn striped poly in shades of blue & grey, over a Faded Glory light blue knit tank top and some Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans, worn with the black BORN shooties & the black purse of many pockets.  I put on a suite of sapphire jewelry: ring that was a birthday present, necklace from another birthday, and some earrings that were either from a birthday or anniversary.  It's my birthstone, natch.

Unfortunately my photographer did not notice that my eyes were closed...
Tuesday's outfit is of parts seen here before.  There's that nice Croft & Barrow paisley blouse in coral, salmon & turquoise, over a coral knit Westbound Woman tank.  I paired these with the Charter Club Jeans Shop Woman red jeans, a long multi-strand necklace of coral and salmon beads, matching earrings, and the black SAS walkers & black purse.
Pics are all mirror-selfies, as my photographer was AWOL.

Wednesday sees another new top, a Jordan poly in a red/orange/gold/taupe wave stripe, with the raspberry cami by Just My Size; over dark brown jeggings by Faded Glory.  Bling is two long bead strands, one red & one orange, and CZ studs.  I had on the Clarks' collection flats, a black cardigan and the black purse.  And I found a nifty new way to wear my (way-too) long hair:
That thing looks a bit like a big spider stuck to the back of my head...but it held my hair up all day.  
Thursday I put on an Xhilaration (new) blouse in what I can only describe as mottled blues, over a grey/green/blue striped Faded Glory tank.  My medium dark denim jeans are from Lee Riders, there's the black purse and black BORN shooties again; I dug out some Twister beads (2 groups of 6 strands looped together, then fastened with a cloisonne clasp) -- a blast from the past, but I three coworkers admired them-- and a pair of Jack O'Lantern earrings for fun.  Again, the regular photog was AWOL.  And I tried to get a shot of my big braid, can you see it in the mirror?

Now, I've not been able to decide just whom I was channeling on Friday, but it could be either The Joker or Maleficent.  My Autograph 100% linen blouse is a lovely light grassy green, over a White Stag gold & white floral knit tank.  I pulled on the purple Amanda jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt, my purple Just My Size sweater, the big green gator-embossed purse, SAS walkers and some purple/mauve dichroic glass earrings.  
And no, TomTom isn't expressing his opinion about my outfit, or doing anything you or I wouldn't do in public --- he's an inside kitteh, and doesn't know what dirt is for.

10/18  Another six-day workweek...which is getting pretty old, I can tell you.
Monday the 12th I put on a purple Ambiance cami, and this "purplish" cotton shirt from Company by Ellen Tracy, over the navy East 5TH trousers and the Clarks collection brown flats. I love this golden ribbon wrapped headband, wear it all the time.  The earrings are malachite nuggets with goldtone nugget-style beads, by DiscoDame Designs.  You can see Disco there on the right in the middle picture; we're both "stylin'" the pink ribbon hats I knitted for the Komen Race for the Cure a couple of years ago.  In the far right shot, you'll see a vintage necklace of dark green wooden cylindrical beads, five strands fastened with two large beads and a huge hook & eye closure.  I think I got this at a yard sale,probably 15 years ago.
Tuesday I was pretty well put together, with a light aqua Just My Size tank under the Cathy Woman by Cathy Daniels deep aqua shirt, over the black stretch trousers and my wonderful black George high-heeled pumps.  Probably the best $8 I've spent, found at the WalMart ages ago.  I added a black suede headband, the black purse of many pockets, and the multi-stranded silver chain with rhinestone rondels.  The center shot is of two pairs of earrings by Disco.  
Wednesday the 14th I had to scramble to get dressed: I'd picked out a blouse that went well with the trousers (Samantha Grey pull-ons in mauve), but when I put it over a cami (sheer ivory nylon, spaghetti straps) it was so tight that the shoulders rode up into points -- not a good look.  So I had to swap that out for the Ruby Rd coral & brown semi-sheer blouse, and I still wore the Samantha Grey cardigan in mauve/pink and silver lurex.  I added some Nine West tan pointy toe pumps, CZ studs, and a 9-strand coral & gold bead necklace.  Once the sun came up & could see these colors together, I decided this outfit was a bust.  To make up for the dreadful, look at this cute orange tabby, our little TomTom...ain't he precious?
On Thursday, my supervisor complimented my sweater.  It's dark olive green with lace borders, by United States Sweater, over an olive and pink plaid shirt by TRUTH and a light olive green tank by Notations.  The trousers are my tan cuffed Westbound Woman stretchies, matched up with the black BORN shooties and black purse.  Bling isn't sparkly, just a large carved wooden pendant on olive & tan choker length cord, and some taupe & burgundy wooden bead strands.  The third picture is of my darling brother, who just turned 60, and Sparky dog having a moment together.  I love the shades....

So, now for Friday!  It's always casual day.  I started with Allison Daley dark denim jeans, making their first appearance here.  I put on a Just My Size raspberry cami, and a Zac & Rachel red cotton shirt with tiny silver buttons (another first timer!).  Most of the day I wore the shirt buttoned up; it's chilly at my desk.  I had on my SAS walkers, the black purse (maybe I need to get another one?), some silvery chains and a pair of silver heart dangly earrings.  That fine fellow is the Plaidman, clean shaven -- so this pics a few weeks old.  He's started on his beard, which keeps his neck & face warm all winter, and just as a bonus--it makes him look like Santa Claus!
And yes, I did work on Saturday.  However, we had so many other things to do that I never got a picture made.  I will say that everything was blue:  I wore a dark navy tank under a chambray Sonoma LifeStyle shirt (which has the niftiest little enameled metal buttons), some dark denim Levi Denizen skinny jeans, the BORN shooties & black purse.  No bling at all.  

10/10:  Our team at Box O'Docs is participating in both the Light The Night Walk (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and the Race for the Cure (Susan G. Komen Foundation).  As a fundraiser, they let employees "buy" a week of casual wear for a $10 donation, for both weeks of team activity.  Sis had blessed me with a barrel full of jeans, so I jumped at the chance to wear them to work this past week.  Sis is very fond of Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans; I wore the plum pair on Monday, with my Lauren/Ralph Lauren brown snakeskin print blouse over an orange & white tank top.  Put on the Clarks Collection flats, turquoise earrings with a turquoise color bead necklace (pulled from the WayBack machine, a gift from the Plaidman ages ago that I think I've only worn twice), and the brown Coach bag (an early birthday presie, thanks Sis!)
Tuesday the 6th I wore a blouse bright enough to wake up everyone around me, which I hadn't worn before -- it's Cathy Woman by Cathy Daniels linen/rayon in apple green.  Serendipitously, I had a Faded Glory rib knit tank in the exact same shade!  Those are Lee Denizen Modern Skinny jeans, not the first appearance here but a different outfit.  My feets are comfy in the BORN shooties; I'm toting the navy purse (which could really use some outside pockets).  For bling, I have on the Avon silvery chain, the fine silvery chain with blue beads & small rhinestones, and some DiscoDame Designs earrings in pale aqua.
Wednesday I pulled out a 212 Collection shirt in an olive/fuchsia/cream paisley, worn over a yellow rib knit tank. I covered up with the lacy olive sweater for much of the day; it's cold at my desk!  The jeans are making their debut appearance here; they're Briggs New York black denim.  I slipped on a pair of Life Stride Embers brown patent croc embossed flats, Nana's big gold hoop earrings, an antique beaded choker (more on the main page about this), and carried the purple purse.
Thursday I wowed Christina in my bright red Charter Club Jean Shop jeans, which are also making their first appearance here.  That Jones New York top has been here before, but not with jeans.  There's a White Stag navy tank under it; I remembered to change purses again so I have the navy one -- looks like I'm talking to my twin in these pictures, how fun -- and I wore the black BORN shooties again.  Bling consists of the multi-strand silvery chain with rhinestone rondels, and a very old strand of bright red beads, along with large red & white disk earrings.
I just could not get a good pic of Friday's top, a shiny black Michael Kors with zipped chest pockets (WHY!?!), worn over an aqua tank top.  The jeans are Lee Riders, shoes are my trusty SAS walkers, the black purse (lots of pockets!) went to work.  For gorgeous bling I put on the silver & turquoise necklace & matching earrings. I think that's a black suede headband.

And yes, I did work Saturday!  and the pics are selfies.  That's a fine gauge purple sweater from Just My Size, held closed with Saturdays's only bit of bling -- an old sweater chain!  The tucked neckline PINK tee is by Marissa Christina Woman, and I pulled on the Simply Vera jeggings & Born shooties once again.  

10/2: Monday's blouse was a Spense Woman taupe print, gathered "bib" front with a string tie, worn over a black knit racer back tank.  I covered these with a short-sleeved sweater labelled FRESH.  I had on my tan Westbound Woman trousers, my lovely taupe suede & black patent Connie peep-toe high heels, the Modern Metals tri-color chains, and carried the black purse.  Disco took the pics just inside the front door, since it was chilly & raining.  And I later got one of her, leaning on my shoulder to stick her tongue out at me...we are so mature.

Tuesday I pulled out a top I hadn't worn yet: Ruby Rd sheer nylon net with flocked coral, tan and taupe print!  Fancy.  I matched it with Ruby Rd taupe trousers, and a bright coral nylon knit sleeveless turtleneck (slinky!) by Dress Barn; added some tan Nine West mid-heel pumps, the long golden chain with the rhinestones & pearls (found a tiny charm at the clasp that says "bella"), a cotton sweater that was a Mother's Day present -- it says "Mom" right on the front-- and the purple purse.
Wednesday's outfit starts with another first-timer in the rotation: This Grand & Green pullover top of denim blue and white, over a blue ribbed knit tank from Faded Glory.  The slacks are royal blue cotton (light weight, rather like sheeting) from White Stag.  They're a little bit big on me, and have no belt loops!  I guess I could add some, probably knit them in dark blue I-cord...I wore the navy Bass mid-heels, and added the silver chain I just bought from AVON plus a matching set of deep blue & silver beaded necklace and earring from DiscoDame Designs.   I also put on my dark blue sweater; it was another chilly day.  And hey! I remembered to change purses, that's the navy purse.

Thursday was ICD-10 Launch Day.  The Box o'Docs let us all wear jeans that day, to relieve some of the stress of the launch.  I had on Simply Vera/Vera Wang denim knit jeggings, with a Willi Smith scoop-neck knit tee with 3/4 sleeves.  The MOM sweater went over that.  To dress it up, I put on the very long golden chain with the large "turquoise" pendant, and some aqua color bead earrings from DiscoDame Designs.  Got out my trusty SAS walkers, for a good (& comfy) foundation.  But let's look at Wednesday's bling again; aren't these just super?

And at last we get to Friday, our official casual day.  These jeans are making their first appearance in the Challenge; they're faded black skinny jeans from Southpole Jeans Co.  Put on a black knit Cherokee turtleneck, with a Daniel Rainn sheer leopard print floaty thing over that (another one Christine dubbed "fierce"; WTH does that mean?).  Jumped into my black BORN booties, added an agate pendant on a chain of wire & agate chunks -- a gift from my mom picked up on one of her trips to Mexico.  I added some dark greenish "agate"(plastic? resin?) dangles by Disco.

That's one of the four pictures I took at the Crafts Fair last weekend. That's the only one showing some blue sky.  
Monday 9/28/15 
Ok!  Because I'm working a six-day week now, I'll be advancing through the Challenge a little faster.
Last week started with the TESS blouse, a kinda wild print in aqua/bronzey brown/purple & cream.  I wore an aqua knit tank under that, over brown twill Lee Relaxed Fit trousers.  The purple purse came out of the closet, as well as the brown Clarks flats.  I pulled a "trade bead" necklace (mostly plastic, who cares?) and a couple strands of wooden beads off the art installation.

As you see, Tuesday was almost as colorful.  That's a sheer green APT 9 blouse with its own cami, the navy East 5TH slacks and navy purse, navy Bass slip ons, I had a navy sweater too but took it off.  That's a Modern Metals multichain (black, gold & silver) with an ancient "artifact": the black & gold cord has a chunky golden bottle pendant that says "Poison" on it -- this was a perfume!  Long time ago I won a bottle of the perfume and this bizarre little necklace from (snif) Cain-Sloan.  Which is long gone, just a Nashville memory now.
Wednesday I went dark, as in a black Lee Riders Easy Care cotton shirt worn over a sleeveless nylon knit turtleneck in burgundy, my favorite Investments II plum trousers, my Dana Buchman houndstooth fabric & black patent high heels (don't look at me; I can so wear heels and use a cane too!), the purple purse again, and a multiple strand necklace of coral & gold beads with matching earrings.  

And that cat is too damn cute, so he gets away with turning our box of beach towels into a bed.
Thursday was my birthday, so I didn't get completely "kitted out" until I got to work.  But I did put on my old brown pull-ons, the sailor themed cotton top over a blue grey cami (snug!), the navy Bass shoes & navy purse, and some deep blue earrings by Disco.  Once I got to work, I got like 8 strands of  Mardi Gras beads and a cardboard tiara which I wore ALL DAY!!  Yess, I did!
Friday was our usual casual day. I wore a black Valerie Stevens cardigan, a black knit Kathie Lee tee withe multicolor sparkles knit in, dark denim Levi Denizen Modern Skinny jeans, a crocheted strand with multicolor beads worked in, the navy purse, and my black SAS walkers.  I think my photographer was drunk, as the only picture is totally blurry.

Whew! Here's Saturday's outfit:  Faded Glory skinnies, Jaclyn Smith camo print shirt worn over an olive green tank top,the brown Clarks flats, a large "wooden" pendant and carnelian earrings.  I tried to get some selfies before leaving the house.

Just look at those jowls.....I have got to lose some weight.  
Sept 18, 2015
Time for the weekly Challenge update.  
Monday I had on the Westbound Woman tan stretch trousers, with the Alfani Woman "animal"(if animals can be pink & black striped) print top that shall be known henceforth as the fierce top.  I had my black Born shooties and the black purse; my bling was the black multi-chain with large pink beads & some enamel & shell earrings (black background) that I got at El Mercado in San Antonio.  The nurses at the doctor's office got to see this outfit. Tuesday I wore white after Labor Day (gasp!) in the form of my Investments white poly-rayon pull ons, with a Valerie Stevens sheer bell-sleeved blouse (green, black & white) and a black cardigan with a ruffled placket.  I didn't wear a necklace, because the blouse has shiny stuff at the neckline.  I wore a slim rhinestone headband and some silvery drop earrings.  

Wednesday (day 62) I put on my grey poly East 5TH trousers, a red linen/rayon blend top by Coldwater Creek (embroidered on placket & cuffs), the Clarks collection flats, the black purse, and bling consisting of the goldtone Avon chain plus the finer golden chain with a large turquoise pendant, golden ball drop earrings.
Thursday I kinda fudged with the company dress code and wore Faded Glory brown stretch jeggings, with the sheer Daniel Rainn blouse (coral, black, tan & blue) and an olive green tank, my getting-to-be-a-favorite turquoise & silver set (statement necklace with earrings to match), my FRESH brand sweater vest (looks better open, no?), an ancient pair of Liz & Co brown suedecloth pumps, and the getting-to-be-a-rut black purse.

Friday is casual day, but I will still wear some jewelry!  I had the Gloria Vanderbilt Signature jeans, paired with a Sonoma Life + Style Woman dark navy (nearly black!) lightweight cotton camp shirt, a striped knit tank, my trusty black SAS Walkers, the black purse, my new silvertone Avon chain with the finer (& very long!) silvery chain that has bead stations in shades of blue with rhinestones, and my cute little Jolly Roger earrings.  
Oh, and that's Miss Hinky Boo, wearing the pink ribbon knit hat to remind everyone to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure.  What a sweetheart she is!
Sept 11.   This past workweek was a short one, only four days after the holiday.  The powers that be let us all dress casually for the week, so I wore jeans every day.  Tuesday I had on Lee Riders light blue denim, with an Allison Taylor ruffled blouse in green, black & ivory crinkled poly, a Valerie Bertinelli black short sleeve knit empire waist top under as a cami, my black BORN shooties and some gold ball dangly earrings.  The weather was dreadful, so the pic is me just inside the front door.  Wednesday I got out some white denim, U 51 brand, with a Lauren Michelle appliqued knit top, worn with a racer back black cami, my Clarks brown flats, and some fun bead earrings in shades of brown.   Had a little fun with this top, as the neckline is elasticized.

Thursday was Election Day (again!  Mayoral run off).  I put on some Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in a deep rosy color, a Club Z Collection ivory shirt with brown embroidery, a raspberry cami, a stone linked pendant (just rediscovered in cleaning up the craft room!), my old black boots and the black purse.  I had to hold up my cane to show off both of the "I Voted" stickers.  
Then Friday at last!  More Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, in the Signature line.  A very light weight plaid shirt in gray, green and pink from TRUTH; and a large wooden disk pendant on cords worn with some "earthy" seed and braided grass earrings.

Week 11 on deck:
Day 51 I got "fancy" in a sheer red printed & lined tunic with a sequined neckline, by Closet Full.  It's a tiny bit big on me.  I had on my black cuffed Investments II poly-rayon slacks, the black BORN shooties and carried the black purse, and put on a slim rhinestone headband.  
Day 52: I went with light grey & blue: the Larry Levine grey viscose & poly tab waist trousers, another sheer blouse in light blue with a tucked bib front by Simply Irresistible (worn with a cotton tank top under), the fabulous London Fog grey bag, light taupe suede & black patent peep-toe heels by Connie (another picture follows, these are so lovely!), and some really nice bling.  I had the silvery multi-chain with rhinestone rondels, and added a large Labradorite & silver pendant -- which also gets its own pic later.
And there's only one lonely picture for Wednesday, Day 53; me in the Samantha Grey mauve pullon trousers, a Faded Glory purple plaid flannel shirt with a yellow tank under, the silvery multi-chain doubled around my neck, some CZ studs. and some ancient plummy brown suede-cloth pumps.  Oh and my lovely purple purse.

Day 54 I went back to grey trousers, this time the East 5TH ones; with a teal poly blouse by Style & Co, the purple purse again,some Clarks flats, and golden rings in all my bling: a tri-color necklace, Nana's loop earrings, and a headband of rings covered in golden ribbon. 

And here's last Friday, the 55th day:  Faded Glory skinny jeans, Pure Energy chambray shirt with a braided suede belt & pale apple green tank under, my trusty SAS Walkers, the purple purse (?why?), and my handsome turquoise & silver set.

Wow, another week's worth of outfits takes us to the 20% mark for the 250 Workday Outfits Challenge!  WooooT!  Diving in, I tried something different Monday morning: a selfie in the mirror.  I so wish I had someone else to take these pics in the morning, before I get all beat down by a long day at work.  Anyway, I'm wearing my Just My Size olive green capris, a 212 Collection pink and olive paisley woven top, a purple Just My Size cardigan, the multicolor bead necklace (I put a 6" extender on it, to get a better length), and what you don't see are my old SAS sandals and a medium brown shoulder bag.
Tuesday (day 47!) I put on tan stretch trousers by Westbound Woman, a Company Ellen Tracy woven blouse in a gorgeous purplish cotton, a light green shell by Notations, the silver chain with blue stations & small rhinestones, the Trendsetters studded sandals, and my black purse.
Wednesday 8/26 I grabbed the East 5TH grey trousers, an APT 9 sheer green blouse with sequined collar & cuffs, some black George penny loafer style pumps, some small "antiqued" metal earrings, and the black purse.
Thursday I went with more black: Westbound Petites black stretch trousers, St John's Bay super pink cotton top, the turquoise & silver set of necklace & earrings, my black SAS walkers, and the black purse....In my defense, the purses are all in the front room closet, and I'm usually in a hurry to get dressed & out the door; if I don't change purses at night when I'm laying out the next outfit, it doesn't get done!
And today, Day 50, I'm wearing my Jordache teal skinny jeans with a Croft & Barrow knit paisley top in purple & teal, and for most of the day I had on the purple cardigan too.  I put on the Clarks brown flats, a brown belt, took the extender off the multicolor bead necklace, and added some dangling carnelian disk earrings, along with the black purse.  Ahem.
Ok, only 200 more outfits to go!!

Day 31: Monday the 3rd I went for pretty, in light brown trousers from Ruby Rd, a Calvin Klein sheer ivory blouse with crocheted lace, the new brown Coach purse, Trendsetter sandals, and a long loop of heavy goldtone chain with rhinestones & "pearls" plus a long loop of "pearls.
Day 32: Tuesday I wore my White Stag navy capris (aka slacks I don't have to hem), with a Notations Woman "animal" print done in pastels.  Christina told it looked "feisty", whatever that means.  I carried a navy satchel, worn my blue Alfani sandals, and a necklace of silvery and shell medallions, with shell earrings by DiscoDame Designs.
Days 31 & 32
For Wednesday, Day 33, think "blue" with East 5TH Navy cuffed trousers, an ERIN blouse with a Stella Luce blue cami, the navy purse again, navy Bass slip on shoes (a rare yard sale find in my size!), and bling by DiscoDame:  The necklace has a large feather (metal) and two charms, one is a tiny "potion" bottle; the earrings are dark royal blue drops.
Thursday Day 34 sees me in Westbound Woman Essentials tan stretch trousers, an Intro Casual Elegance top of light olive green with a studded bib, the big green "alligator" bag, Style & Co thong style wedge sandals, and more DiscoDame bling:  a necklace of dark royal and silvery beads on an illusion setting.
Days 33 & 34
And here's the end of Week 7 of the Challenge!  Friday Day 35 I got casual, in Westbound Woman jeans (sz 14!), a slinky Alfani Woman pink & black "tiger" print, black Alfani sandals, and a long black chain necklace with pink plastic beads.  Ta-Da!
Christina didn't have anything to say about this blouse.

I'm on a roll here, so we'll continue with the next week's glory.
Day 36:  Westbound Woman tan stretch (no cuffs) trousers, Ruby Rd aqua & tan printed knit top with a beaded neckline, dark green alligator purse, Trendsetters studded wedge sandals, and DiscoDame earrings & necklace in aqua.
Day 37:  Ruby Rd light brown (could be taupe?) trousers,  Allison Daley II windowpane plaid in tan/cream/brown, flats by Clark's, Rosetti caramel color leather purse, turquoise & silver necklace with matching earrings.

Day 38:  Samantha Grey elastic waist trousers in mauve, 212 Collection Woman stretch pink & olive paisley blouse, black shooties, the Rosetti bag (I kinda got stuck on it), caramel color stone pendant + beads, with DiscoDame dark stone earrings.
Day 39:  East 5TH grey trousers, dark blue Valerie Bertinelli cotton blouse with braid trim (& blue cami), my cute articulated fish earrings, the navy Bass shoes, Rosetti bag (again...sigh).

And the finale, Day 40:  Faded Glory aqua skinny jeans with sparkly pockets (after all, I'm only 5), Caribbean Joe & Co Woman aqua & green tie dye blouse, the Rosetti bag, blue Alfani sandals, the turquoise & silver set of jewelry.  

Day 41 I wore some dark brown elastic waist trousers, for which I failed to record the maker.  The blouse is Lauren by Ralph Lauren, white and brown stripes.  There's that Rosetti bag again, with the brown Clarks flats, and a multi-color charm + bead necklace.
Day 42 sees me in Westbound Petites black stretch trousers, a Notations Woman pink checked blouse, a black purse (!!) and the black shooties, with the Modern Metals tricolor chains and some onyx & gold earrings -- hand crafted, but not by Disco.

Day 43 I'm in the grey East 5TH trousers, a sheer dark green Apt 9 Woman blouse with its own cami; the heavy gold, pearl & rhinestone necklace, the black purse, and Dog only knows why, the brown flats!  Oops.
Day 44 I wore the  Ruby Rd taupe trousers with a Millenium sheer red blouse and raspberry cami, the black shooties & purse, and the silver & shell necklace.

And finally Friday Day 45 I put on some Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that looked red in the closet but which are actually a deep rose color, with a Faded Glory tan knit top (chest pockets!), the black purse, my SAS sandals, and the multi-color bead & charm cord necklace.  I wore a sweater all day at work, and needed it, so it's pictured too.

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jimmie said...

I'm impressed with how often you change your bag. I wish I had the forethought to do that but I don't. I love the idea of this outfit challenge. I wear the same stuff all the time. Sassy!