Monday, October 25, 2010

Been there, done that

Austin was, as usual, very laid back & quite relaxing. The Amazing Abigail & I got to spend some more time knitting together, which was the best of the highlights of this trip. Turns out she's seen Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch, so maybe I could get her a copy of it without her Momma going nuclear. I'll consider that for the holiday. I met Ms. Estella, and that was an interesting experience. She's got a degree in Psychology, and a way to cut right thru to the heart of things, bless her heart! As a result, I've had discussions with the rest of the Plaid Patrol about the state of our base of operations (aka home sweet home), to the effect that the master bedroom has been "tidied" without my having to do all the work. Also, I've let it be known that the folks who're at home most of the day should be doing more to maintain pleasant living conditions WITHOUT MY HAVING TO STAND OVER THEM WITH A WHIP. Ahem, excuse my emphasis, but this issue has rankled in my mind for a long time. My roomies are not live-in houseguests; I spend about 14 hours every workday in the process of getting ready for work, traveling there, working, and returning home. I have about 2.5 hours from the time I get home in the evening until I must retire for the night, while the two of them spend most of every day sitting on their duffs reading, playing Bejewelled, or watching TV. So, I've expressed my indignation at their expectation that I will "take care" of all the cleaning in the household, in very strong terms. I feel better now.
In the Knitting News, I have been pounding away on the fingerless mitts for gift giving. I will try to get more photos as I get a few more pairs ready. DiscoDame wants a pair in "disco colors"; I'll have to go stash diving this weekend & se what I can come up for that. I have a stealth project planned for Disco, too -- which I'll not mention here as she's following my blog. I don't plan on buying any yarn for it, and I believe I've got enough on hand to work up something for her & still have some for me, if I stick with the plan.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The black mitts have been given to their new owner, and she's thrilled with them! I did not get a photo of both of them, as I finished the second one last night when it was too dark to take pictures. I'll bring the camera to work later this month & see if I can catch her wearing them. I used Cascade 220 superwash; it's lovely stuff, nice & soft & bouncy. Now I need to ask E if she'd test knit the pattern for me. Should I bring her the yarn, or let her choose her own? I figure she can keep the mitts she makes, along with a copy of the pattern and maybe a blog mention ("Knit by E") on a future post. As far as I know, E doesn't blog.
I am still packing, or thinking about packing. I may have to go to the larger suitcase, in order to take all the knitting & gear I'd like to. I can pack anything I'd need in the checked luggage, but have to figure out what I can put into the carry on bag. I've decided against taking Dolly Blankie #3, since it's only half finished & needs a backing to look decent. Wish I could have gone to the last Thread Fest--I'm not sure I have any appropriate cotton backing.
10-16 In Austin! Spent last two hrs talking with The Amazing Abigail!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*Pack; repeat from * (with apologies to Franklin)

I started packing last night, for the trip to Texas. I nearly knocked down DiscoDame at least 4 times -- small house, big gal running around crazy trying to gather gear, and Disco trying to play with the cats -- it was a madhouse. Only the cats have sense enough to stay outta my way!
I've got all the thumb gusset stitches held on a length of yarn, and about two more rounds done after, on second of the black mitts:

* * * * * * * * *
And I have such a lovely model: DiscoDame wears my printed scarves very well, don't you think?

Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm going to Texas this weekend! My sister has a birthday (so does my brother, but I don't think we'll see him), and I've got handknits for her & her "brood". I may be able to watch the Pittsburgh game with my Dad, shades of long-ago childhood. And I won't have to cook or clean for at least 4 days...I hope I can pack enough of my knitting to keep me busy. I have 5 pairs of fingerless mitts finished, and one of a pair done with the mate about half done. This pair is special: they are my own design, and my first test knitting of that design. If it all works out (I plan to knit it again in a different size, so will write that size as an option in the pattern), I'd like to ask another knitter I know if she'd test knit it--just to be sure the instructions are clear enough for a knitter who doesn't live in my head, as it were. And if the instructions are clear, I'll put the pattern here and link to Ravelry! But I really have so much to do before then: Sis' handknit needs to be fulled completely (enough so that I can cut it if it's not the right size--I'm pretty sure it's bigger than needed!), and I have to start filling all my 3 oz bottles, and figuring out what to wear in Austin, and what knitting to pack & what to carry on, and whether I should take the interchangeable needle set only or pack a bunch of sock needles too...all before 6 am Friday. Travel is so enlightening.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where to start?

Note to self: just say "NO" to more knitting to order. I have committed myself to a pair of fingeless mitts for another coworker, not in my dept, while I'm in the midst of trying to produce enough pairs for my dept. CW wants black. I had knit a hat from a Classic Elite free pattern, the Montera Cob Toque, and wanted mitts to match it. (See "Commissioned Work", 5/10/10 post) So I wrote up a pattern for them! The cob stitch is pretty basic, and mitts are too, so it wasn't exactly rocket science to write up a little pattern. Do you think I should send it to CE or the designer? I mean, anyone could come with this simple stitch pattern--and call it anything at all. So...I will think about it a bit more. I will put the pattern up here, once I decide whether I can.
Got to charge up the batteries for the camera, so I can get pics of the finished pairs --yes, there are several!--of mitts I've dropped in the gifties bag. DiscoDame will be modelling for me; I'm gonna make these shots "artsy" if I can. This just means I'll make her wear a veil or cover her face with her mitted hands.
Good grief, fall arrived this week in a hurry. It's been cold enough in the mornings that I've been grabbing a hat & a cowl on my out to the car. I've got to get some more wool socks knitted! My feet freeze up here in the office, all day long. I have one pair of socks that I knit; I guess I could wash them in the sink and hang them in bath at night. This is where sock blockers would come in handy.