Monday, October 25, 2010

Been there, done that

Austin was, as usual, very laid back & quite relaxing. The Amazing Abigail & I got to spend some more time knitting together, which was the best of the highlights of this trip. Turns out she's seen Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch, so maybe I could get her a copy of it without her Momma going nuclear. I'll consider that for the holiday. I met Ms. Estella, and that was an interesting experience. She's got a degree in Psychology, and a way to cut right thru to the heart of things, bless her heart! As a result, I've had discussions with the rest of the Plaid Patrol about the state of our base of operations (aka home sweet home), to the effect that the master bedroom has been "tidied" without my having to do all the work. Also, I've let it be known that the folks who're at home most of the day should be doing more to maintain pleasant living conditions WITHOUT MY HAVING TO STAND OVER THEM WITH A WHIP. Ahem, excuse my emphasis, but this issue has rankled in my mind for a long time. My roomies are not live-in houseguests; I spend about 14 hours every workday in the process of getting ready for work, traveling there, working, and returning home. I have about 2.5 hours from the time I get home in the evening until I must retire for the night, while the two of them spend most of every day sitting on their duffs reading, playing Bejewelled, or watching TV. So, I've expressed my indignation at their expectation that I will "take care" of all the cleaning in the household, in very strong terms. I feel better now.
In the Knitting News, I have been pounding away on the fingerless mitts for gift giving. I will try to get more photos as I get a few more pairs ready. DiscoDame wants a pair in "disco colors"; I'll have to go stash diving this weekend & se what I can come up for that. I have a stealth project planned for Disco, too -- which I'll not mention here as she's following my blog. I don't plan on buying any yarn for it, and I believe I've got enough on hand to work up something for her & still have some for me, if I stick with the plan.

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