Friday, June 30, 2017

ENOUGH with the celebrating...

Plaidman's birthday was two days before Father's Day.  We've been buying a new wardrobe for him ever since we got invited to his sister's wedding.  A menswear store just around the corner from us was (and still is) having a moving sale, so we went over there one Saturday in late May, to replace his double-breasted suit.  The sale prices were so good, we bought him 3 suits & ordered alterations, and got 3 nice ties too.  They said if we paid cash we could have the kit & kaboodle for $400, so we did that and saved about $100.  Well, new suits are all well & good, but he needed shirts and shoes too.  So a couple Saturdays ago we went to a big sale at Penney's, but no luck on the shoes.  We wandered over to Macy's, and walked into their HUGE shirt sale.  He & Disco spent about a hour going through lots of shirts for his size, and found ties on sale that they tried to match up to the shirts (and the 3 new suits, in black, navy, and charcoal) while I sat over in the shoe dept watching the show.  I had a thought, that I had created a monster; then I thought whoa -- Plaidman's turning into my Dad, the originator of the Natty Banker® style of men's dress.  Wound up getting 3 more ties and 3 shirts at Macy's, but still didn't find the shoes.  So, it was on to the Men's Wearhouse, where they were having a really good sale on dress shoes -- buy one pair, get another at half price.  We got the same style & Plaidman's size in black and caramel brown, and bought socks to go with both, and cedar shoe trees for both pair.  So, I guess he's kitted out for whatever dress occasions come up for the next several years....
So, this wedding we're attending in the near future is for his sister & an old friend, someone he & EJ have known since they were kids.  Since they both work and can't get time off right after the wedding, they're honeymooning in October.  They're heading south (good idea, going north from northern Indiana lands you in Canada), and we'll see if we can have them at our house for a day or two each way.  I'm retiring Oct 1, so I can be the hostess!  This is just so exciting, so much to do but I'm really thrilled.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My assistant

Due to the world's weirdest fatigue, I've been conking out at my desk.  So now I'm working shorter hours, and I bought an iPod shuffle.  Having music piped into my ears helps tremendously.
I'm about 80% through with the second Outlander book, so I'll need to find the first one and send them off to Austin for SIS.   We're aiming for October for my retirement.  It sure will be nice not to have to drag my carcass into the car & ride the whirlwind that is Bell Rd/ Old Hickory.
I watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube about mattress stitch, then ripped out the seam on the Kat Coyle hat I'd started seaming.  It look better now.

Monday, May 29, 2017

So sad

Greg Allman passed.  I'm so close to tears every time I think it.  I've seen the Allman Brothers in action several times, always loved them.  Every time, it was such a mellow occasion.  RIP, Greg.

I've been having some problems with the sneakiest fatigue  at the office, one minute reading a report and the next snoring!!!  This lead to me taking some FMLA time daily, so I can come in later.  I know that music can keep me awake too, but we're not allowed to play our CDs on the company's PCs.  What to do?  I bought an iPod shuffle, and for a tech-challenged person like me it's been a nightmare.  I worked on it today from about 11 am until frustration just got too high at about 3:50 pm (yes, damn near 4 frikkin hours -- what can I say), when I asked my DD to take over.  It took her about 15 minutes to figure out what went wrong: the power cord wasn't plugged in completely.  After 4+ hours the *%&)* thing still has to be charged.  BUT I did get some music onto it (I think...), and hopefully will be able to use it tomorrow.  We'll see.
Tonight we start the finals!!  I live in Nashville, but my heart is always in Pittsburgh.  HR has said we can wear gold "to support the Predators" all next week -- but I'll be in black & gold!  I need to decorate my cubical too.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cruise control

I'm still working on the Diamond halter top from Knitty.  I hadn't hit it a lick all weekend, and picked it up last night  -- 3 more rows done!  Disco was dragging her feet about cooking dinner, so I ate very late and barely had time to let it settle before I HAD to get into bed.  Wound up skipping the shower last night, so had my wondrous Seven Minute Shower this morning.  Yep, it is only seven minutes.  That allows me two minutes to slap lotion on all over.  Well, I have fixed Disco's little wagon:  I signed her up for the 5 Minute Dinners plan, with the shopping guides etc etc.  She'll get it in her email every week!  Much as I love Chinese buffets (we have two within a mile of the house!), it's just not a terrific value, unless one can eat about 3 lbs of crayfish or prawns in one sitting.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Been gone too long

I know, I'm a bad blogger for going a month without letting y'all know I'm still alive.  And knitting; I have a pink P$$$y Hat that's ready for seaming (mattress stitch being the No. 2 bane of my existence),  Miss A's halter top still working but getting closer to the finish line (and then it'll need mattress stitch up the back...sigh), a second P-Hat in work, and about 4 things that need to be blocked.  There's another process I need to learn to love.  Let's face it, finishing is the least fun part of knitting.
A couple of weekends ago, we went to the Golden Corral for supper.  It's one big invitation to eat way more than one should, so of course I did.  The Plaidman was driving, and he had an honest to Dog senior moment and got lost on the way home.  Disco was being a very obstreperous backseat driver, using her phone to find the way home, only she doesn't drive at all and has no idea how the interstates connect around here.  I kept trying to insert a word or two, to the effect that we just need to reverse the course we took to get there -- but she kept shouting me down.  I finally had to ask her to shut the f**k up so her Dad could hear himself think.  It was a bit scary, but once the loudmouth in the back buttoned her lip, Plaidman & I were able to sort out our route.  I think it'll be a while before we visit the Corral again -- and I'll drive!

Oh my Dog, have you read the last 3 posts on the Yarn Harlot's blog?  Be sure you have tissues handy; she could wring tears from a stone.  I keep telling Disco she needs to read them, sorta hinting- but-not-really; she doesn't realize how much I'd like to be a grandmother!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Three steps again

Yesterday I knit and frogged the same two rows of Miss A's halter top no less than 3 times.  I need to check the pattern for errata....None noted.  I checked projects and comments in Ravelry, no one else seems to have had any issues with the Diamond halter from Knitty Summer 2009.  Le sigh...I guess I'll just try it again and try to make sense of it.  The chart  refers to a C4FP, but only explains a C3FP in the stitch key.  The next stitch on the first row of the chart is a C3BP.  I keep winding up with more reverse stockinette stitches on one side than on the other, although my stitch count is correct for the reverse stockinette portion (the bust),  So I've tried shifting the cabled part over by 1 stitch, as I had two more on the right of the base of the diamond than on the left.  Then my WS had two too many on that side!  Grrr....

Sunday, March 5, 2017

In which I am sometimes busy

The dreaded Dry Eye syndrome has come back, I've been to the eye doctor twice in the last week and am due to visit again today.  Lordy, eye drops are pricey!  And now I've got 5 different ones I need to use, two for wetting the ol' eyeballs, 1 for glaucoma, 1 antihistamine, and 1 steroid.  Then the last visit they put a piece of amniotic membrane on my left eye, so the only drops I can put in that one are the wetting ones.  That membrane was really high-priced, but lucky (!!) for me most of my deductible has been met.
In spite of the eye problem, I have been working on Miss A's halter top.  I have been diligently resisting the urge to cast on any other projects.  I did start on the third ball of the yarn -- I sure hope I can get this made with just 5 balls, 'coz I'd like to make myself some ''therapy" mitts out of this stretchy stuff.  And of course I'd like to find a good substitute for the yarn, something as stretchy and soft.  Just cruisin' through Ravelry, I think I should try to find some OnLine Linie 119, which is cotton & polyester and has "stretch" in the name.
I did say I'd get a picture of the bracelet from the Crafts Fair.
A very pretty thing, in lovely colors,,,I'm sure this is some kind of agate, maybe someone will recognize it.  The stones are triangular cabochons in silver.  I nearly dropped it through the planks of the deck while trying to hang it up for another shot!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017


Last night Disco asked me if the Steelers were playing in the Super Bowl this year.  I told her she needed to wake up occasionally.
Funny story: I love the Crafts Fair we have here, twice each year.  The spring version is usually just before Mother's Day, and the Fall one is just before my birthday.  It's gotten a little harder for me to do all the walking around to see the whole thing, but I still like to go.  Both Plaidman and Disco know to look for possible gifts for me, as I love love love handmade pretties.  So the last time we went, Plaidman found a super nice piece of jewelry for me, then gave it to Disco to hide it until Christmas.  They both totally forgot it, until last weekend.  I'd worn a blouse with nifty buttons: they each had a shiny nickle ring on the outer edge.  I'm walking around at work, and I keep seeing a tiny shiny ring on the floor -- I thought it was someone's earring, but it turned out to be one of the rings off a button.  I took it home & asked Disco if she could put it back on the button, but she said it would be easier to remove all the remaining rings and make all the buttons look the same.  She was right; the sleeves had 3 buttons each and none had the rings.  So, she took the blouse and collected the rings, then went looking through her beading supplies for an idea for using the rings.  Guess what she found:  a gorgeous handmade bracelet from the Crafts Fair!  It's silver, with green and pinkish/purplish agate triangular cabochons.  I've worn it two days running.

eta:  I wrote the above, fully meaning to get a nice picture of my new adornment, and promptly forgot all about it.  I did watch the Big Game until half time, when I thought the Falcons had it well in hand.  I have no interest in the half time show, so I got up & went about the process of preparing for bed.  When I got out of the shower, the Falcons were still leading 28 to 9.  I dropped into the bed, and didn't wake until the Plaidman came into the bedroom.  I am so very disappointed with the Falcons!  Boo hiss boo to Brady!
I did some knitting Sunday, and I've started on the top portion of the halter top for Miss A.  This part is worked on larger needles, so it should go a little faster, especially once the sides start decreasing.  I don't think I'll have it ready for her birthday....but it'll be close!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It ain't for sissies

Growing older...I guess it's better than the alternative, but it sure is a lot of trouble.  Back in October, my eye doctor told me I have early glaucoma in my left eye.  So now I use drops in both eyes to keep it at bay; at least I now understand why that left eye has been such a problem the last couple of years. I was never satisfied with the lenses for that eye.  In addition, I've got a tiny cataract in my right eye, which makes everything look darker thru that one.  I think if I want to knit the Aeolian shawl, I'd better get started on it while I can still see -- I'm kinda slow when knitting, it's liable to take me years to finish the thing!  I'll be using Knit Picks Bare Gloss lace, such a lovely mix of merino & silk!  I probably should have read up on the projects in Ravelry, as so many of even the big versions use a lot less yarn than I bought.  But I'd planned to knit some sample swatches first, to practice my nupps & bead application, so I don't think any of it will go to waste.  I still need to look over my 40" circulars, to see if any are sharp enough for nupps.
Hey, I have some Addi Lace Rockets, should be sharp enough.


The sciatica has been stomping me down lately, making it hard to go to sleep, which in turn makes it hard to stay awake at work.  Last weekend I never really got "dressed", just changed into clean pj's after my shower!  I've been working really hard on a "commission", a halter top for a certain nameless gal.  The thing has about a quarter-mile of 2  x  2 ribbing.  Endless ribbing...except I think I'm down to the last 3 rows of that part!  Hurray!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The bog

So, last week my cubicle neighbor came to work deathly ill, and just coughed continuously for the entire day Tuesday.  Thank goodness she got some cough drops for Wednesday, but I believe she managed to infect half the office.  It sounds like an old time cancer ward up here.  I have not escaped the plague, and am coughing & sneezing whenever I don't have a cough drop or hard candy in my mouth.  Ah well, into each life a little rain must fall.

How 'bout that Meryl Streep!  A class act.  And can someone else please carry the President-elect's phone?  Just don't let him have the phone until he submits his tweet to his speechwriter for a little presidential polish.  The man needs a filter!  He's an embarrassment to his party.  The sad part is, he'll probably decide the job is too much work, and delegate most of it to Pence.  I shudder to think it.

I've been looking at Delica beads, and have narrowed down my choice for the Aeolian shawl to either transparent pale blue or light green -- for just a hint of color.  I'm still looking for a good option for applying the beads, which will mean buying something for that purpose.  None of my steel crochet hooks are small enough.  I guess I'll try the flosser (an inexpensive option), but I really want a couple of beaders in sizes .8 mm & 1.0 mm, from a party that will not be named here.  So far I've found one source, that charges $2 more for each than the inventor.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Like lightning

This has to be fast.  I never mentioned our one super Christmasy thing we did, right before the holiday.  We went out to Jellystone Campground to see the "Dancing Lights of Christmas"!  Very touristy, took forever & a day just to get to gate 'coz half of Nashville was in line, and the price!! Serious sticker shock!  The Plaidman grumbled, said it better be worth it. was!  Frankly fabulous, absolutely amazing, and we all agreed we'd cruise through it again next Christmas.  So, if you get a chance to come to Nashville next December, maybe you could check it out.