Friday, August 4, 2017

The saga continues

One topic that came up on Sunday, during our turkey dinner on the deck, was a visit to the grave sites of Tom and Betty, the parents of this large brood of siblings.  Our little group had to head home on Tuesday, and had a plan to spend most of the day Monday in Chicago.  We just couldn't work out the logistics to include a long trip to the cemetery.  What we did instead was agree to meet everyone (except Mike & Atha) at the IHOP for pancakes @ $.59 a stack, before hitting the highway home.
But I digress -- this post is about Monday.  When we got up early on Monday, Atha's scooter was still folded up in our trunk.  We all got dressed & ate & took our meds, then got on the road to one of my favorite places, Chicago IL.  There is entirely too much to do in the Loop, and we only ad the one day, so we chose to visit the Art Institute.  Erin had never been before; I'd been once a very long time ago.  It has grown considerably since!  We cruised (me in the scooter!  What fun!) through the ancient art:
Some fabulous jewelry
Amazing small statuettes, two bronze
A terrific covered dish - have you seen it from this angle?
Greek griffins, finest kind.
And some more modern art, Picasso & Remington
Chagall windows!  So beautiful.

Most of the exhibits allowed photography, and we respected those that did not.  There was a special exhibit of Gaugain's work, which required additional tickets.  We got the tickets, and wow was that a terrific exhibit.  Huge, too!  Room after room of all kinds of items, from paintings to sculpture to adornment of ordinary items, like this dresser he decorated for his father-in-law:

Ahem, I guess you can tell I was impressed, I took at least 3 pictures.  Well, Melodee had asked me to get photos of any Salvador Dali work exhibited.  I got a few, and have sent some to her already.

One that I sent to her will not appear here as it is NSFW.  But she got a kick out of it.  We had an early supper at the museum cafeteria (French cuisine!), then cruised around a bit more, and finally decided we'd had enough.  Headed back to the underground parking, folded & loaded the scooter, and went back to our hotel.  Whew!  Slept, woke in the early a.m. and skipped the hotel breakfast, then met up with the folks at IHOP.  They all continued on to the grave sites while we bid farewell to northern Indiana.  We got some of their pictures later.  I did some of the driving coming home.  And could not wait to sleep in my own bed!

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