Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FO, WIP, and last day of vacation

This past weekend I bought some elastic cord, and threaded three pieces through the ribbing on the Bobbled Tam (aka Afterbirth Hat). It fits!

Edited 4/11/09 to add photos & delete rant caused by Blogger failure to upload pics the first time I tried it.
And now I seem to have lost contact with Blogger. Of course! This may be why I blog only once in a while, since there's only so much aggravation I can take.

I've made progress on Tess' Lily, finishing the lacy "skirt" portion of this little apron-style top on Saturday, and taking a few pictures Sunday.

Well, I actually have better things to do than twiddle my thumbs while Blogger fails, so I'll just save this now & move on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to do

I have been cleaning out my documents saved on the computer, which are mostly knit & crochet patterns. I'm moving them to disks, labled by the type of item that the patterns produce. Unfortunately, some of the stuff I "saved" wasn't saved well, and the older files are the most corrupt. Also, a lot of stuff got saved as HTML docs, which require internet access to work, but I want them resaved so that I don't have to get on the Internets -- I've been copying them to word docs, and inserting the graphics, & saving the thing in that format. Then I can delete the link. Our poor old Dell equipment may be on it's last legs, so I'm trying to lighten it's load a bit. This is taking a very long time, simply because of the age & slowness of the equipment. But it's gotta happen, I'm not losing all these patterns I've collected!

I'm on vacation today, and should be knitting Niece #2's Tropical Lily top. I've decided it needs the lifeline every 4th row, to try to keep the stitch count correct. I'd like to have 6 more repeats of the pattern, before making the bodice. On Ravelry, I looked at other knitters' results for this pattern; no one else seems to have had the same problem I did. So, I'm UNIQUE! Wonderful.

I was reading the Harlot's blog, and I can surely identify with her dorkiness: after reading about her February Lady sweater meeting EZ's February Baby sweater, I went to her 4/10/08 blog entry, enlarged the photo of me & my tiny socks, and printed it! DiscoDame put it on the 'fridge, sure to put me off my feed for a while.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Are we there yet?

I finished the red hat, well sort of...the ribbing isn't snug enough to keep the thing on my head, so I'll need to get some elastic thread and make some adjustments. I'm pretty sure I can just thread it through the purl bumps on the inside of the brim. The weather is trying (& failing & trying & failing..)to change over to spring-like, so I'm not in a hurry for the hat or it's coordinating scarf. You know what, they can both go to the hibernation pile. I started knitting Tropical Lily for Niece #2, and ran into a problem--I lost a stitch somewhere. I'll have to try to slip a smaller circular needle into a row several below where I stopped, always a fun maneuver, which may be a little trickier with the Cottontots yarn. This can't go to hibernation; it's got to be sent off before her birthday. But I've been so tired in the evenings lately that I haven't started trying this fiddly bit. And last night I just wanted to knit I dragged out a project from hibernation: the Feather and Fan shawl! Oh, I love my shawl; I love the Lornas Laces Baltic Sea colorway, I love the weight of it, I just don't know if I can put off finishing this shawl while I get on with more timely projects. Decisions, decisions!

I went into Bliss Yarns yesterday, to ask what their plans were for WWKIP day. So far, they have no plan at all. I'd really like to attend a knit-in at Centennial Park, if "someone" will just do the work of getting it together. I don't want to be the organizer; let somebody else do all that stuff, I just want to attend! And for pete's sake, don't make it a knit for charity event! Or at least, offer that as an option only. I have never knit or crocheted for charity, although I do give away most of my handiwork. SO! I'm in Bliss Yarns, and while I'm there I gotta check out the 50% off room. Big mistake. They had Jagger Spun Zephhyr in there...colors in the basket were mushroom and petal pink. I picked up two balls in mushroom, then checked out the mini-wall of bins. There's a yarn I'm forever picking up, fondling, then putting back: Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed! I got two each in shades 02 & 07. I figured I'd better get out before I spent all the grocery $, so up to the counter with my finds I go. There's 3 balls of the Jagger Spun in aqua sitting up there, so I ask if it's actually being purchased. The gal who was holding it wasn't sure about the color; she brought up the stuff she wanted to match & we looked it over. Turns out she only wanted enough for a scarf, so I got two more balls in aqua! Woo-Hoo! and Aaacchh! for the budget. I really need to get a handle on the yarn purchases. The only part of this last purchase that I have an idea about it the Drops, which will be socks...someday.

Well, I've got to get busy on some housework now...I know, what a drag. Close your eyes, it'll be over soon.