Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FO, WIP, and last day of vacation

This past weekend I bought some elastic cord, and threaded three pieces through the ribbing on the Bobbled Tam (aka Afterbirth Hat). It fits!

Edited 4/11/09 to add photos & delete rant caused by Blogger failure to upload pics the first time I tried it.
And now I seem to have lost contact with Blogger. Of course! This may be why I blog only once in a while, since there's only so much aggravation I can take.

I've made progress on Tess' Lily, finishing the lacy "skirt" portion of this little apron-style top on Saturday, and taking a few pictures Sunday.

Well, I actually have better things to do than twiddle my thumbs while Blogger fails, so I'll just save this now & move on.

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