Monday, August 5, 2013

Two idiots & a van

That's what I saw as I approached the ramp to the Interstate.  These guys had been two cars ahead of me, then some of their gear fell off the back and the two cars between bailed out into other lanes.
You can barely see the one on the left.
Anyway, as soon as the van got onto the Interstate they slowed to surface road rush hour traffic, with a posted limit of 70 mph.  I was going bonkers trying to get around them, so afraid either a large piece of furniture or a person would come bouncing out the back.  What a thrill, one I could sure live without!

In better news, Disco has had a good job interview, once she got it in gear to get her little self down to the big job fair.  We are hopeful; if you've any pull with The Man Upstairs please mention her desire to be gainfully employed.  'Preciate it!  Also, over the weekend I finished the first and started the second sleeve of the Bunny Hop!  Progress!!(Science!! sorry, couldn't resist..)  I'm also working on some stealth projects, just real simple stuff for the gals at work. 
Speaking of the Docs In a Box, we're expanding.  We've got dibs on some space one floor down, and my department will be moving there mid August.  Always such a joy, moving.  I can't remember how many times my workspace has been shifted; which is understandable since I've been there 21 (soon to be 22) years.  Heck I do good remembering what I ate for breakfast.