Thursday, February 23, 2012

At last

The dearth of knitting has come to an end (I hope). I picked up the slippers I'm working up for the Plaidman, knit a row or three, and put them down again. Didn't knit for another week, then this past weekend I worked up an entire 16 row repeat on my Every Way Wrap -- I'm back, baby! And back in business.
The daffydillies suffered only a little from the frost & snow of this past freaky weather week. I have them mounded beneath the maple tree. Lawks, we've been in this house a long time: I used to be able to reach all the way 'round that maple, now it takes two people to hug that tree. And it survived having a lot of it's roots dug up when the septic field needed re-digging. Right after that event, a pair of woodpeckers took up residence there -- I get such a kick from watching them at the feeder! They hang almost upside-down from the edge of the feeder tray, and will stomp their way around it to find what they like -- and to chase away blackbirds & jays! They don't bother the littler birds, just the big greedies. If only I could get a picture, but they're very shy of people.
Lord help us, the entire Plaid household (well, excepting the cats) has been caught up in the Malazan Tales of the Fallen, which is a fantasy series by Steven Erikson. There are many, many very thick books--the first few of which are largely responsible for the lack of knitting lately. Plaidman & I are taking turns requesting the next two in the series, from the library. We love our library! Speaking of which, I've a return notice in the email--three other books are due back this weekend.
I have one more Friday to work, before my coworker returns from her extended trip. She's adopting some sisters from a foreign land--I won't say more here. But I know these little girls are going to be blessed, to be in their new home! Easter is going to be terrific in her household; her own kids are all boys, so I'm guessing she'll have a ball dressing her daughters for church. Nana (my dear departed mother) used to dress all five of us kids, for Easter Sunday. She made a lot of the dresses we four girls wore, but didn't sew for our brother--dresses = easy, trousers = hard to make! I have a photo of us, with girls in bonnets and "spring" navy cloth coats, and Brother in his little suit. Put that on the to-do list: find the family photos & scan some of them so y'all can take a look!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hard workin' Mama

I haven't knit a stitch in a week -- I'm about to expire from withdrawal symptoms. Lots of projectts started, none of which has managed to fire up the knitting mojo. Instead, I'm thinking of going to the Middle Tenn Fiber Festival, to take Fleegle's class in supported spindling. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Spin!

My daffydils are blooming. They started budding the middle of last week, and over the weekend they opened up their trumpets. The Lambs' Ears at the porch front look truly ragged, even though the winter has been super mild. Doesn't matter, before the end of June I'll be digging them out of the yard--they kinda want to take over! I'm probably going to dig up what's left of the pussy-willow, which is now an all-u-can-eat for the Japanese beetles. If they'd only learn to eat honeysuckle....I could stand to have less of that!

Disco & I cooperated on a crock-pot lasagna, ala A Year of Slow Cooking (, and ate like pigs -- it's abfab, I tell ya!

I have nothing to say about the so-called Super Bowl (pffft! as if it could be super without the Steelers!), because even tho it was on the TV and I was in the room, I didn't watch.