Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, you know that humongous Power Ball lotto?  Yeah, that one last night.  I've only ever played Power Ball oh, maybe 4 times.  I heard this morning that both the big winners were in other states, but that someone from my state won a million bucks.  Gotta check my numbers!   Sure enough, I'm a winner!!  Of 7 (seven) whole dollars.....  Kinda let down now.... 
Some of the folks back in Marketing are telling me they'd like to market my cowl.  I took a cowl pattern I'd found online, and tweaked it to give a bit more coverage of the upper chest & shoulders.  And it is just so light & small enough still to stuff in a pocket (it the gloves aren't already residing there).  Anyway, I'll likely whip up a few to pass around, and see what develops.  Hey, I won enough to buy a skein of the yarn!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perilous post

I'm going to try posting, even though the library's server/innerwebs are sub-glacially SLOW this afternoon.
I have fond memories of the Cowboy Surf scarf, and a few pictures:
Brian vogues

Brian shows off the length

Brian works the buttons
For some reason, Brian thought these were to be pictures of him...but of course, he's the model recipient.
This third pic is the only one where he wasn't posing, for pete's sake.  He's suitably grateful for a lovely, one-of-a-kind hand knit scarf; so he might get additional hand knits in the future.  Wish I'd had a Cowboy hat handy for the photo shoot.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cute overload

Our neighbors have the cutest long-haired Chihuahua, and a few evenings ago he (the dog) came over for a visit.  I was sure such a tiny doggie would be really fearful, but I stepped out on the porch and called to him -- I dread the thought of any small pet getting into the road in front of our house -- and the little dear came right to me, even let me pick him up!  I guess he's never even been spoken to sharply; his only experience of humans is that they exist to lurve & adore him.  Anyway, he made a new conquest; I almost didn't want to take him back to his home.  The cats would have freaked if I'd brought him inside! 

I made button covers for the Cowboy Surf's cowl buttons!  Really simple, and saved a lot of hassle -- I'd looked around town for decent buttons, but none really jumped out at me.  So -- I made some!  Used US size 1 needles, one strand of the same yarn used (double stranded) for the scarf, and some shanked military-style buttons from my button box.  Luckily, I had four alike; with the covers on 'em they're about 7/8" wide.
The Cowboy Surf is nearly ready to hit the trail!  Saturday a.m. I gave it a sink bath, rinsed twice (the 2nd rinse had some softener), then I put a small folded towel over the shower curtain rod.  I tossed the Surf scarf/cowl over that at about the half-way point, then brought the ends together and clipped them onto a fat plastic clotheshanger.  Then I hung the wet towel, used to blot most of the rinse water from the scarf, onto the hanger's hook -- and now the Surf is drying nicely stretched out!  It might be dry by tonight; I'll then check the ends to see if they need to be smoothed out with steam blocking.  Then the buttons go on, and I do a happy dance.  Must find the battery charger for the camera!!  I'll leave the Young Gent a note today to let him know I'll want pictures on Monday. 

I have a plan for the feral cats living under our house: trap & take to the pound!  We've got a bit of do-re-mi saved up, and it's time to get under the house & sister that "defective" joist.  I want to hire some pros, although I've read up on it on some DIY sites, which all state that a reasonably handy homeowner should be able to do that job himself.  If we had another bathroom, I'd be tempted to take that route, but with just the one I want this job done !Pronto! so we can use the bathroom.  Next up for the money pit: the roof.  Oh my...that's gonna cost.   

Thursday, November 1, 2012

And we're off!

But not running...I don't "do" running.  DiscoDame & I both have potato chip scarves, in various shades of pink.  I'm wearing mine at work today.  I'll get pictures of us wearing them tomorrow.  Which reminds me: charge the camera batteries!  Charge the phones!  Charge some more yarn online! No, wait, skip that last one.  Christmas is coming, and I gotta get my ducks in a row so I can spend happily.  Although it's doubtful Webs will still have any Waterlily yarn left.....*Sigh*
ETA, 4 days later:  We survived.  After arriving at the Race for a Cure site at 6 a.m. (it was still dark! and very cold!), we mosied over to the Survivor tent for some breakfast.  At first, a couple of gals without a clue tried to keep Disco out of the Survivor area, although their pamphlet & website both said survivors could bring in one guest.  Oops.  Poor Disco went around the other side of the enclosure to get a pom-pom shaker, to cheer for her Survivor, while I went on in & fixed her a cuppa coffee & grabbed a muffin for her.  The gals handing out the shakers asked if she was a "Co-Survivor" and she said yes, so they said she could go in too.  We found a little table, which we needed 'coz I already had two bags of swag that was being handed out, both specifically for survivors.  After fueling up, we took a walk around all the vendor booths lined up around the area, and collected more goodies & many more nice fabric bags -- I won't need new knitting totes for a while!  Well, we were getting rather loaded down, so strolled back to the car and piled up the trunk: 

Then we went back, and found another whole circle of vendors with more stuff to give away!  Rinse & repeat, as it were.  I had my picture taken on a pink motorcycle!  But that's on Facebook -- I'll have to get it later.

Somehow, in all this walking around, we managed to find only two other walkers from our team, and the folks manning our booth.  We were stankding in line at the Komen trailer, to get Disco some gloves (did I mention that it was COLD!!??), when it was announced that the Survivors were to gather in front of the stage.  So she stayed for the gloves, and I left for the stage.  Got to see the Survivor of the Year, and her pace car driver -- Sterling Martin!!  Yes NASCAR's champ has a soft spot for the cause.  Then we had an announcement that Survivors were to move to another tent, only it wasn't described very well...and I wasn't the only one lost in the confusion.  Wound up at the Survivor tent again, had a snack (an apple), milled around and asked everyone,"Is this where the Survivors are supposed to be, for the Pink Parade?" -- no one seemed to be real clear on that.  Oh well, I just went around & collected more goodies from the vendors, and back to the car to put those in the trunk.  Then I saw the time, and decided I'd better get ready to walk my mile.  This, after walking all over the Race grounds for the previous 3 hours, turned out to be quite a slog!  But I did it, and was cheered at the finish line, and then had to wait at least another hour for Disco to come thru -- she'd been walking with some other teammates (the only ones I ran into, one had recently had knee surgery and was moving at a glacial pace), and they finally told her to go on ahead & finish.  I took pictures:
Dudes in Pink


Maximum Pink!