Saturday, July 21, 2012


The Plaidman's first SS deposit has finally hit the bank.  Who in their right mind decides to retire, but wait a quarter year before replacing their paycheck?  Why, that would be the Plaidman, of course!  And who would make a sudden and unilateral decision to retire without drawing a pension or SS for three months, without even consulting the spouse who'll be expected to just pick up the slack?  I know!  It's Plaidman!  Showing off his usual attitude of complete disregard for his own family, what a surprise (not).  A few days ago he was spouting off about dudes who put themselves first, how that wasn't at all manly in his opinion, and then he looks over at me like I'm going to give him an "Amen".  I got up, went over to him and told him that he didn't want to hear what I'd like to say about his preachin'.  He got real quiet at that. 
I have started working the edging for Dolly Blankie #3, which will be the last of the doll blankets.  Sorry, Princess; I just can't spend anymore of my knitting time on these things.  Anyway, I've decided to make a rather plain edge of stockinette, striped and with slip stitches for a bit of color change.  Knit on!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inhale...exhale, repeat

The Plaidman & I discussed his sudden & unilateral decision to retire.  So, he now understands the stress I've been dealing with for the past quarter year, and he did offer some explanation and an apology.  Amazingly,I feel better, even though nothing has actually changed. 
Plaidman & Disco went to a job fair earlier in the week, and it's possible she'll get hired for (drumroll, please) Web design!!  Which is what she studied at the community college, and actually has a degree for, so WOOOT!  And clap if you believe in fairies. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost Done

Woo-Hoo!  I've finished all the knitting on the Every Way Wrap! 
I should block it (lightly -- cables & ribs shouldn't be blocked too severely), work in the ends, and sew on the two buttons.  I have some leaf-shaped buttons in a light green, which are of the size suggested in the pattern.  But, hmmm, I'm not sure they're exactly right.  I have a slough of toggle buttons, in a couple of sizes, but I was thinking I'd use some of those for the 2nd EWW -- and I don't want them to have the same buttons.  Decisions, decisions. 
Princess T's two hats have been washed & blocked:

First is the "World Domination Beret", so named for the oceanic blue, woodsy green and earthy browns.
Next up, the "Gumball Factory Explosion" just 'coz that's what it looks like!
Another bit of good news (like hen's teeth, it is):  I've lost another two pounds!  I can't help but think of that cartoon of the zebra, looking around to see it's stripes falling off it's backside, with a caption,"I think it's stress!" 
I have finished two cotton washcloths, and have another in work--nothing fancy, just knit & purl variations, but they look nice.  I did a swatch for the Summer Solstice KAL, but haven't done anymore on it.  Just can't quite get into it while I'm hung up on washcloths.
The Plaidman looked thru the last Knit Picks catalog, and picked out two colors of the City Tweed HW that he liked well.  One is the Orca, and the other was grey too, just darker.  Anyway, the Orca went on sale on their site, so I got that.  I've been thinking about a ribbed cardigan that was part of a free download from IK, only I'd like to add some cables to the front & sleeves.