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Friday, August 26, 2016

Is there a song for new 'fridges?

When our daughter was in elementary school, anytime a kid showed up in new shoes the whole class sang a song about new shoes.  I got home last night to find our brand new 'fridge installed, and I want someone to sing to me about it.  I'll have a nice headband knitted up, lace, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport -- for the first person to send me lyrics & tune for My New Fridge song.

Monday, August 22, 2016

We're all friends here (or there)

I just found out one of my fave knit designers, Emily Ringleman, got flooded out of her home in Baton Rouge.  All you Ravelers out there, go check out her designs -- she's having a major sale to try to fund the basics she & her family need right now.  Send her some luv!
Well, the plumber couldn't fix our fridge problem, so he cut off the water.  That was last Wednesday, but the thing is still leaking.  So we've priced new ones, meh...and thought about getting a repairman here, also meh...leaving it up in the air as to what we would do.  We moved on to other homey issues: the carpet needs a deep cleaning, but we don't want to totally interrupt our lives to have strangers do that.  Gee, if we could just find a steam cleaner that wasn't too expensive, we could do rooms in "zones" at our leisure.  Then the Plaidman saw one in the HH Gregg ad in the Sunday paper.  So we went over there looking for the Bissell, found & bought it, and found a tall narrow "out of box" (meaning new, returned to store) fridge with the ice & water in the door--and bought that too!  The plumber will be back this Wednesday to install a pressure relief valve (and do some other stuff), and the new fridge will be delivered Thursday!!! I'M EXCITED, CAN YOU TELL?!?!?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Goodbye and good riddance

We signed papers, closed the sale of the northern property, and got a modest sum for it.  I am thrilled, and so glad this could be done before another season passed.  The ugly little house will no longer be our concern.  I'll ask the Plaidman to turn off the ele ctric.
I did a lot of knitting on the Half Circle shawl last weekend, getting into the third repeat of the final lace section before the edging.  I haven't been able to knit the last several nights, because my hands are sore from lots of computer work. It's frustrating, but I know I'd better give it a rest.
I have found a knit pattern for a classic halter top, and it's free from Knitty!  It's the Diamond Halter Top; and I've even tracked down & bought the yarn called for in the pattern--discontinued since publication.  Thank goodness for Ravelry.  Work on the Half Circle shawl will be suspended until I get this halter done.  I've read the notes other Ravelers made on their Diamond Halter projects, and may just continue the top portion with the smaller needles.  I was also considering I-cord trim across the top of the back and up over the bodice, perhaps snugging up the edges of the bodice?  As there are still about 7.5" of ribbing to do before the bodice portion, I think I'll just mull over that idea.  It occurred to me that this is only the second Knitty pattern I've ever tried -- pretty odd, since I love the 'zine.  Oh, and yesterday I got the latest Interweave Knits!  Some nice stuff, but oddly some of it just looks so similar.  If you've seen the pullovers in the first section, you know what I mean.
 I took some pics as we were finishing up clearing out the ugly house, but haven't loaded them to the computer yet.  I think this is from one of the last times Disco posed for the camera at the old place.
Well, I have another Knitty project in mind, the Aeolian shawl.  I was thinking of Knits Picks Bare Gloss Lace, yes to beads though not too sure whether they should be clear or pearlescent, yes to nupps though I've never worked them before (!!) and oh BTW I might need to buy some Stilleto point needles from Signature Needle Arts.  Whew!  and this will be a semi-stealth project, for an unnamed party, but if she asks, it's for me.  Got that?

Friday, July 29, 2016

This time

I took a week of vacation, and managed to get the rest of the Plaid Patrol out to the old house to do some "final" collecting of items we'd left behind, as well as picking up all the paper from the living room.  We were out there, without running water (we carried water), during the hottest week of the summer so far.  There were, at last count, four lawn trash bags full of trash still to be taken away.  I mostly sat in a camp chair on the porch and cleaned things we're keeping, then re-wrapped them & put them in new boxes.  Lots of sorting, we had probably 100 pounds of National Geographic magazines alone!  Many kids' books and toys, and I found a new home for the string trimmer.  On about our third visit, the gal next door walked over to ask if we were moving back in or selling.  We named a price, and she snapped it up!  Soon, my pets, I will no longer be concerned about how high the grass is, or whether the security light is working, or if the water heater has caused the floor to collapse...a real concern.  The neighbor lady is a contractor, and says its ok that the place needs work as she'll just work on it as she has the money & time available.
While all this back & forth between the new & old homes was going on, I had contacted my primary care provider about a new health problem.  I did get in to see her (on a vacation day, how sad), and will have some tests done today.  On another vacation day, I went to the oncologist's office to get my regularly scheduled injections.  What is it with doctor visits; they just seem to proliferate on my calendar.  I am nearly doctored out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hark back

Four posts ago I mentioned needing a very tall ladder for replacing lights in the kitchen.  Well, guess what the Plaidman got for his birthday!  Darn near $200.00 worth of ladder, that's what.  So the lights got replaced, and he's got a place to store this massive thing.  What's next?  Our neighbor stopped him on the way out to the car a few days ago, and said the gutters on the front of the house needed attention.  I think Plaidman let that run in one ear and out the other.  But wait! There's more!  He drove to the mailbox yesterday, shut off the car & collected the mail, and when he tried to start the car it wouldn't start.  So he left it at the mailboxes!  He's let me know that it's finally been towed to the shop, and it's being studied.  We may have to take it out back of the woodshed & put it out of it's misery...this is a twelve year old car!  But we can't have another car note right now.  So, we may soon be down to one car.  In a way, that would suit me: I'd be sure to have someone else awake enough to help me put on some socks (left hip/knee/foot no longer bend enough for me to reach my toes on that side) when I want to wear some.  Then he could drop me off at work & pick me up after.  We'd make it work, provided he NEVER smokes in my car.

I started this post maybe a couple of weeks ago, before all the fecal material hit the fan.  I have lately decided not to watch too much of the news, as it hurts my heart to see folks mistreating each other as they've done recently.  I've known for years that I am more a part of the problem than the solution, due to my upbringing.  I do try to let down my guard [Thanks, Mom] and really see folks, because all of us want to be seen and understood.  What really tears me up is the children, telling us to behave better:  Alton Stirling's son, wanting folks to protest "in peace"; the 12-year old with the poem about white boy privilege, the slain officer's daughter giving a bracelet to the child of another slain officer.  I can't watch these without tears, can barely bring myself to write about them, but I want everyone to think about them.  And yeah, I can pin some of this s**t to the Republican nominee's dossier, for his own hate- and fear-mongering.  What a world, what a world.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Is it fixed?

Big sigh.  We've been having recurrent frequent issues with both the cable service and internet service, for ...well, I guess it's actually been over a month.  The tech guy came out again yesterday morning, rearranged connections & oh hey -- found a cable incorrectly hooked up by the last tech guy that was here (on the 20th!  we like to keep them busy...).  So we are functional again.  I hope this lasts more than a few days.  Yesterday afternoon I finally got to see the Battle of the Bastards on GOT.  Hopefully, we'll be able to watch the finale tonight.  Oh, that is soul-crushing!  It's such a long wait to see more of this series!  Or even to read the rest of the story; George Martin needs to have his arse glued to the seat in front of his computer.  I'm sure he can afford to hire someone to attend to his food & drink while he's BUSY.  Quit goofin' off, George!
Knitting news:  I think I did some actual sleep-knitting on the Camping Half Circle shawl.  I was going over the last row 'coz I thought I'd missed a yarn-over (yep, I did), but then I found a dropped stitch about three rows down, and then I found four more dropped stitches further along that row.  So, I frogged back to the row before the doubling increase, and I'm on track again.  Lesson learned: when I start yawning over the knitting, it's time to put it down!  This morning I've been cruising Ravelry for some simple fingerless mitts.  One of the imagers at Box O'Docs has offered me some purple iris bulbs, and I'd like to make her some mitts in return.  It's pretty darn cold in Imaging, everyone working there stays wrapped up in blankies or ponchos, but none seem to have mitts.  I just happen to have some brilliant teal Caron Simply Soft, 2 skeins bought on an impulse, which could become several pairs of fingerless mitts, in several different patterns.  Team Imaging, FTW!
Disco went to another job fair during the week, and seems cautiously hopeful of becoming employed. She's got to get work, because she ran up a big bill at the dentist's office.  Her pay from working at Amazon is about gone.  Welcome to adulthood, Disco.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Interesting times

I've heard that "May you live in interesting times" is more of a curse than a wish for pleasantness.  It seems we here in the USA are living the curse.  My TV viewing was interrupted this morning with the news of the attack on the Pulse nightclub.  What could possibly make someone think he needed to kill all those people?  May God help the families of these victims.  I hope someday we'll find a way to keep semi- and fully automatic firearms out of the hands of civilians.  These are not hunting weapons, these are only good for warfare.  The folks at Pulse had no idea they were at war.  I'm not sure I can say anymore about this here.
So, let's move on: I did frog & restart the EZ 100th Anniversary Half Circle Camping Shawl (say that five times real fast), and am now on row 16 (of 36) in the Slanting Twigs section.  The edges are nice & soft on both sides, due to a) working the garter stitch edge starting each side as YO, K2together, K1; and b) carrying the unused color loosely up the side.  We shall see how it blocks out.  I would also like to make a blanket for my grand-nephew, but haven't settled on a pattern or yarn yet.  I'm antsy to get the shawl done, and even antsier to start another project.  Or many other projects..the Startitis is bad this summer.  One project that comes to mind is a pair of socks, from a pattern that's only available in German.  It just so happens I know someone who's just received certification of a mastery of that language, and he's attempting to translate the pattern.  He's not a knitter though, so some of the terminology is throwing him.  But he's having fun with it.
One of our new hires in the Coding Dept is moving to much smaller digs, and letting go of lots of her stuff.  She used to teach elementary school, and wore a lot of costume jewelry because the kids liked it.  She no longer wears that much, and noticed I like necklaces, so she brought me a huge sackful of necklaces!  I'll have to take some pictures, but you can see some of them on the Outfits Challenge page.