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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monday is coming

Just doesn't have the right ring to it.'s almost here.  I'll be late (excused) to work, to see the doctor first.  I've negotiated with my supervisor to have fewer hours, as my hands ( & eyes) have been getting too much of a workout lately.  I haven't been able or even willing to knit in weeks.  BUT that has changed.  Last night I cast on 368 stitches for the Drops Kara poncho, which I'm making in Cascade's Roslyn yarn.

These are cellphone pics, and hey it was already getting dim outside-- but the color is actually pretty close!  I really liked this tweedy stuff in the store.  However, now the tweed nepps look like dryer lint to me.  I will persevere, and hope I like it better as fabric than as string.  Oh and looky at my trusty old Bates interchangeables -- on their new Chaio Goo flexible cords!  How cool is that?  I love the needles, hated the cords that came with the set, but now all is well.  
I have been getting much kindness over on Ravelry due to Hinky's passing, and I just want to say thank you again.  I'm sure she's in a better place, with lots of good friends to play with until I come to collect her.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Speak of the devil

I noted on the Challenge page recently that TomTom's an inside kitteh and he didn't know what dirt was for.  Well, he's figured it out...and now he's using the planter on the deck as his outdoor toilet.  I see cat tacos in my future.  No, don't freak out, I couldn't actually kill a cat.  But I sure want to!

Sad news today:  Miss Hinky Boo, our darling blue with white fluffy kitteh, has passed away.  She had a good long run, we're debating whether she was 14 or 15 years old but either way that is a good long life for a cat.  She was always my "baby", from the moment we first met, when she was just a skinny little kitten hunting grasshoppers outside the library (I'm pretty sure she was dumped there).  Happy trails, Miss Hinky!  We'll miss you.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Slow day

I'm mostly taking it easy today.  My hands have been hurting, so I took off work yesterday & today to allow them to rest up.
I did dress up yesterday evening, though I told Disco that we really needed to honor our Celtic heritage by finding an oak grove and dancing sky-clad instead.  The Plaidman said it was too cold for that, so we were "saved".  Anyway....Disco wanted to be a grown-up Merida, and I had a plan to be Rowena Ravenclaw.  We went to Performance Studios over on Thompson Lane and just had a blast picking out our gowns.  I did Rowena at work on Friday, using a wooden knitting needle as my wand.  But as we got into our gowns Saturday evening, Disco & I decided we had to be Merida and her mother, Queen Eleanor.  If you haven't seen Brave, you might not know, but these are the two main characters of this wonderful film.  So, without further ado, I give you Queen Eleanor and Princess Merida:

Friday evening we actually wound Disco's nearly waist-length red hair around foam rollers, spritzed same with a little water, and she slept in them.  Her hair is still in long ringlets today!  That's the beauty of naturally curly hair: once it takes a curl, it doesn't let go easily.  We weren't really expecting any crumb snatchers, but put a bowl of candy out on the front porch anyway.  Then we pulled ourselves & our big dresses into the car and went to IHOP for dinner.  I swear, I'm never going to our local IHOP again.  The waiter didn't listen to our orders, didn't bring everything we ordered, then wrote up the ticket with full charges.  We had to get the manager to straighten it out.  Just not worth the bother!  Well, we ladies hadn't gotten the respect we needed, so we cruised over to the Target store.  While shopping in the accessories, I had to take a pee break.  I left Princess Merida in charge of our cart & my purse, and went off to take care of business.  While I was completely out of touch with them, my family went off into the far reaches of the store.  So I came hobbling out with my cane, and set off looking for them.  I kept asking people if they'd seen Princess Merida; one little girl wanted her Mom to let her come with me to look for the Princess.  Very sweet, but very much not what I wanted!    At last, they decided to come looking for me, and we finally met up in mid-store.
Today I did a little sewing, by hand, to repair the waist band in my black trousers.  I don't know if that was worth the effort, the trousers are so big that I have to pin them in back to keep them on!
Oh, here's some of the bling I wore this past week, leading up to Halloween:

Hmm, I cropped & enlarged the one on the left, and I'm still not sure you can see what it is!  It is a little articulated skeleton earring, just the cutest things!  The big golden object is actually a perfume bottle on a cord, the perfume being Poison by Christian Dior.  I won this little bauble ages ago, in a drawing at the Green Hills Cain-Sloan department store.  Let us now have a moment of silence for the loss of one of Nashville's great old stores....ok, light 'em if you got 'em.
Friday I dressed for Halloween & went to work!  What a hoot!  Christina came over to my cubicle, and brought me an early Christmas present:  a selfie stick!  I am quite tickled, although I can't get the shutter button on the stick to work -- may be just a function of old puny hands, or I've not got the setting right on the phone...bummer either way.  Disco says I should take it in to work tomorrow, and see if Christina can get it to work.  I think that sounds like a sneaky way to get her picture on here, so I will tell her so up front -- don't like surprising people!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fast yes, furious not so much

Consider this a post card.  I weighed myself yesterday evening.  After a week on Phase I South Beach diet, I've lost 6 lbs.  The only exercise I get is shopping, and I have to keep that pretty short 'coz the sciatica hurts like heck after a bit.  You could do this too.  Just sayin'!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Woe is me

I just finished up all the manual work my supervisor sent home with me.  Yes, I worked on Sunday.  Yes, I am going straight to hell in a handbasket.
And that's not the only bad thing I've done lately:  last night we cruised over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and spent some dough for a few "useful" things.  We got a nice bamboo dish drainer & the matching utensil basket, a slightly less expensive version of the spice rack I'd seen in the circular, my Be Active sciatica brace (!!! can't wait to see how well this works, could be a game-changer; got my fingers crossed!!), a little set of under the sink drawers for the master vanity, and a nifty thing that I hardly know how to describe.  It's one of those multi-tools for escaping the car, with a glass-breaking pointed hammer, a seat belt cutter, a flashlight, and another nifty feature: pop the pointed hammer into the door-latch space (door is open, natch) and a handicapped person can use the very secure handle as an assist to getting in or out of the car.  I've already used it for both, and it is quite secure, and gives me a good handle to support myself there.  The Plaidman spotted the thing at the register, and after we bought it he peeled off the packaging -- I don't think I even saw the name on the pack.
So we're guilty of enjoying having a little money to throw around!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

This 'n that

10/24/15 ETA:    I'm starting back on the South Beach Phase 1 diet.  I've had to fudge a little, because South Beach compliant foods weren't in the pantry.  Yesterday I had a breakfast of 2 eggs scrambled, seasoned lightly & wrapped in a slice of high-fiber whole wheat bread.  Lunch was also not compliant, I had some Campbell's split pea with ham soup, which has potatoes and carrots included.  I guess I could have picked out the root veggies.  Dinner was a Lean Cuisine turkey dinner.  This morning started better: I wrapped the scrambled eggs in a couple of Romaine lettuce leaves!  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, as I did not get hungry again until almost 11 a.m. -- I'm usually famished by 9:30!  Today's lunch will be a salad of mixed greens (heavy on the spinach, yum!) with cauliflower florets and some cooked turkey (ok -- it's turkey breast lunch meat, 99% fat free).  The sciatica has been a major pain lately, and I know that if I can get down to about 165 lbs it will be a lot less of a problem. I've actually done pretty well sticking to the South Beach plan this time, been mostly compliant all week!  We had a birthday luncheon Wednesday, chili and hot dogs -- I had a large bowl of chili & one dog without the bun.  I did splurge on a slice of birthday cake.  I have been having Romaine lettuce wraps for breakfast, with eggs (2), or an egg & sliced ham, or 2 slices of ham.  And I don't really miss my Raisin Bran.

I worked last Saturday, then went to Dillard's Boot Day "event".  Dillard's, you may want to add a few extra staffers to the Shoe Dept when you're advertising an "event" -- it took us forever to get help, but the staffer was really very nice so we made the best of it.  Anyway, I had been looking at ankle boots for weeks, thinking to replace the tan ones of man-made material, that came apart a few weeks after I bought them last year.  And I found two pairs @ $99.00 each, both handsome and leather, so the question was: Which pair do I buy?  The staffer offered a discount if I applied for a Dillards charge I bought both pairs!  That's a smart staffer, wish I'd gotten her name so I could give her kudos here.  'Coz she sold me one more pair than I had intended to buy, and made it very pleasant.  Can hardly wait to wear these beauties:
"Olive drab" = greenish brown
The color is closer in the 1st pic

But I will wait until my "maid" has put the protective spray on them -- must be nice to the new suede lovelies.  Christina has a sign at her desk, "Will work for shoes" -- eat your heart out, Christina!!  These babies are mine all mine.
So, here it is Saturday again -- the Komen Race happened out in Brentwood, and I didn't want to go over there while that was on.  So the boss sent me home with a briefcase full of manual reports to code.  I've been working in my housecoat & slippers.  TomTom discovered that I was parked near the door to the deck, and has been in and out all flippin' day.  He likes to sit in the planters -- it's ok, I haven't had any flowers there in ages, and he doesn't seem to know what dirt is for (he's been an inside kitteh all his life).
He really thought about running the 5K for Komen too; look at him getting kitted up in his pink ribbon knit hat.....
I'm about to update the Challenge page!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weekend To-Do's

I'm hoping Disco & I can go over to the costume shop today, and get some medieval gowns for All Hallows.  I don't want to do a lot of walking and/or standing around to accomplish this!  And I would prefer not spending a small fortune for these -- I'm hoping to rent rather than buy! 
Well, that plan has already hit a snag -- the shop closes super early on Saturday.  I will have to go after work next Tuesday & get the family to meet me there (I have a feeling I'll need a dresser).
This week I've been digging deeper into the jewelry boxes, for some oldies but goodies.  The Plaidman & I went on a canyon vacation out west many, many years ago.  One of the mementos I've kept is a little choker of bugle beads, turquoise chips, and a shell -- it's older than DiscoDame!

And, appropriately, I wore it with paisley!  The earring featured in the middle pic is one (of a pair, of course) that Disco made for me, I just love them.  And check out the sweater chain!  I found that in an antique shop, and boy howdy was it a rare find.  I'd been looking at antique shops, yard sales, and just wherever I thought I might find one.  I can't wait till November...when I can get a haircut!
The Plaidman & I went over to the library, to verify that he can pick up held books I've requested.  While there, I found French Girl Knits Accessories.  Some nice stuff...makes me wonder why I haven't already bought it!  I mean, accessories are just perfect for giftables -- tiny, portable, not much of an investment in yarn...Although I think the yarn buying moratorium has expired.