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Monday, June 23, 2014

Twice in one week

Gotta be a record for me posting, lately.  The Plaidman has his marching orders, to get in touch with some structural repair companies & have them give us estimates on the floor joist repair.  We'll just hold our breath until that's done...or maybe NOT.  But summer is now officially upon us here, and this is the time to get home repairs done  with minimal weather delays.  I don't know if anyone's interested in the process, but I think I'll be documenting it all -- just to show what I survived (if that actually is the outcome; otherwise, it'll show just where the final straw was laid on my back!).  To that end, I want to create another page here.  That would be the fourth page, although there are currently only two: I've promised DiscoDame her own page on my blog, to showcase her jewelry & stitchmarkers.  I'll need to take some more pictures!  She's really been busy since she took a class in jewelry making.  I gave her some strands & other bits that I don't wear much anymore, and she's cannabilizing them for other jewelry.  She's hoping to be able to sell some items; we'll have to set her up a PayPal account & figure out how (& how far!) she'll ship her goods.  So, I'll probably be back here this weekend to get all that set up. 
And I hope to have a Finished Object to show -- a lace scarf that I finished on Saturday.  I still need to wash & block it, but I'll get before & after pics.  Honestly, right now it looks like someone spilled Easter egg dye all over a huge vat of Ramen noodles. 
In other knitting, I finally swatched with the Knitter's Pride Trendz acrylic needles, for the Gramps Cardi.  Guess what?  I got soooo close to the stockinette gauge!  I'm so glad I forked over the $ for the Trendz interchangeable set.  I've already ordered more of the DK yarn from Knit Picks (and it's already been shipped!  yippee!), so I'll make the next larger size with the Trendz, getting a gauge just a smidgen smaller than the pattern calls for.  I'm sure I'll have to swap back & forth between the yarn I got earlier and the new yarn, as KPicks was actually completely out of the Tahitian Pearl colorway -- sure to be different dye lots.  Of course, I always order enough from KPicks to get the free shipping, so there are 6 skeins of the Coastal colorway coming along as well.  Plus some lace weight...for which there is no excuse. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Well, just disregard that stuff about moving.  We looked at the lengths we'd have to go to to get the tiny house paid off (like gutting my 401K!!), and the possible adverse effect that would have on our assets in general...and decided we'll try for a home equity loan instead.  This will be a longish process, as we first have to get some estimates for the work that must be done, and some for the work that we'd like to get done, and figure out if we can do more than the absolutely necessary.  And as we were discussing this last week, we had another problem arise.  I was sound asleep, 10:30 p.m. Friday, when something struck me on my head.  I woke up screaming and flailing, thinking I was being attacked, until I finally got the lamp on.  The ceiling had fallen on me!  Disco & the Plaidman ran into the bedroom as I was looking up at the very large hole in the ceiling.  It had rained about two days before, and apparenly the flashing on the front edge of the roof came down, allowing water to accumulate overhead.  The top of the bed was wet & covered in plaster.  We scrambled around to get some plastic draped over all, and put some pans under to catch the water still falling.  Of course, The Plaidman & I had to go to a motel for the rest of the night.  Fortunatley, the eggcarton mattress pad kept the mattress itself dry.  It's taken him a couple of days to figure it out, but Plaidman has put a tarp over the roof where the flashing's gone, and even applied some tarp to our ceiling, until we can get a repairman out.  Last night I got to sleep in my own bed again; Disco was thrilled, since I've been bunking in her bed while she slept on the floor.  Her cat was totally confused, "Why is MyMom on the floor?  Why is OtherMom in the bed?".  And oh by the way, I was unharmed, which is the reason The Plaidman is alive today. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't blink

Or you might miss this very quick post.  I'm still (!!!) working on the Cat's Paw scarf, and it's already going to be about 7' long after blocking.  I haven't returned to swatching the Gramps cardi yet, as I'd really like to turn the scarf into a(n?) FO.  And I'm deep into summer reading.  Got at least two, often three, novels I'm reading at any given time.  I really need to switch to listening to books so I can knit at the same time.
Hint hint to The Plaidman:  CeltChick would like some player to which I can download books from the library!  An Anniversary approaches, ya know.  Actually, what I'd really like is to find a decent condo (1,000 sq ft) in our modest price range, and move out of the crackerbox (about 750 sq ft).  Yep, we need to pull up stakes and roll on down the road.  So, darling spouse, please work on finding our new home. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Discuss among yourselves

Hello Hokitka.  Hello whomever reads this in San Antonio; wish you'd comment!  I really like San Antonio a lot, been there several times and always find some fun. 
The Peerless Bunny Hop has been shipped off to its new owner & intended recipient, Princess T.  I sent it inside another gift for her (& for Sis, sort of), a storage bench that is, if not spot on, a really close match for the off-white furnishings of the Princess' room.  See, I usually sleep in her room when I visit -- it's full of toys, and some nice girly furniture, but the bed is super high (I'm only 5'1") and unsuitable for seating, and the only chairs are all tiny kids' chairs with the seats about 1' from the floor.  It's kinda hard for a "traditionally built" gal to use those chairs while trying to get into her trousers or socks & shoes.  So...I bought a sturdy storage bench for T's room.  Shipping cost about two thirds again the price of the item, but it  was quite a bit less than the Postal Service wanted. 
The Plaidman has been under the weather since mid February, having been hospitalized twice and had two procedures.  Dog, he's just falling apart since he retired!  And couldn't wait on this mess until his Medicare starts....oh well.  I think he's finally getting serious about his diet, at least.  Nothing like being kept fasting for long periods, with a threat of liquid diet only after, to make you think about what you put in your mouth! 
Hopefully, DiscoDame will be attending a job fair this afternoon.  Let's all think good thoughts for both her & The Plaidman, please. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Home again, home again

Well, Texas & I have survived each other.  No monster (14” long, 1.25” wide!!) millipedes this time, and our dear Princess T is thriving.  Miss A has had some setbacks, mostly due to being a teen now (and just a bit of a drama Queen? Maybe).  The warm weather has officially moved into middle Tennessee, so we’re sleeping with the window open.  The other human members of the Plaid Patrol did not cook any dinners while I was gone, but still managed to dirty every dish in the house.  That’s ok, they’re the ones that have to clean it up! 

Exciting news: I finished the Princess’ Bunny Hop sweater!  I got some heavy duty fusible binding tape, same width as the ribbon facing for the snap closures, used it to press on the ribbon quite firmly – and totally stabilized the fronts of the sweater.  Then measured & marked (Dog bless washable markers!) placement for 11 snaps, and pounded on those snaps.  Whew!  Such banging and bashing!  But it’s done like dinner (love that expression, thank you Stephanie).  I’m waiting on some ordered presents to arrive, and will ship the sweater to our Princess as soon as I can put them all together. 


(pay no attention to the dates on these pics; every time the battery dies the $&^% camera resets to a random date.)
I’m using one of my birthday presents from Sis, some Kertzer sock yarn in very parrot-y colors, to make a Cat’s Paw Scarf (Elizabeth Lovick, Northern Knitting).  I started another pattern in this and then found my copy was missing one line, so switched to this much simpler pattern.  Right now it looks like someone spilled food colors in a vat of cooked Ramen noodles….but blocking will sort it out.  I did get the Knitters Pride Trendz acrylic interchangeable needle set (Haus of Yarn ordered it for me J) , which I mean to use for swatching the Gramps Cardigan – as Dog is my witness, I will get gauge! – but I’m using the size 10 tips for this scarf.  It’s quite loose; mostly air with a bit of string run through it.  It’s been good travel knitting, since there are only 6 rows and only 3 have increases & decreases.  I've been working on it off & on almost two weeks now, and I'm still only half way thru the skein -- this puppy's gonna be long! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bless this mess

Last night I found out that the bed I've been using here in Texas has a heated mattress pad....I may never go home....  Perfect timing, as I'd been worn to a little nubbin trying to keep up with Sis, aka Super Shopper!!
We had a birthday luncheon at the Princess' school, then Super Shopper carried me around to Randall's, then Savers (all donated items, sales supporting programs for children), then Tuesday Morning (I had a major fall down on the budget there, SHHH!), and finally Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts.  I don't know how she does it.  By the time we left Tuesday Morning, I was ready for a nice long visit to a recliner & maybe some mindless TV (Sis has a great media room!), but we still had to get a few items at Jo Ann. 
I've started a lace scarf on the road.  Hope it goes better than the last time I tried that!
Yes, Disco, our dingbat dog was the one that let you hang onto his ear while you learned to walk.   I'd like to find that pic I took of him, while I had the camera in one hand and his favorite toy in the other!  Lots of BIG TEETH coming right at the camera!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


That's an odd word.  Some folks around here use it to mean the "pacifier" given to babies.  I'm calling it the same as Spring.  We got a blue million daffodils up in the yard, it got into the upper 60's last week, and yesterday it snowed.  Enough winter!  It's almost April, for cryin' out loud. 
The Plaidman is losing his marbles.  Today he noticed that his car tags expired last December.  He distinctly remembered going to get the stickers, but couldn't find them.  After a search of the living room and both cars he finally found the envelope from the county clerk's office -- showing that no, he did NOT already buy new "tags" (actually just the stickers).  So he had to run out to the vehicle inspection center, but there's no hope of him getting to the clerks office before they close.  He'll have to get that done tomorrow. 
DiscoDame is (and there should be a fanfare) now covered by insurance!!!  Thank you insurance marketplace.  She had to wait about 3 months before they got done processing her application, and the premiums for two of those months + April had to be paid all at once (!%*$^%!!), but she's insured. 
I am still swatching for the Gramps cardigan; I've even got a set of acrylic interchangeable circs on order at Haus of Yarn to try to get gauge.   I spoke with the recipient's doting grandmother yesterday, to explain the issue, and she's cool -- the boy lives in a very warm climate and will likely not need a sweater till late Fall, but maybe I should make it bigger?  He's two, I'd planned on making a size 4....but if gauge continues to elude me, I guess I could re-jigger the math to get a size between 4 and 6.  This is not supposed to be a jacket-weight sweater, being worked in DK weight yarn.  Still, I certainly don't want to use needles larger than US 7.  I'll have to work on it.