Friday, June 30, 2017

ENOUGH with the celebrating...

Plaidman's birthday was two days before Father's Day.  We've been buying a new wardrobe for him ever since we got invited to his sister's wedding.  A menswear store just around the corner from us was (and still is) having a moving sale, so we went over there one Saturday in late May, to replace his double-breasted suit.  The sale prices were so good, we bought him 3 suits & ordered alterations, and got 3 nice ties too.  They said if we paid cash we could have the kit & kaboodle for $400, so we did that and saved about $100.

Well, new suits are all well & good, but he needed shirts and shoes too.  So a couple Saturdays ago we went to a big sale at Penney's, but no luck on the shoes.  We wandered over to Macy's, and walked into their HUGE shirt sale.  He & Disco spent about a hour going through lots of shirts for his size, and found ties on sale that they tried to match up to the shirts (and the 3 new suits, in black, navy, and charcoal) while I sat over in the shoe dept watching the show.  I had a thought, that I had created a monster; then I thought whoa -- Plaidman's turning into my Dad, the originator of the Natty Banker® style of men's dress.  Wound up getting 3 more ties and 3 shirts at Macy's, but still didn't find the shoes.  So, it was on to the Men's Wearhouse, where they were having a really good sale on dress shoes -- buy one pair, get another at half price.  We got the same style & Plaidman's size in black and caramel brown, and bought socks to go with both, and cedar shoe trees for both pair.  So, I guess he's kitted out for whatever dress occasions come up for the next several years....
So, this wedding we're attending in the near future is for his sister & an old friend, someone he & EJ have known since they were kids.  Since they both work and can't get time off right after the wedding, they're honeymooning in October.  They're heading south (good idea, going north from northern Indiana lands you in Canada), and we'll see if we can have them at our house for a day or two each way.  I'm retiring Oct 1, so I can be the hostess!  This is just so exciting, so much to do but I'm really thrilled.

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