Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dashed off

Again, gotta have a photo to start this thing up...sigh ... I have no idea what's in the pic, supposed to be more from Cheekwood but who can say.  Anyway, just wanted to update on the Bunny Hop sweater:  During my visit with the family, I actually bound off the front band, worked in the ends, and washed & blocked it!  Only to find that one front side is about an inch shorter than the other, so back to the WIP basket it went.  I decided the pick up & knit was wonky, possibly uneven between the sides.  Over the weekend I frogged the entire front band, and was picking up & knitting along very carefully with repeated counting of each section, and was halfway thru the left side (started on the right, over the hood, and down the left) when the worst possible event occurred.  Yes, friends, the cable broke off my Addi.  Stitches were dropped (but I scrambled to pick them up again), foul language was burning the air around me, and I was just stumped.  Because, you know, no spare needle!  Tonight I'm going to Bliss Yarns for another, and ask if they might have a copy of the receipt for the broken one, 'coz I've heard good things about Addi's customer service. 

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