Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not much shakin'

I usually don't "do" much on Sundays, just take it easy.  That is the case today.  This is post # 325, a rather big number for such a puny little blog.  I hope to recharge my knitting mojo today, and maybe get a half-dozen more rows done on the Allotrope Cowl.  I tried working on it yesterday, but I fell asleep with it in my hands.  Hard to maintain any excitement about it, since I've seen about 3 other cowls I want to knit in the last week!  I think it would not be "cheating" on the Allotrope, if I just go stash-diving for an appropriate yarn for the Irish Mesh Cowl.  Not casting on, mind you!  Just picking out a yarn, maybe printing out the swatching yet.
I hate seeing the hallway junk piled up behind me in the Outfits photos I've been taking.  I really want to have a small piece of furniture there, something with storage room and a flat top.  So I've been looking at furniture online, here and there.  Then it hit me: we have a small chest of drawers, very cheaply made, which has basically failed to function.  The drawers were all hung up, and would not open but about 4".  So the Plaidman took it all apart to try to put new runners in, and it's been sitting in the craft room like that ever since.  I suggested that shelves would work just fine, if we got some nice looking bins; in fact, it only needs one shelf.  Everything going into it would have to fit inside a bin, to keep it neat, but I think that could work.  It might be a bit wide and/or deep for that space, but we'll try it there and if anyone keeps bumping into it we'll just move it back to the craft room.
I do love to plan; it would be nice if I could get more done on some plans!

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