Sunday, March 6, 2016

Up early

I got up earlier than usual (for a Sunday) today.  I had such plans for Saturday, but blew them off to sit on the couch & knit while watching a Harry Potter marathon.  I did get several more rows done on the Allotrope Cowl, yippie.  So no, it's not done yet.
We may be coming to the end of overtime for the coding dept at work.  This would be super, but I'm not sure whether I'll be able to sleep in much later.  Lately, I've been going into work an hour before my regular time.  The traffic is soooo very much lighter at that hour!  But it gets thicker & crazier the later I try to leave, so much so that what takes me 20 minutes at the early hour takes more like 40 minutes later.  That is if the weather isn't awful; Nashvillians cannot remember how to drive when the weather distracts them.  It can get pretty scary.  Anyway, I will go in early tomorrow because I've got to leave for a doctor visit.
It's going on noon now, I guess I'll get Disco up & dressed so she can go to the ATM & see if her card works.  I sure hope so!  She owes me money.

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