Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another week

Hi! It’s Saturday, time for the mid-weekend update. I’ve recently been diagnosed as “pre-diabetic”, and Friday I went back to the doctor’s office for some diet & exercise counseling, and for my very own glucose meter. Oh boy. I had to check my blood there in the office so the nurse would know I understood the process. Ouch. I am not happy about this at all. The grocery shopping list I keep in the computer will be undergoing some changes. I cracked up the PA: she asked if my husband would be behind me for these changes, I said hell no but as he doesn’t buy the groceries I didn’t see any problems.  My blood sugar has been below the goal limit both times I've checked it (I'm only checking once a day, different times each day).  And I've lost six pounds!  Woot!! 

In knitting news, I’m working on another hat for Princess T. I have to, as I’ve misplaced the first one. Unbelievable. It’s somewhere in the living room, I’m sure…in one of the elebenty thousand project bags, tote bags, or plastic bags stacked piled around here. Disco keeps saying we need a bigger house, but we’d just gather more stuff to fill it. Now, if she’d ever move out, I could turn the 2nd bedroom into my craft space. Stop laughing, she could meet someone and … no, she’d have to leave the house to meet someone. Hmmm.  Selling her to some sheikh in Abu Dhabi is looking more like a valid option; wonder if I could get her a passport?  Gahd, she's sitting beside me here at the least I got her out of the house!

While I was waiting in the exam room, I came up with an idea for a hat pattern!  Totally spontaneously!!  I know, weird in't...thank goodness I had a pen & a scrap of paper.  So I will work on that.  Knits on teh brain, I haz dem. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

On teh red carpet

OMG, lookit all the neat blog awards I've just "received"!! 
For, of course, being just such a genius at crafts.

For all I do all the live-long day

For actually cooking for the family.

Oh, isn't it nice to be appreciated?!?!
Check out for your own!