Wednesday, March 26, 2014


That's an odd word.  Some folks around here use it to mean the "pacifier" given to babies.  I'm calling it the same as Spring.  We got a blue million daffodils up in the yard, it got into the upper 60's last week, and yesterday it snowed.  Enough winter!  It's almost April, for cryin' out loud. 
The Plaidman is losing his marbles.  Today he noticed that his car tags expired last December.  He distinctly remembered going to get the stickers, but couldn't find them.  After a search of the living room and both cars he finally found the envelope from the county clerk's office -- showing that no, he did NOT already buy new "tags" (actually just the stickers).  So he had to run out to the vehicle inspection center, but there's no hope of him getting to the clerks office before they close.  He'll have to get that done tomorrow. 
DiscoDame is (and there should be a fanfare) now covered by insurance!!!  Thank you insurance marketplace.  She had to wait about 3 months before they got done processing her application, and the premiums for two of those months + April had to be paid all at once (!%*$^%!!), but she's insured. 
I am still swatching for the Gramps cardigan; I've even got a set of acrylic interchangeable circs on order at Haus of Yarn to try to get gauge.   I spoke with the recipient's doting grandmother yesterday, to explain the issue, and she's cool -- the boy lives in a very warm climate and will likely not need a sweater till late Fall, but maybe I should make it bigger?  He's two, I'd planned on making a size 4....but if gauge continues to elude me, I guess I could re-jigger the math to get a size between 4 and 6.  This is not supposed to be a jacket-weight sweater, being worked in DK weight yarn.  Still, I certainly don't want to use needles larger than US 7.  I'll have to work on it. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh why not

It's been a bit quiet on here lately.  Sorry, I got distracted, and I really can't even say what it was that drew me away.  Just "stuff"! 
Saturday the two junior members of the Plaid Patrol were stuffed into a pet carrier, then to the car (cats in cars!! the horror!!), then held in a line with a bunch of dogs for about an hour before being taken away by someone they didn't know & given their rabies vaccines.  That was their birthday present, getting legal. 
Disco is getting down to the wire.. she agreed to have at least one job interview before the end of March, and it hasn't happened yet.  Don't know why she doesn't apply where I work; the Box O'Docs isn't a bad place to work.  And she could ride in with me, and hear John Boy & Billy on The Big Show every day.  Heck, if she'd learn to drive we could swap up, and I'd have more knitting time. 
Which I need so much!  I'm still working on my Arden mitts, another 4 or 5 rows before I start the thumb gusset on the 2nd one.  I just know I'll lose interest once the weather turns warm, and then be mad at myself when the Docs turn on the air conditioning. 
I just bought a bunch of Shibui sock yarn -- so soft! so lovely! -- and Dana told me that it's been discontinued.  Bummer, dude!  So I'd better get over to the Haus to see what they've got left of it, maybe they'll have that one color I'd still like to get.  
So, currently on the needles: the Ardens, swatches for the Gramps cardigan, and not really anything else.  I'm not getting #&^%# gauge for the Gramps, and I've about worn out a large portion of one of the skeins I'm gonna need for it.