Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Friday if I say so..

And that's the way I roll. I work 4 10-hour days, and Thursdays are my Fridays. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to work, when we don't have a holiday during the week or the end-of-month rush under way...seems like I wind up working about one Friday in three! But not this week, baby! I left work and started on my vacation week, perfectly timed to coincide with my birthday mid-week. However, I am planning on going in to the office on Wednesday, as there are two teleconference seminars being offered that day, and again on Friday but just for another 1-hour teleconference seminar. I wish I had the noive to show up in my PJs!

With the Plaidman back on the job, I'm feeling less stressed. And with most of week off work, I guess I'll destress to the point of becoming limpid. And I'll be knitting! and crocheting! and maybe cooking several meals & freezing them for those days when I'm just too frazzled to cook. I have been knitting, working on some more of the fun-ky slippers. I took a finished pair into the office today, for when it gets chilly. The plan (and you know I loves me a plan) is to finish the Charming mitts, knit another 6-8 pairs of slippers, finish 5 XMas stockings, make 6-9 berets, finish the muff for Miss Reese, figure out what to make for the other Butler kids, and make something for M & her baby boy. Damn. It's a good thing I've already scheduled another week off, or I might just have to run away & join a circus.

The DiscoDame got another "talkin to" about her showers--Plaidman expressed it succintly: if she showers for 45 minutes @ 8 gallons/minute, she'll fill the septic tank and can expect backflow. Eew! I hope she takes it to heart; she's killing us with what it costs to bathe! Currently, she's in hiatus between quarters at school, and we'll get to spend the week together. Five whole days of just the two of us, with no other adult supervision--I should maybe get some Xanax for the cats? And hey, what about those cats? Wanna see some pictures? Sure you do! That's our baby boy, TomTom, at the top of this post. Someone caught him napping. Now for Miss Hinky-Boo:
She's purty, ain't she? and has to be told so about 400 times a day, I swear. But that's fine, 'coz she's a sweetie too. These two pictures are so not like them! He's usually pretty busy; she usually looks like a dead cat laying on the floor! In fact, in most of her pictures she looks like roadkill.

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